Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, ISR

Chasidica is an alternative Jewish rock band. They present us with Tehilim in an unconventional performance, personal tales of searching, finding and miracles. with wisdom of chasidus, kabala and practical Jewish spiritualism. traditional music with state of the art style of energetic rock music.


Chasidica was created in Israel way back in 2008 by brothers sagi ang idan givol. Ever since the band had grown to a 6 man show, featuring violin, percussions, samplers and keyboard, clarinet and of course a hardcore alternative rock rhythm section.
The Chasidica show consists of songs in Hebrew, English and ancient Aramic, that creates a one of a kind peak into the mystical jewish world.
The band preforms in festivals, clubs and pretty much any place that will have them, as long as they are ready to receive jewdaism in a way that was unknown to man. until now!
The band has released a few singles and now about to unleash their long awaited album.

Set List

60-90 minute show includes songs in Hebrew, English, ancient Aramic and traditional and original jewish context in high resolution alternative rock tunes.