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"Local rock band Chasing Corona will unveil a music video Friday that's a rarity even in this military town."

It is the only band in memory to have filmed a music video at Little Creek Naval Amphibious Base. It helps to have connections: Lead vocalist Cole Childers and guitarist Brian Farley are petty officers second class and first class, respectively. The band's manager is Senior Chief Petty Officer Andy Sutter. All are stationed at the base.

Still, it took months to get approval. The video for "Sand to Stone" tells the story of a boy who grows up in a violent home and later joins the Navy to create a better life for his wife and child.

Another story unfolded on a cold day as they filmed the video while the wind whipped in from the Chesapeake Bay.

10:37 a.m.

Childers and Farley, who have been filming scenes at other locations since dawn, meet drummer Johnny Tatum and bassist Kevin Palos on the base at Assault Craft Unit 4. In a Go Team-style moment, they form a circle, put their hands together in the center and do a cheer.

"Lots of drama in rock bands," Childers says. "We're just trying to stay focused; sometimes we have to give each other bear hugs."

Sutter, the band manager, two-way radio in hand, leads the band members to the water for the hovercraft scene.

Communicating with the engineer onboard the craft, he coordinates each shot with Scott Hansen, director of the video. Sutter tells the hovercraft operator, "Let us know when you hit 500 yards."

The LCAC hits the beach sounding like a whirling windstorm.

"We're going to get sandblasted for a moment," Childers says.

11:19 a.m.

Hansen, with megaphone, calls the band over to shoot its scene on the LCAC.

Cameramen take several shots of the hovercraft ramp lowering and closing.

Two sailors, toting unloaded rifles, appear in front of the craft, which measures 87 feet by 47 feet, as band members walk off the ramp.

"That was a practice run," Childers says as he walks in a zig-zag motion past the camera and crew, trying to figure out which way to go.

"One more time. Action!" Hansen motions for the band to stay centered, separating in front of the camera two-by-two.

1 p.m.

The maintenance bay at Beach Master Unit 2, which is like a big service station, is filling up with extras - base personnel, friends and family - pretending to be concertgoers and military spouses for the performance and homecoming scenes.

A crew testing light and sound gets the stage ready as a giant American flag serves as backdrop and red, white and blue lights flash.

Tatum, the only band member onstage, is behind his kit wearing headphones and making drumming motions. "Kevin and I weren't on the original CD recording. I play my part totally different, but for the video I'll actually be playing with the PA system and will have to match up the beats."

1:51 p.m.

The first sound comes from the speakers - it's Farley's guitar. The extras roar, even without direction or any cameras rolling.

Childers, with eyes shut, takes the mic and begins singing the first line, then stops.

"Thanks for your enthusiasm, it's been great," Childers jokes with the extras.

"We're ready," Hansen says, and tells the crowd to lift their hands up in the air.

2:05 p.m.

With camera rolling this time, Hansen yells, "Action!"

As the crowd sways back and forth with hands waving in the air, Childers' face turns scarlet from belting out the lyrics. His left foot is pressed on top of the monitor in front of him as he showcases his lyrics, "And start over again."

Hansen yells, "Cut!"

The band takes a break, then Childers motions to the crowd with four fingers - indicating the fourth take.

"And you thought it was going to be a lot more fun than this, didn't you?" Farley teases the crowd as they nod and smile.

2:32 p.m.


Taking the mic, Childers strikes a pose, and the crowd laughs. They perform the song several more times.

"It's a wrap!" Hansen announces at 2:57 p.m.

"Let's move on to the homecoming scene."

Sutter shouts, "Where's the 'Welcome Home Daddy' sign?"

In all, the 5-minute-11-second video takes from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. to shoot.

- The Virginian-Pilot - Patty Jenkins


Black Eye & Candlelight - LP - 2008
Track Listing:
1. Light Me Up
2. Your Demise
3. Black Eye & Candlelight
4. Sand To Stone
5. Crawling
6. Prize Fighter
7. Letter To Myself
8. Something Wrong With Me
9. White Lies
10. Breaking the Silence

Something Wrong With Me - EP - 2007

Singles - Sand To Stone - Regular Rotation airplay since April 2008.



