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New Haven, Connecticut, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
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"Chaser Eight Tells The Truth"

“Playing With Fire,” from Chaser Eight’s latest album Tell Me Lies, strikes its first match with a rock ‘n’ roll riff at its most elemental. It’s a call that the bass and drums respond to. Together they make a expansive rhythm, the kind of thing that makes people nod their heads. Then there’s a voice through a bullhorn, piercing through the distortion. “If I’m playing with fire, there’s a fire playing with me,” she sings.

Chaser Eight has been a prolific band; Tell Me Lies is the New Haven-based group’s eighth album since 2013 and its second this year, after Floating in Outer Space. Over the course of its recorded career, the band has developed a pretty expansive sound, from stripped-down acoustic, almost country-tinged songs to full-on blasts of rock ‘n’ roll, taking some interesting excursions into other musical territory along the way as well. At the heart of the band is Audra Tagliamonte and Pat Walsh, on vocals and guitars. They met in grade school and began playing together. They started Chaser Eight in 2012 as a duo and expanded to a full band. Years of gigs and recordings resulting of the band snagging a few awards from regional magazines and opening for national touring acts. Then their rhythm section left. Tagliamonte and Walsh set about finding new members, and did — in Brennan DiLernia on bass, Eliav Nachmani on drums, and Jess Wolfer on backing vocals.

The changing in membership suggests a new direction for the band, and a refreshed energy that’s captured on Tell Me Lies. But it also feels like a return to first principles. “Got It Alone” starts bass and guitar churning out one note, the drums pounding out a spacious beat, only to have the music suddenly accelerate and get knottier in the chorus. “The Bell Jar” gets heavy as it layers on the guitar textures. “Sinners and Saints” has that rock ‘n’ roll strut. “Who Shot Who,” the album’s closer finds the band at its sludgiest and rawest, taking the album out on a note of triumphant defiance.

The band’s sonic variety is possible, though, because it has in Tagliamonte a powerful voice that can withstand whatever the band throws at it. She has a whisper that can still cut, and a full-throated caterwaul that can rise over the loudest guitars. Tagliamonte and Wolfer together put the chorus into Chaser Eight’s choruses; even among the distorted guitar tones and unleashed drums, their voices are strong and harmonious. They find the beauty in the crunch.

Find Chaser Eight’s albums on Bandcamp or on the band’s website. - New Haven Independent

"Chaser Eight - The Bell Jar [Review]"

“Pure rock and Roll vocals in the spirit of Joan Jett, with a modern Alternative edge. Lyrics that Sylvia Plath would be proud of.” - LA ON LOCK

"My 10 Must-Hear Albums of 2019"

It’s that time of year again – the time when every music journalist unveils their top 10 albums of the year. For nearly two decades I’ve posted mine, but this year I’m making a slight shift in the wording, changing it to my 10 “must-hear” albums of the year.

Why the change? Well, for one thing, when a list is billed as a definitive top 10 it tends to incite arguments, and I’d rather people read this list inquisitively, than skim it looking to start a fight. The latter gets no one to listen to anything.

Second, I tend to skew in the direction of indie releases, most of which aren’t played on any radio station, so when I use the term “must-hear” I’m hoping that people who may not have heard these releases will give them a listen.

What can I say, I love exposing talent that I feel deserves more recognition.

With that explanation out of the way, here are my 10 must-hear albums of 2019!

7. Chaser Eight – Tell Me Lies

I’ve been a fan of Chaser Eight for a while, so I’ve come to expect greatness from the band. Even with that said, when I put on Tell Me Lies I was legit blown away by the latest incarnation of the band. A few new members have helped to create an alt-rock meets classic rock sound, and it’s incredible. With killer songs, and epic guitar solos, real rock n roll is definitely in good hands. - Adam's World

"Chaser Eight - 'Chaser Eight' (album stream) (Premiere)"

Following their recent TV debut on WTNH’s Connecticut Style Stage 8, the rock quintet Chaser Eight has continued to rise in their native Connecticut music scene. With their debut self-titled LP, the group is poised to continue growing both in artistic skill and public appreciation. The impressive pipes of frontwoman *AUDRA* make a distinct impression right out of the gate, but the four men who back her are no slouches. The interplay is tight as the band’s ambitions are large.

*AUDRA* tells PopMatters the following about the album: “This album, Chaser Eight, is the most honest work we’ve ever done. You want the truth about us? This is it; left out there for the listener in the most cathartic and dynamic way possible. It’s dark. It’s fun. It’s edgy. It’s energetic. Everyone can relate to something on this album.”

*AUDRA* caught the attention of Andrew Loog Oldham, famed producer of the Rolling Stones, at a performance one evening. Stream Chaser Eight below and you’ll see why. - PopMatters

"October Indie Songs Playlist, II – Casino Garden, Chaser Eight, Audio4Gemini, GU¥, Kylo"

Chaser Eight – “Playing With Fire”
Not many indie rock bands can say they’ve opened for popular indie and rock bands like Panic! At The Disco and Local H. But New Haven’s Chaser Eight can because they did.

