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Music Notes: A&M students mix jazz, Latin, reggae

Eagle Staff Writer

When Chase formed in November 2002, the four members wanted to fuse elements of jazz, Latin and reggae into their alternative rock foundation.

The four Texas A&M University students have created a unique style of music, but the real treat lies in their live shows.

Chase showed off impressive vocals and musicianship when it competed in the 2005 MSC Townhall Battle of the Bands contest on campus.

The group recently released an acoustic CD, Coffee Shop, but Chase members feel the best way to enjoy their music is by watching a live show.

I agree. Josh Summey (guitar and vocals), Kyle Sims (guitar and vocals), Keith Bellman (drums) and Sergey Pensov (bass) are talented musicians who are fun to see in a live setting.

The next chance to catch Chase is at 11 p.m. Thursday at La Bodega, 102 Church St. in College Station. - The Eagle

"Album Review - "Coffee Shop""

Chase's "Coffee Shop"

By: Jenny Morgan

The local band Chase is comprised of Josh Summey, guitar and vocals, Kyle Sims, guitar and vocals, Keith Bellman, Drums, and Sergey Pensov, bass. The band has been cultivating its sound since 2002 and describes it as "a style uniquely their own by implementing elements of jazz, latin, and reggae into their alternative backbone."

When I first heard the "Coffee Shop" c.d. by the local band Chase, I immediately thought of Jackopierce, the acoustic, folk-country duo that used to breeze through College Station and play packed shows at Shadow Canyon, now Midnight Rodeo. Everything, from the mood of the songs and the jam band essence of the arrangements to the lead vocals, is somewhat reminiscent of Cary Pierce and Jack O'Neil, who are interestingly enough back on tour this year. Though Chase's music echoes of Jackopierce elements, there are also traces of Morrisey, Hootie and the Blowfish, and some Dave Matthews Band. Some jazz elements and hints of latin influence help Chase from being just another local open mic band, but the coffee shop, college duo feel is strong enough to make one wonder how far the band can branch out both in terms of fan base and venue variety.

Chase wisely named the disc "Coffee Shop", though whether for the title track of for a more all encompassing reason alluding to college life and musical beginnings I am not sure. The song "Coffee Shop" tells the story of the typical freshman romance, I imagine a young confident lad strutting to the Rumors deli from his Southside dorm only to encounter a different sort of girl to make him re-evaluate life and who he wants to be.

Most of the songs have the same feel to them. "2nd Date" is also a young college romance ballad with a bit saucier of a rhythm to it and with finally some percussion. While the guitar playing of both vocalists is definitely not rough or immature, it is nice to have some sort of percussion, however primitive or full kit it may vary, particularly when the drummer of the band is as talented as Keith Bellman. Understandably so, this is the first disc and, whether to keep it simple for financial limitations, sometimes full band and full production recording is a bit far reaching, but I feel, as rich as teh music sounds on this disc, I am still missing so much. Unfortunately I have not been afforded the opportunity to catch a live show, which the band claims on its MySpace page to be the true experience of the band. I would suggest to anyone who enjoys the c.d. to keep eyes open for a live show, though I did not see any listed after November 9th.

Overall, I enjoyed the Chase I experienced listening to "Coffee Shop", my favorite song being "Last Breath", both for the heaviness of the story and the dark, sad feel of the song. This tune seems to reach deeper than do the others. Also, hosting a haunting violin, this tune just reaches into the soul and you understand on some level that devastation can mingle with acceptance and contentment. The band is blessed with both sophisticated guitar playing and strong vocal work, but as I said before, I would like to hear more accompaniment. I look forward to seeing how the band may grow and build on what they have established.

Please visit the sites of the band listed below and catch a live show when you can. The importance of supporting live and local music cannot be stressed enough. Though ipods and mp3s abound, there is nothing like the experience of watching a live show and then hanging out with the band afterwards in a small dive like Zapatos or Revolution.

Chase can be heard playing open mics at La Bodega on Tuesday nights and Revolution on Wednesday nights. - Maroon Weekly


Coffee Shop (2006)
HCC Sessions (2005)
Red Shack Sessions (2003)



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