Winners of the 2006 and 2007 MaxFM Rock for Tots Battle of the Bands, Chasing Corona takes the Hampton Roads area of Virginia area by storm week after week, drawing a full house on a regular basis. Chasing Corona was awarded the 2007 Best New Rock Band of the Year. Chasing Corona's song "Sand to Stone" has been in regular rotation on 100.5 WXMM Max Fm and has received air time on 98.7 WNOR in Virginia Beach Virginia. The song is receiving air time on 99.3 Real Rock KCGQ in Cape Girardeau, MO and on Beach 104.1 in Kill Devil Hills NC.

The Band was invited as a repeat performer for various shows produced by the USO and the US Navy Public Affairs Office for Fleet Week, New York City, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Chasing Corona has an outstanding reputation as professional performers. They ensure that the fans have an incredible time which has resulted in many local venues seeing a significant increase in sales while hosting the Band. Their music video “Sand to Stone” was primarily shot at the US Naval Base at Little Creek in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Taking the name from a comment made after several failed attempts to catch the lead singer’s boxer puppy named Corona, Chasing Corona has quickly made a name for itself in the Hampton Roads area. After winning the Max FM Battle of the Bands in December 2006, the band went into the studio and recorded a six song EP. Upon releasing the single “Sand to Stone,” Chasing Corona became a hit on local airwaves. The song received enough call-in requests for the local radio station to place it in regular rotation.

In May 2008, Chasing Corona released its full length debut album “Black Eye and Candlelight.” The album has produced two singles: “Sand to Stone” and “Crawling” that has received critical acclaim and has become hits on 100.5 WXMM MaxFM.

With the “Black Eye and Candlelight” release along with the bands new lineup, Chasing Corona once again made it into the pages of The Virginian-Pilot in its “Q+A” feature in The Daily Break. The printed feature can also be found online at with focus on the single, “Crawling” as an audio clip. That Q+A interview produced enough local interested that The Pilot reported on the band’s making of its debut video for “Sand to Stone.” An article is planned and will be published prior to the video release party April 10 at The NorVa in Norfolk. The Virginian-Pilot posted online footage of the band while making the video at HamptonRoad.TV.

The band has participated in New York City’s Fleet Week Celebration for the past three years. First as the main support opening act for George Clinton at Webster Hall during Fleet Week 2007, and then invited back in 2008 to perform at Times Square as well as a variety of USO shows throughout New York. For Fleet Week 2009 the band was invited to show their first video for “Sand to Stone” at Hard Rock Café, New York, before Joan Jett took the stage. Later in the week they played for over 5,000 visitors at the USS Intrepid museum located at Pier 86 in Manhattan.

Wavy TV 10, WVEC TV 13, WTKR TV 3, HD News, and have covered Chasing Corona and their military affiliations. National radio shows WNIS 1010 and The Jim Kerr Rock n' Roll Morning Show Q104.3 NYC have also featured Chasing Corona. The band has also been featured in the following print publications: The Virginian-Pilot, Link Magazine, The Flagship, Portfolio, Splash Magazine, Jet Observer, The Compass, and The Herald Dispatch in Huntington, West Virginia.

Lead singer, Cole Childers, and lead guitarist, Brian Farley met in 2005 while deployed overseas in Aqaba, Jordan during a night of “Battle of Ship’s Bands.” The next morning the two ships, USS Kearsarge (LHD 3), Brian’s ship, and USS Ashland (LSD 48), Cole’s ship, came under terrorist attack. After auditioning several talented drummers, Chasing Corona welcomed Johnny Tatum into the band in April 2008 and welcomed bass player, Kevin Palos into the band in May 2008. Chasing Corona’s independent merchandise, currently CDs and T-shirts, earn strong sales and the band continues to increase its fan base by playing throughout the Hampton Roads area.