Chasing October

Chasing October

 Warren, Ohio, USA

Chasing October is a pop punk band that has a ver unique sound found somewhere between blink182, fall out boy, and panic at the disc!. The music is exciting and uplifting, and almost everyone can enjoy it!


Chasing October was formed on October 27, 2009 by four friends who wanted nothing more then to share the music they create and love with everyone possible. With a mixture of punk, pop, and hardcore Chasing October brings an entirely new style into play. Their stage presence is funny, exciting, and inviting. As a band Chasing October will only continue to excel in the music business and bring their music to a wider audience.


Chasing October has one single which is titled Summer Time that is streamed on all of their sites. They are currently working on their first EP.

Set List

Chasing October's set is typically all their originals and three covers.
Original songs:
1. Lizzy
2. S E X GF
3. Jeff, Are there monsters under your bed too?
4. Summer Time
5. Dreaming
6. Sleepovers
7. My apology
8. That one song
1. Sugar we are going down - Fall Out Boy
2. Damnit - Blink182
3. Rock Show - Blink182
4. My Own Worst Enemy - lit
5. Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard
6. Stacy's Mom - Fountain Of Wayne
7. Downfall of Us All - A Day To Remember
8. Custom Rap medley (variates with the new hit rap/hip hop songs)