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"Chasing Corona Opens for Creed"

In 2005 Chasing Corona was formed when lead vocalist Cole Childers and lead guitarist Brian Farley met by chance while serving active duty in the U.S. Navy while overseas in Aqaba, Jordan during a night of “Battle of the Ship’s Bands”, and from there the culmination brought in their bassist Kevin Palos and their drummer Johnny Tatum, these 4 local Hampton Roads guys have very quickly made a name for themselves over the last 4 years as they have won MAX FM Battle of the Bands in both 2006 and 2007, performing for HRMUSIC.TV, featured in local magazine Splash as well as back in March of 2008 the band was named Best New Band 2007 in the Meona awards, they have nearly sold out the NORVA every time they have played there, and the even played an unexpected 45 minute set on stage 2 at Cruefest 2 as well as opened for Creed.

It’s a wonder they haven’t won more or even headlined shows the way this band played when they opened up with “Fall With Me” which is a new song they are hoping to release on a new album hopefully in 6 months.
Cole has such a commanding voice and can definitely reach your soul with the way he delivers the music that according to him is “Inspired by all the things he goes through” while serving for his country and being away from his family, friends, and fans.

Brian is a master on his guitar and definitely knows how to shred some wood on which it seems he takes out his frustrations or maybe it’s the raw emotion he has when delivering the music that will make you want to hear more of his power behind the frets.

Kevin can play a bass guitar so hard that you feel every string he is playing and he also shows passion in delivering to the masses.

Johnny is a complete genius in my opinion on the drums, he’s all about showmanship as well as he can definitely crack your skull with the beats he pounds from his drum set and this was all just the first song of a 20 minute set.

Next up was another new song entitled “Morier”, where Brian and Kevin stepped center stage to a dueling guitar solo between the two of them that had the crowd of about 5-6000 or more cheering them on as fans were still piling into the Amphitheater to hear Creed.
Third song has to be my absolute favorite, “Sand to Stone”, from their May album entitled “Black Eye and Candlelight”, this song if you aren’t singing the words by the second time you have heard it then you aren’t listening well enough because this song SPEAKS VOLUMES to your heart and soul, it’s about everything just about anyone faces in life, all the heartaches, trials, tribulations, happiness and sadness all wrapped up into a wonderful song that has been played on Max FM in regular rotation.

To finish their set they pulled out all the stops with another new song “Alive”, this song has you on your feet like nothing else, from the blistering shreds to the pounding beats and the voice of Cole, that a few times likened itself to “Disturbed”, you will feel “ALIVE” and rejuvenated wanting to hear more than just a 20 minute set from this awesome talented band.

All four members are very much into making sure the fans are having a good time, as well, they all seem very humble and grateful to be living their dreams of playing to the masses and they show their appreciation and gratitude throughout the show for everyone that is there.
When they ended the night they made sure to say “Thank You Virginia Beach” and “Thank You Creed” for allowing us to “SERVE YOU” and give to you the music that we so dearly love.

by Stephen Gibson

All Access Magazine had a chance to sit down with the band before the show to see what the craze was all about.

When I entered the dressing room, I saw four guys huddled together with their friends and family members, Igloo coolers on the floor with “their favorite beverages”, Johnny punching Brian in the arm getting him all psyched up, and everyone just having a good time getting themselves ready for what ALL ACCESS had to ask.

AAM: What do you guys hope the future holds for Chasing Corona?

Three simple things according to everyone; “World Domination (Laughing)”, “Recording Contract” and Touring the world to give the fans “A KICK ASS SHOW”

AAM: Cole and Brian: How does being active duty in the US Navy affect the bands aspirations of touring to provide to “The Masses:”?

Brian: He missed the tour last year due to serving overseas, but the band got by (honestly don’t know how), and every time they would play a show they would call him to let him listen to what he was missing. According to Cole, the Navy supports them and has been very responsive to what they are trying to do and he was pretty sure with the right contract in front of them they would be ready to tour within days.
AAM: How have fans responded to your music and is there any plans for a possible CD release?

Cole: They just released “Black Eye and Candlelight” in May of 2008 and a second CD is in the works hopefully to be released in 6 months, just getting the songs recorded, the funding, and things together. It’s pretty much ready to go, but no idea of the name of the new album yet.

AAM: Anything you would like to say to your fans not only here in Virginia Beach, but your comrades in the U.S. Military as well as the hopeful 70,000 plus daily worldwide readers of All Access Magazine?

Brian: First of all I want to Thank these 3 guys in front of me for having me back on this tour, I missed them and the music and the fans so much and for me to be here with them today and playing like we have the last two days has been something both Cole and I along with everyone else could ever dream of. I also want to thank my family that is here as well as my family overseas that are fighting for this bands right to give back something we love so dearly, and most of all thanks to the fans for your continued support, without YOU none of this would have ever happened, to which every member of the band just sat there and nodded to every word Brian was saying, then Johnny chimed in and said “Come on guys with all this mush, LET’S GO ROCK THEIR ASSES OFF like we always do”.