Known for their blistering alternative rock, Chaser Eight just released their latest album, Tell Me Lies, on October 18, 2019.

Their new thrashing, guitar blazing, and reverb-driven single, “Playing With Fire,” struts along with a big rock sound that is ready for a rock arena show.

The track sports a sinister vibe, and together with its dangerous title, comes off as an appropriate track for this Halloween season.

Chaser Eight has become a staple of the Connecticut rock scene and is known nationally thanks to a strong online following they’ve built up over the years.

The band members are *AUDRA* (vocals/guitar); Pat Walsh (guitar/vocals); Brennan DiLernia (bass); Eliav Nachmani (drums), and Jess Wolfer (backing vocals).

It’s great to see that there are still many kick-ass rock bands that are doing their thing.

Chaser Eight - Indie Rock Cafe

"it’s friday night: do you know where your chaser eight is?"

to celebrate their new album, Tell Me Lies, new haven’s chaser eight is throwing a party this friday, 10/18. and hey man, you’re invited, you’re on the list, don’t sweat it. it’s a free show at the new england brewing co. in woodbridge. and if that wasn’t enough, let me tell you what’s at this party:

mandala — hot off the release of Damsel in Defense — will have a live set.
laini and the wildfire — hot off the release of “delorean” — will have a live set.
puma simone will be the night’s MC.
tattoo artists will be there if you want to get inked (lucky soul tattoo).
barbers will be there if you show up with a stupid haircut (ferni’s barbershop).
and chaser eight will be to close the night with Tell Me Lies.

i was lucky enough to hear Tell Me Lies ahead of its release, and i can tell you that it’s heavy, raw, and a cool throwback to old-school alternative rock-n-roll.

here’s the facebook event page if you need more information for some reason. and if you missed the party, check out the bandcamp page below to get yourself caught up! - CT Verses

"Chaser Eight"

We’re catching an eardrum pounding rock act at the perfect time – just before musical glory and huge stages – as the world is about to catch fire with this bands first ever studio LP. We’re talking about New Haven, Connecticut’s Chaser Eight, an alternative outfit led by lead singer *AUDRA* (alongside bandmates Pat Walsh, Billy Wang, Pete Giannini and Aaron Tagliamonte), who just packaged their raw, honest sound into a self-titled collection out this very week.

Chaser Eight 1601501_598752746863748_35089639_nBasing their style off of passionate rock legends like Joan Jett and Heart, Chaser Eight has gained a reputation for straight-forward, kick-ass tunes, and a stage show that gets in your face, and pumps your fist. We asked *AUDRA* to tell us all about the new record – she told us, “This is the most honest work we’ve ever released. You want the truth about Chaser Eight? This is truth. We’ve left it all out there for the listener in the most cathartic and dynamic way possible. It’s energetic and fun, but edgy and dark. There’s something for everyone on this album.” We pressed on, asking for more details on the band’s latest single, “3 Day Bender”. *AUDRA* continued, “It’s just a fun song about partying and having a good time; two things we love to do. With the chanting in the chorus, it’s more of our rock anthem on this album. Turn it on and have some fun!”

Click to to prepare yourself for the self-titled Chaser Eight introduction, and head to their album release party this Saturday, the 21st. The band will be gigging like maniacs in support of the new tunes, and don’t be surprised if a new music video surfaces in the near future. Get to it – keep reading for so much more in all the answers to the XXQs below. - PensEyeView

"Vid Pick: Chaser Eight - I Wanna Die"

A few weeks ago I wandered over to my favorite local venue, The Acoustic, for the sole purpose of discovering new music. Throughout the evening I saw some really good bands, but the one that blew me away was Chaser Eight. A true rock band with a dynamic lead singer, who first appeared on stage using a megaphone, all I could think as I watched them was – this band kicks serious ass.

Chaser Eight just released a video for their song "I Wanna Die," which is the first single off of their eponymous album (the cover of which has some seriously awesome sideboob. Hey, I'm a guy, I notice these things!). The video features lead singer *AUDRA* having... let's call it a wandering heart.

Check out "I Wanna Die," and if Chaser Eight are coming to a venue near you, make it a point to see them live. - Adam's World

"Chaser Eight"

Welcome to my first contributing blog post for Indie Habit. I would have to agree with Walt… this is a habit the I will NEVER break. Just a quick bit of background on me. My name is Los (that’s what my friends call me). I’ve been a staunch supporter of the independent music scene for a number of years now. I am increasingly jaded by what mainstream radio continues to give us as choices for the music that we listen to. I started up my own blog a couple of years back as a way to help share with all of you some of the best music around by some of the most passionate and talented artists there are: indie artists. My first post here is a prime example.

