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"EP Review"

I recently met the very talented young Patrick Donovan through his incredibly talented mother, Christine, and was completely blown away when I heard his band, Chase The Light’s demo EP, to be released this April as World Below In Stereo. For a band of such tender years, their promise for success in the music industry is extremely exciting, as what I hear on their EP is every bit as good as anything that is currently played on FM radio. If Avril can do it, if Razorlight can do it, if Franz Ferdinand can do it, so can Chase The Light! These unique lads, who know how to use a metaphor and are already, though barely out of their teens - competent musicians - are the real deal, people.
Since October 2007, lead singer, lyricist and guitarist Pat Donovan, guitarist Alex Arthurs, bassist Chris Maurice, and drummer Nick Gallinger have been writing and recording songs together and slowly building their repertoire while playing a few Kingston and local area gigs; their first show ever opening for Everlea. What immediately grabs my attention about Chase The Light is how infectious and melodious their music is (danceable and alternative pop/rock) and how interesting and intelligent the lyrics. Influenced by many different genres of music, their sound reflects a little bit of everything and Pat’s passionate, tenor vocals (although he’d benefit from professional voice lessons before he blows his chords during a live performance) and amazing songwriting should guarantee him rock star status before he’s 25.

The EP opens with a gorgeous, acoustic ballad duet, reminiscent of Damien Rice and Lisa Hannigan, between Pat Donovan and guest singer Clare Forster, called “Growin’ Old Without You.” It starts out quiet and reflective, slowly forming tears in the eyes of the listener with its fragile beauty and then ends fervently; absolutely brilliant, mature, intensely moving and should be on the radio right now! Pat’s lyrics are nothing short of sublime:

“And as I’m dying,
On my bed of thorns,
I hear you mumble,
What were those words?

I hope it was “Sorry,
For all I have done,
I left you empty,
Kept your heart on the run,

You were worth the heartache in the end,
Cause on my deathbed,
you were holding my hand,
And I’m not scared,
To cross with the boatman,
I’m well prepared,
Now that we’re unbroken,
And so I’ll wait,
To see your face,
When we (when we) carry halos”

“Sinking Cities” is another thoughtful, up-tempo acoustic ballad and just when we’re getting lulled into melancholy, Chase The Light surprises us with the sensual alternative rocker, “World Below In Stereo,” which will undoubtedly become a live show favourite. The band turns up the amp and the urgency with the danceable pop-punk rocker, “Thimble Cottage,” highlighted with a sizzling guitar solo by Arthurs and closes with a radio rockin’ hit, “My Ceiling,” featuring more of Donovan’s old-soul, superb lyrics:

“Awake there’s the ceiling,
It’s bland and unappealing,
I continue to stare,
But it just stares back it isn’t fair,

Asleep is just more ceilings,
Only these ones have more meaning,
They meet you quite greetingly,
As I fly full speed right through the ceiling,

Well it’s day at night,
And it’s night at day,
And I stop, I stop, stop to realize,
I can’t run, walk, talk, or use my eyes,
Well I feel more dead than alive

I draw diagrams,
Battle plans,
Totally outmanned,
And I can’t breathe

And I’m burning up,
The whole building’s engulfed,
And I’m all alone,
But I won’t break,

Time is a feeling,
Dreams are revealing,
I hope my body isn’t bleedin’,
As I fly full speed right through the ceiling”

Someone should call the record companies, the late night talk shows, S.L. (Sam) Feldman & Associates, the whole nine yards! If there is a well-connected music industry agent or producer out there reading this review, please, please, please take the time to listen to Chase The Light and give these young men your sage advice and guidance. Better yet, take them under your wing and steer them to the success they are destined for. Their future will be lit with golden light provided they meet the right people on their evolutionary journey.

Chase The Light will be playing next at the YFC Centre with Hurricane Harmony on Friday, February 29, 2008 so be sure to get out and lend them your support. While you’re at it, drop by their MySpace site, or Facebook group to keep up with future gig dates and to let them know what you think of their songs. They’re all ears and gangling ambition!