AAM: One last question for you before you go, All Access Magazine would like to say Thank You to Chasing Corona for taking the time to talk to our readers, is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

Cole: Thank you All Access for the opportunity to present our music to your devoted readers and fans, we can’t begin to thank everyone enough for the continued support through all the good and the bad, special thanks to Chilly Bird Pro Audio, our sponsor of custom guitar cabs that absolutely kick ass, all my comrades serving overseas right now fighting for my right to be here, “Come home safe”, but most of all I want to THANK THE FANS.

Johnny: We are here to “ROCK THE SHIT OUT OF YOU” and WE LOVE YOU so much for supporting what we do and THANK YOU.

Brian: I am humbled to say this again but I have to Thank these 3 guys here in front of me, as well as all my friends and family that have supported our dream, and most of all for the continuing support of our fans.

Kevin: I would also like to thank all my friends and family for their continued support as well as the fans who continue to come out and see us play. We hope that we have provided the kind of music that you will continue to listen to.

Note form the writer, Stephen Gibson: This band is one of the most down to earth, humble yet very grateful bands I have ever had the opportunity to interview. Their camaraderie and passion for their music shows when they step on the stage and in their passion to give one hell of a show even if the Amphitheater didn’t give them a whole lot of the house lights, they were there to entertain, provide some downright awesome music and interact with the fans. As we were leaving the show we spotted Johnny just standing there and this young lady with her daughter kindly asked him if she could get a photograph with him, and he was all smiles and said “sure, by all means”.

Check out their music and you will see that this band is definitely one not to be missed.
- All Access Magazine

"Chasing Corona"

The band can thank Cole Childers’ dog Corona for its name. “She loves to go out the door, and every time they come
over,we’re chasing Corona,” Childers said.
Chasing Corona lovesWildWing Cafe and Mary Jane’s Lazy Horse Bar & Grill in Chesapeake. The members agree that venueswith greatmanagers and employees are the best places to play.
Forget hitting all the notes – the guys say the hardest part of performing is breaking down the equipment. “I was thinking of getting some Oompa Loompas working for us. They can sing
little songswhile they break down and it would be cool,” Childers said.
Playing Nintendo. “We play for coins, we’re chasing the princess, and the mushrooms make sure we get through the race,” Childers said. “Along the
way, you gotta fight and jump in the deep, dark holes – the dives we play – to collect coins.”
Chasing Corona’s “Sand To Stone”
gets plenty of play on 100.5 Max FM –without a record deal. A 2006 battle of the bands win was their ticket to one week of airplay. Listeners like it, so the DJs keep bringing it.
The band is prepping for the holidays with plans for a benefit concert to prevent
drunken driving. They’re working
with Boston-based Illumina Records and Ground Control to organize a local December show. The proceeds will benefit Ground Control,which
uses concerts, fashion shows, school assemblies and other methods to encourage young people not to drink and drive. Keep an eye on the band’s
MySpace page for more information.
Reach DeAnne M. Bradley at 222-3897
or - The Virginia Pilot

"Chasing Corona to unveil music video shot on naval base"

By Patty Jenkins
The Virginian-Pilot
© April 9, 2009
Local rock band Chasing Corona will unveil a music video Friday that's a rarity even in this military town.

It is the only band in memory to have filmed a music video at Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base. It helps to have connections: Lead vocalist Cole Childers and guitarist Brian Farley are petty officers second class and first class, respectively. The band's manager is Senior Chief Petty Officer Andy Sutter. All are stationed at the base.

Still, it took months to get approval. The video for "Sand to Stone" tells the story of a boy who grows up in a violent home and later joins the Navy to create a better life for his wife and child.

Another story unfolded on a cold day as they filmed the video while the wind whipped in from the Chesapeake Bay.

10:37 a.m.

Childers and Farley, who have been filming scenes at other locations since dawn, meet drummer Johnny Tatum and bassist Kevin Palos on the base at Assault Craft Unit 4. In a Go Team-style moment, they form a circle, put their hands together in the center and do a cheer.

"Lots of drama in rock bands," Childers says. "We're just trying to stay focused; sometimes we have to give each other bear hugs."

Sutter, the band manager, two-way radio in hand, leads the band members to the water for the hovercraft scene.

Communicating with the engineer onboard the craft, he coordinates each shot with Scott Hansen, director of the video. Sutter tells the hovercraft operator, "Let us know when you hit 500 yards."

The LCAC hits the beach sounding like a whirling windstorm.

"We're going to get sandblasted for a moment," Childers says.

11:19 a.m.

Hansen, with megaphone, calls the band over to shoot its scene on the LCAC.

Cameramen take several shots of the hovercraft ramp lowering and closing.