Allow me to introduce to you New Haven, CT rock quintet Chaser Eight.

chasereightnewChaser Eight is lead singer/guitarist *AUDRA*; Pat Walsh, guitar/vocals; Bill Wang, bass; Pete Giannini, drums and Aaron Tagliamonte, guitar/keys. I’ve written a lot about the band on my own blog and have worked hard at being the best #Crazy8 that I can be, which is why there’s always more to say about them and why I’m bringing them here for my first post. In today’s crowded mainstream market, there is a severe lack of original rock music. There hasn’t been much of a true rock genre, in my opinion, since grunge knocked out the hair metal acts of the 80’s and early 90’s. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the grunge sound, but sometimes there’s just too much angst involved. I’ve got my own demons to deal with! Then there’s today’s “modern” rock sound. It’s a nice filler, but after a while, everyone seems like they’re jockeying to be the next “crossover” sensation, and before you know it, they all sound alike. With a different lead singer.

Enter Chaser Eight. On their new album Chaser Eight, the opening track Lead Me Down is a clear indication that they don’t take their craft lightly. Their bio states that they want you to feel what they feel, and this is a swift kick in the earholes of the most original rock n roll out there today. Powerfully expressive and soulful vocals, stadium ready guitar riffs and the hardest hitting percussion section there is make sure you feel every ounce of their collective souls.

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Chaser Eight live and in living color. Let me tell you, I’d be willing to drive nearly to the end of the world for this band. I’ve been to a lot of shows in my time, both mainstream and indie, and there are very few of artists, from either genre, that translate as well into a live show as the polished up production version. With Chaser Eight, there is no drop off. What you hear recorded is what you get live, and then some. It’s literally a rock n roll eargasm like you’ve never heard! - Indie Habit

"Favorite New England Alt Rock Band of 2015"

Selected at The Deli Magazine Favorite New England Alt Rock Band of 2015. - The Deli Magazine


Late Night Companions EP - 2012

Up and Up EP - 2013

At the 426 EP - 2013

Road (Indecision) [Single] - 2014

This One Summer... (Summer Singles) [Naked] - 2014

Chaser Eight - 2015

Chaser Eight: Naked - 2015

Step Into The Light [Single] - 2016

Lift Me Up [Single] - 2016

Lightning [Single] - 2016

Been Lost Dreaming (Naked) - 2017

Floating in Outer Space (Naked) - 2019

Tell Me Lies - 2019



For the past decade, Connecticut-based alternative rock band Chaser Eight have been evolving. 

During this evolution they’ve twice been voted New England’s Best Alt-Rock band in The Deli magazine’s year-end poll, and opened for the likes of Panic! at the Disco, Buckcherry, The Dollyrots, and Badfish. 

What they’re most proud of, however, is the impressive catalog of music they’ve created. 

Chaser Eight – which consists of founding members *AUDRA* (vocals/guitar), and Pat Walsh (guitar), and is rounded out by Brennan DiLerna (bass), Ben Kubie (drums), and Jess Wolfer (backing vocals) – has released 6 EPs, 5 standalone singles, and two full-length albums. 

The band added to this legacy in April of 2023 with the release of their seventh EP, Wide Awake, the creation of which began when the entire world stopped. 

The year was 2020, and while live shows had been taken off the table for, at that point, an unknown period of time, Chaser Eight couldn’t stand the stagnancy. By the time June rolled around they were ready to continue their evolution, and create new music. 

“We’ve been practicing once a week, every week, for 10 years,” *AUDRA* explains, “so continuing to write, and create was super important to us during such a crazy time. It brought a sense of normalcy, and allowed for a uniquely creative environment.” 

It also brought about something different in their lyrics. *AUDRA* notes that on Wide Awake, “There’s a real sense of urgency, and despair in a lot of these lyrics. There is a longing in every song, too. These songs are about wanting, and being aware of the wanting. They are calling out.” 

The juxtaposition between the lyrics and cover art, the latter of which was co-conceived by the band, and local artist Katie Matican., is completely intentional. “These songs are putting it all out there,” *AUDRA* says, “and the title Wide Awake is so aware, and then the art is closed off. It’s a forceful shutting out of the truth. One eye closed, and one eye being blocked. There must be some statement about existentialism there, right? We are deeper than just a rock band that likes to have fun … but we do like to have fun. A lot of fun.” 

Lifelong friends, *AUDRA* and Pat have plenty of experience creating good times together. The duo can actually trace their friendship all the way back to being in the same day care as toddlers. 

Even being friends since day one, however, *AUDRA* and Pat’s musical influences differ quite a bit. *AUDRA*’s mother raised her on a steady diet of The Allman Brothers Band, The Beatles, and Pink Floyd, while Pat was heavily influenced by his older brothers’ love of ‘90s rock – including Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Beck – eventually getting into indie rock as a teenager. 

The duo began working on music together in grade school, recording on 4-track tape recorders, and MiniDiscs. From this, they would form their first band, Audra and Blackwater, before founding Chaser Eight. 

When it comes to their extended run, and current 10 year anniversary as Chaser Eight, *AUDRA* says, “Between having the stamina to produce 10 years of new things, and the commitment to actually stay together for this long, I feel grateful.” 

Grateful, and Wide Awake for the next step in their musical evolution. 

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