Chasing February

Chasing February


A mixture of everything that everyone loves. We incorporate jazz,classical,rap, and funk. Sounds like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, Dave Matthews band, and plenty others!


Chasing February was formed February of 2003 deriving out of The Colony, TX. They are inspired from musicians such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, 311, The Dave Matthews Band, and Tool. Fusing together all of these inspirations Chasing February has managed to define themselves as an Alternative/Funk/Indie/Rock band. Band members include drummer Eric Foster (25,), on bass/vocals/guitar Jared Lindner (25), and on guitars/vocals/bass Quincy Johnson (25).
Chasing February is the summation of what can happen when small worlds collide and become a part of a much larger cosmic entity. CF was actually formed by the dreams of guitarist Andy Michaelis and Quincy Johnson. Living together at Stephen F. Austin State University, they used to drive neighbors crazy by having band practices in the dorm room playing along with Everclear, Incubus, and other CD’s they owned at the time. After their sophomore year both Andy and Quincy were placed on Academic Suspension and began their journey home. Quincy and Andy remained friends, but Quincy pursued other avenues of interests. While attending a local community college Quincy joined a band called “Thomas Said Stop” and began playing shows in Denton, TX. After 7 months the band parted and went their separate ways. Andy took this opportunity to express how after months of watching Quincy play shows in Denton he was ready to follow through with music as a career, and approached Quincy about starting their own band. At this time Jared Lindner was in a class with Andy and had just recently come back from SFA. Jared and Andy talked about the common interest of starting a band and rekindling their previous high school band “Ball Scratch” which also included drummer Eric Foster. After everyone was on-board the creative process began. At first the songs were brought to the table solely by Quincy but that method then evolved into Quincy supplying the lyrics while the rest of the band constructed the music. However the CF of today is a product of a tragedy. In April of 2006 CF was forced to face a situation unforeseeable when guitar player Andy Michaelis passed away. “We didn’t know what to do” Quincy said, “We just knew that we had to keep going based on the blessings of friends and family.” Now having gone through something that no band of brothers should have to go through they were definitely at a stand still in their career. Everything that they had known and all systems of functionality had to be completely torn apart and pieced together again. CF went back to the drawing board and began painting a masterpiece, compiling songs, capturing moments that passed them, and pounding out what is now known as “Plastic Lollipop and The Fictitious Deliciousness.”
Chasing February has competed in the Emergenza Festival where they advanced to the 2nd round where they lost by a disappointing 5 votes. “Chasing February wrapped Thursday with a great set, featuring solid vocals and excellent drum work.”
( CF was also mentioned on Dallas’ Pegasus news for Emergenza show that they put on. The fan base from the current project P.L.A.T.F.D ranges over a broad spectrum. The album starts off figuratively in Dallas and the end result is a mellow evening in Ft. Worth. Along the way of this journey they pick up music enthusiast ranging in age from 16 to 50 years of age. Known for their crazy changes and freakishly amazing jams/breakdowns, and random switching of instruments, a typical CF show is a party of between 40 to 60 people having fun as if in the garage with close friends and a keg.
Currently Chasing February is in the guerilla phase of pushing the new album. The website is about to go under the knife for a facelift, a music video and Rockumentary is being constructed, marketing analysis and execution strategy are being planned, and an itch to perform for larger crowds of adoring fans is consuming the band. The album is going to be released in two different physical avenues. One way the album will be available is at shows for a discounted price, the Plano CD Warehouse, and also online avenues such as or Secondly you may be able to catch us on the street with our smiling shining faces handing you a free three song demo which will include exclusive interviews that will also be available on the full length DVD Rockumentary.

"Without music, life would be a mistake."
--Friedrich Nietzsche


A Hero Named Hope-EP
Not What you Expected-LP
Plastic Lollipop and The Fictitious Delicousness-LP

Set List

Usual set is 30-45mins
3 Cover Songs-
Take on Me-Ah Ha
Dani California- RHCP
Karma Police-Radiohead

Left Handed Fiasco
Down by the Water
Hello Tomorrow

(Quincy and Jared switch Instruments)
(Jared Sings)
Fly Down
Field of Vision