Two sailors, toting unloaded rifles, appear in front of the craft, which measures 87 feet by 47 feet, as band members walk off the ramp.

"That was a practice run," Childers says as he walks in a zig-zag motion past the camera and crew, trying to figure out which way to go.

"One more time. Action!" Hansen motions for the band to stay centered, separating in front of the camera two-by-two.

1 p.m.

The maintenance bay at Beach Master Unit 2, which is like a big service station, is filling up with extras - base personnel, friends and family - pretending to be concertgoers and military spouses for the performance and homecoming scenes.

A crew testing light and sound gets the stage ready as a giant American flag serves as backdrop and red, white and blue lights flash.

Tatum, the only band member onstage, is behind his kit wearing headphones and making drumming motions. "Kevin and I weren't on the original CD recording. I play my part totally different, but for the video I'll actually be playing with the PA system and will have to match up the beats."

1:51 p.m.

The first sound comes from the speakers - it's Farley's guitar. The extras roar, even without direction or any cameras rolling.

Childers, with eyes shut, takes the mic and begins singing the first line, then stops.

"Thanks for your enthusiasm, it's been great," Childers jokes with the extras.

"We're ready," Hansen says, and tells the crowd to lift their hands up in the air.

2:05 p.m.

With camera rolling this time, Hansen yells, "Action!"

As the crowd sways back and forth with hands waving in the air, Childers' face turns scarlet from belting out the lyrics. His left foot is pressed on top of the monitor in front of him as he showcases his lyrics, "And start over again."

Hansen yells, "Cut!"

The band takes a break, then Childers motions to the crowd with four fingers - indicating the fourth take.

"And you thought it was going to be a lot more fun than this, didn't you?" Farley teases the crowd as they nod and smile.

2:32 p.m.


Taking the mic, Childers strikes a pose, and the crowd laughs. They perform the song several more times.

"It's a wrap!" Hansen announces at 2:57 p.m.

"Let's move on to the homecoming scene."

Sutter shouts, "Where's the 'Welcome Home Daddy' sign?"

In all, the 5-minute-11-second video takes from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. to shoot.

- The Virginia Pilot


EP: Something Wrong With Me
DEBUT ALBUM: Blackeye and Candlelight



Lead singer, Cole Childers, and lead guitarist Brian Farley met in 2005 while deployed overseas in Aqaba, Jordon during a night of “Battle of Ship’s Bands.” The next morning the two ships, USS Kearsarge (LHD 3), Brian’s ship, and USS Ashland (LSD 48), Cole’s ship, came under terrorist attack. Upon completion of their deployment Cole and Brian decided to form a band, but trying to find a name for that band just seemed to escape them. One night after Cole’s puppy “Corona” had once again escaped from his house, a close friend looked at Cole and said “You are always chasing corona!”. After relating the story and the statement to Brian the band’s name was born. After trying out several talented drummers Chasing Corona welcomed Johnny Tatum, and then welcomed bass player Kevin Palos into the band in May of 2008.

Lead vocalist Cole Childers credits such influences as Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder, Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, and Alter Bridge's Miles Kennedy, to name a few. He realized his ear for music when his brother gave him his first guitar at seventeen. Growing up in Seattle during the high point of the city's booming music scene only further increased his appreciation for music. Since then, he has worked on song writing and pushing his limits vocally.

Lead guitarist Brian Farley began playing guitar at fifteen after listening to influences such as Slash and Eddie Van Halen. Later his style change by guitarists such as Mark Tremonti and Ben Burnley. Brian moved north of Seattle at age nineteen and with very little formal training, he played guitar and bass with several bands, including one with drummer Johnny Tatum, in the Washington State area where he started to find himself musically. In 2003, he relocated to Virginia Beach, VA and 2 years later met up with Cole eventually forming Chasing Corona.

Diversity, dynamics, syncopation, and complex rhythmic patterns are among drummer Johnny Tatum’s favorite methods of delivering his own style of percussion. Fortunate enough to have played with several successful Seattle area bands and career musicians, he dreams of spreading his message through music. Some of his many influences include but are not limited to: Beethoven, Mozart, Buddy Rich, Tool, The Mars Volta, Soundgarden, Mudvayne, Sinatra, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Primus, and many more.

Bassist Kevin Palos is a Chesapeake, VA native who began exploring his musical talents at an early age. With influences that include Tool, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine he acquired a strong passion for bass guitar. He developed his style and skills by playing in various local bands and eventually found his way to the rhythm section of Chasing Corona.

Chasing Corona has played such major venues as the Verizon Wireless Virginia Beach Amphitheatre opening for CREED and CRUEFEST 2, Ntelos Pavilion Portsmouth opening for GREEN RIVER ORDINANCE, and Webster Hall NYC opening for GEORGE CLINTON. They also play in numerous local venues.

The Band’s debut album “Blackeye and Candlelight” was released in May of 2008. They are currently working on material for their next album due out sometime in 2010.