Chasing The Rise
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Chasing The Rise

Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Vilnius, Vilniaus Apskritis, Lithuania
Established on Jan, 2016
Band Metal Hardcore


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This band has not uploaded any videos



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"The Dawn" ep 2013, "Internal Fight" single 2014, "Chapters" ep 2016.

"The Beacon"
Am i doing the right thing? You said you know the answerThen I'll have to change your mindBut I did not hear I did not understandI never didI don't take pride in compassionOnly build walls don’t let anyone knowI just look to the sky to see the endless motionStanding there and screamingAnd i see something glaring in the distanceFar in the horizon is something i can't reachBut it's that one thing that keeps me goingAnd it's the reason that I can see the roadEvery problem has an answerHow hard can it beEvery problem has an answerHow hardIn the end I’m gratefulEven the worst can bring the lightIn the end I’m gratefulEven the worst can change the mindWhen i look forward, I see the burning flameShining light onto the better days
"Letting go"
It is said, that you regret for what you didn't do more  Than what you did do,Well that might not be trueMemories like scars will remain for the rest of your life.Now it is not the same, like it was beforeWhat happened that day when you closed the doorA light breeze turned into a perfect stormNever seen, never heard before.Above me is flood, below me - infernoNow if i could get to the past And change whats left of the future I need another chance, i can do betterBut I can not, all hope is lost.It doesn't matter how dark it's todayThere will always be another day,New memories and horizons to see,Please, say hello to the sunrise for me. When time comes to find the courage to let go of what you can’t changeWhen it’s time, finding the courageLet go what you can’t changeNow that it's done, anger and sadness is one.Now that it's done, anger and sadness is one.With the flow of time, nothing remains, but one. Reminiscence.No matter what one's memories are, they get worn down, they deteriorateWith the flow of time, nothing remainsBut one. Reminiscence.Divided into pieces, the right choice is not the easy one.
"Maybe It's Just Me"
We’re not listening to your wordsAnd we don’t need a changeThe way we speak the way we look it’s our choiceYou can’t stop usYour eyes are closedYour ears are coveredYour mouth is shutIf you really want to live with your fear and worriesIt’s your choice we’re not against youRead my stories and I’ll let you inStep back if you're too weak to understandMy favorite bandI’m going to refuse the blameI’m trying to ignore this dirty gameDon’t try to pull me into your filthy liesWe’re here to live for something not to die for nothingWe’re are here just for a moment to conquer our dreamsYou have a heart and you have feetSo open the doors let yourself freeDisinformation's hurting your earsThe words from their mouths, are you ready to hear?Buying, consuming and watching TV Leads you to nowhere and surrounds you with fearAnd sometimes you have to forget what you feel And realize what you deserveBecause others can use your weaknessAnd put a heavy stone on your backSometimes you have to forget what you feel And realize what you deserveBecause others can use your weaknessAnd put a heavy stone on your backI’m so happy not to be one of youTo live my life like I’ve always wanted toAnd maybe It's just meWe’re here to live for something not to die for nothingWe’re are here just for a moment to conquer our dreams
"Reign Of Promise (part II)"Every time I see you prayEvery time I hear you claimThat I will not be able to go on That I will not be able to go on I was wrong to think that you’re smartThat you're good for something, I can't believe you’re notYou think that you can make a soldier out of me?A heartless beast ready to kill your enemiesI'm not a wrench not a machineNot a believer not a marineSomething's got to change in the world that we're livingI see the leaves turning brown while the king removes his crownHe removes his crownNo hopes for the impostorsWe're living just once in our promised landsWhen someone's decision is your fateI was chased by the sinnersThey keep on telling me to pray for my lifeTheir broken promises remain on smallest smithereensFrom the collection of my dreams



Chasing The Rise is a five piece melodic metalcore band from Vilnius, Lithuania. It was founded in November, 2011. After a year of hard work the band had their first gig on November 9th, 2012. This date marks the inception of Chasing The Rise. The band have recorded an EP „The Dawn“, which was released on May 5th, 2013. This was the first metalcore release in Lithuania, one could say that the band established the sound of the genre in the country.

The band is going strong since the beginning. They have played at the three biggest Lithuanian festivals, namely "Devilstone", "Karklė" and "Galapagai", sharing the stage with well known names such as Dead By April, Toxic Holocaust and Awakening Sun. In 2015 the band worked on their second EP “Chapters”, which was successfully released in May 2016. Chasing the Rise has recorded with Andreas Magnusson, known for his work with Born Of Osiris, Fit For A King and Wolves At The Gate.  A couple of months later Chasing The Rise released a music video filmed at the prestigious "Devilstone Fest". In August the band signed an endorsement contract with “Monster Energy Europe Limited”. On October 24th the band released their latest video clip “Maybe It’s Just Me” filmed by TRE, Latvia.

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