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- 5 track demo - 2007
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Montreal born Kristopher "CHASE STACKS" Miesen, is attacking the Canadian urban scene with full force. While his manager from World Urban ent. pushes and clears the way for the right opportunities, Chase focuses on his part by putting in the hours, working hard in the studio and on stage. Vertigo Globe Media inc. is one of the many booking agencies that noticed his talent and his ability to rock a crowd better then most. Since their recent relationship, he continues to perform shows for well anticipated audiences in places like the Olympic Stadium, not to mention multiple showcases through out the country and some of Montreal's most elite night clubs, such as "Time Supper Club", "Tonic", "Systems (Light)", and many many other club venues.

He started rapping at the age of 13 and as a young child, his love for banging away at the piano keys has led him to continuously follow the path of music. It was not long after that he discovered he was born to rhyme. He spent endless nights studying rap verses, beats and all forms of song structure. His childhood wasn't exactly the normal kind of one you would think to find inside a Canadian suburbia home. Surrounded by substance abuse, illegal means of income, death and deep routed drama, rap music became a pillar of strength in which he could turn to when in need. However brought up under a predominantly Italian and German influence, love and loyalty within the family taught him to keep his principals at the forefront of everything.

Today, 6'4", 22 year old Chase Stacks, captures his audience and explodes with confidence as he steps foot on stage. He is now a multiple threat songwriter/recording artist and tends to make guest appearances as a producer from time to time. Over the years he continued to grow, as did his passion for hip-hop music and its culture. While he gathered his pennies and set out to buy a mic, he continued to develop his skills by constantly working hard at his writing. It came to the point where young Chase never left home without a pen and notepad. Although he struggled with the fact that he was young, white and from Canada, he was determined to prove to anyone and everyone who doubted him, that he could hold his own in the world of hip-hop music . With a strong fan base quickly growing, Chase has what it takes to shed new light on Canadian urban music. Today, his fans and new listeners feel his music so strongly because there is an untapped market that is dying to be heard. Stories of a young man who is forced to live within two worlds: The streets of the the city, making money to help support himself and his parents and to help maintain an unaffordable lifestyle within the streets of the suburbs. Chase Stacks stated that "at this point, I'm just about doing me, and being real in what i gotta say. Everbody's got a story."

Now with a deadly combination of strength, realness, truth, soul, rythm, flow, charisma, style and a certain charm that has been said to have a way with the ladies, Chase is ready for anything. He continues to work hard to earn and maintain the respect of those listening and is now in the process of moving it up to the next level. When asked whom Chase's style resembles the most, the young Canadian humbly responds, "everyone has their own style and magic that they bring to the game and I don't feel i resemble anyone actually, nor do i feel i should. I think what I offer is unique, real and something alot of people can relate to". With a head on his shoulder and fire in his heart, be prepared to witness a young man's ongoing path blossom into a road of triumph.