Chasing August

Chasing August


The Free Times of Columbia, SC has called us Intricate, multilayered emo-core, we just say good fuckin rock music.


Chasing August consists of 5 of the most unique individuals with no bigger a desire than to just write and play music. Chasing August writes their own style of good driving, melodic rock, influenced by artists from all genres of music including Bon Jovi, The Goo Goo Dolls, Breaking Benjamin, The Used, Story of The Year,Blink 182, Usher, Outkast, Ludacris, The Temptations, The Drifters and the Gin Blossoms. What really sets Chasing August apart from any other band is their amazing live show with tons of power and stage presence, and the way they dont just fit into any one genre or style of rock.


Intoxicate Me

Written By: Steve Vik

Intoxicate Me, just dont replace me
press your cheeks to mine, and blink your eyes,
Scent's so inticing, and so inviting
it makes and keeps mine true,
it takes me to you
So let us slip away,
and hope it drifts away these thoughts ive had, of being so bad
would you believe, we are all we will ever need, im almost at Fallin'

Ill Stay awake, feeling your walls break, as we search for our divine
When these night lights fall off the sky, we wont feel these mistakes

Have you picked up like, your thoughts impaired by ways we shyly look away, so quickly,
i wanna lay next to you, feel what your dreaming to, relay this master piece with every piece in place,
and just like these prints from your finger tips, your the only one that we belong to, with every waking and sleeping moment come thoughts of you, im way past Fallin'

Here i go will she hold on, my tongue failing, at saying, im breaking this next fall from you to me
So Dont, think i wont, give up on you ill only wait all my life

Rock-n-Roll Song

Written By: Steve Vik

With silence in mind, we'll lay here with nothing else
ill memorise your face, to think about you all day
So take these letters, and mix them all around
please help me recreate the words i never found
Now your leaving me so blind, like the lights of a train, are speeding right for me, is it gonna end this way, im tied down to these tracks i wont feel any pain, it could be said so wrong, i just wanna hear it from you anyway

Take me home, take me home with you, end these anxious feelings that say i miss you
Take me home, take me home with you, dont wake me up until this all comes true

This ground still warm from the day, keeps us warm here as we lay
pressed into this hill top, please dont stop
So take these colors, and create your biggest thrill, tell me to breathe so heavy, not to lay so still

Now your making me glow, like i have lights in my veins, when you flip the switch this time, nothing will be the same, caught like a firefly, post summer midnight rain, dont ever let me go and i will glow for you always


EP- Pictures That Make Me Scream 2003
Radio play on Columbia's Rock 93.5 includes:
This Poets Corner
Id rather Die Alone
**This Poet's Corner beat 5 national acts on the 93.5 cage match including The Darkness, Jump Little Children, Lacuna Coil, Three Days Grace, and Smile Empty Soul**

Set List

45 minute set
Intoxicate Me
Id Rather die Alone
Pictures that Make Me Scream
This Poet's Corner
Tybee Island
Trust Your Instincts
Hit Me With Your Best Shot (originally performed by Pat Benatar)
The Rock-n-Roll Song
Permanently Temporary