Christine Bode - Christine Bode

"Chase The Light - My Ceiling"

"One of my most common admonitions to bands is to listen to more styles of music and incorporate those new influences into your sound. I don't need to tell you that, although I may need to tell you to stop listening to the radio so obsessively. You mash together a lot of different genres: pop-punk, dance-rock, new-wave emo, acoustic pop, even some anthemic rock. And by all accounts, it really shouldn't work. The mixing of bunches of derivative into one song shouldn't result in originality, but for some reason it does. I like this song, and I like your sound. If the rest of your work capitalizes on this aping of several genres, you have a bright future ahead of you. You are the combination of all bands on the radio, circa 2007. If you can translate that into getting on the radio, circa 2008, you're set. Just keep at it. I like the bassist - he's got good tone. Your vocalist has that sassy, nasal tenor that is so common in pop-punk, and your drummer has the dance-rock beat down pat. Again, you're set. "

- Independant Clauses - Independant Clauses

"Thimble Cottage/Growing Old Without You"

"Thimble Cottage" is better - you take some more chances here (like the drums/bass break in the second verse, and the low vocals at the end of the song) and it makes the song more exciting. It's not as mind-bending as "My Ceiling" is, but it's an exciting pop-punkish song. I like the lead guitar melody.

"Growing Old Without You" grips me from the onset. I really like the approach, and the delivery is creaky and uncertain in the best possible way. You sound like you mean it, and that's always a good quality. You hit the notes where you need to, but the slurred tone throughout lends an authenticity and passion to it. This is easily the best thing I've heard from you guys. You even do the speed-up well. The vocals get a little bit pop-punky for me in the faster part, but against an acoustic back-drop I'm a little more forgiving. The songwriting here is solid, and the performances are incredible. Good work. - Independant Clauses


Single(s): Games We Play

EP's: World Below In Stereo (Released August 2008)

LP's: N/A

streaming audio/video on MySpace (

Airplay: Games We Play, Wish You The Best



In late 2007, Patrick Donovan, Alex Arthurs, Chris Maurice & Nick Gallinger, all from Kingston, Ontario, Canada came together to start a band. Not just some garage band, but a band that would be heard by many. After creating their first song “ My Ceiling” they had to come up with a name for themselves. As they came up with a list of different names, nothing really caught their attention. Finally the name “Chase the Light” came to mind. The name was very positive and represented the indie/rock style well.

In January 2008, Chase the Light played their first show in front of 150+ fans in the small city of Kingston. “ After the first show we all agreed this is what we wanted to be doing as our career” says bassist Chris Maurice. The band had their first photo shoot with well-known photographer Brooks Reynolds (Armour For Sleep, Ten Second Epic, Tegan & Sara & The Reason). His unique, creative style produced some really great promo shots for the band, as seen in their debut EP.

Chase the Light then decided that Kingston shows would not be enough for them. As they continued to write/record/produce their own music, they searched for shows across Ontario, including at the famous El Mocambo (Toronto), supporting electro-pop artist Lights.

On August 22nd 2008, Chase the Light released their debut EP titled ‘World Below in Stereo’. With each song being different from the other, whether it be dance-rock beats, melodic guitars, or heart-filled lyrics, it was bound to grab listeners attention. On that same day, they had their first interview with 98.9 The Drive (Kingston). They also had airplay on 105.7 K-ROCK. “Games We Play” turned out to be the song stirring up the most airplay, even online, including in the UK on HitzRadio. These guys have built a strong following in their hometown, and are constantly striving to build relationships with their fans on the popular networking site known as MySpace.

As they continue to write/record/produce new material for their next release, they will continue to play shows in the Kingston and surrounding area. The band is due back at 98.9 The Drive for an acoustic performance and interview October 2008, exactly one year after it all started. With their strong work ethic and love of music, they are bound to make a name for themselves in the industry sooner than you think.