Chase This City

Chase This City

 Marengo, Illinois, USA

Heart, passion, unity, brotherhood, love. These are the five words that best describe us. Whatever it is that you're feeling, you will connect with us and soon you'll be singing along. You are just as much a part of our music as we are.


At first it sounds like the same story you've heard a thousand times before. Five guys, all went to the same high school, all liked music, decided to start something and run with it.

But there's something crucial about Chase This City that sets them apart from everyone else.


There aren't any cliches attached to any of the music you hear. For every song by every band written about every other girl, the guys in CTC write something more heartfelt and true. If it's about a girl, it's about one that has changed their lives. If it's about a party, it's about being at that party with the people you love and making memories you'll never forget. If it's about a breakup, it's about how nothing lasts forever and how you can always look forward, no matter what has happened.

Beginning as a solo acoustic act no more than one year ago, and launching into a full band just shy of four months ago, the guys of CTC have already shared the stage with such bands as Youmeatsix, The Secret Handshake, Inept, Dance! Dance! (members now in the Alumni Club), and Aux Sable Embers. They have begun making a name for themselves based off their balls-to-the-wall live energy, goofball sense of humor and passionate delivery.

All these messages are delivered through the music, and through the fans who sing along. Everyone can relate, and everyone can love it. There isn't any eyeliner, dyed hair, or neon clothes here. There aren't any fillers. Chase This City is, for the most part, five normal guys. Except they're also just like you. And that's where the difference is.


2008 - Stay EP (on iTunes)
2010 - The World on Our Side (pending EP)

Set List

Usually 30-45 minute sets.

Who Needs Antidepressants When You've Got Friends Like These
Breathe You In
Settler's Daze
Dream Big
Time to Escape
Rest of My Life
Barry White
A Thousand Miles (cover)
Own the Town