Chasing Saturn

Chasing Saturn


Forceful,passionate,energetic,fists in the air and tired of being walked on!That would best describe the mentality of Chasing Saturn,a band that has come to the realization that nothing will be handed to them in this business.


Once in a while, there comes along a band that is, well, to put it frankly, sick of the way things go in the "industry". Tired of hearing false promises, chasing ill-conceived hopes and ever-eluding dreams but never seeming to have it all in place at the right time. A band that is willing to put all on the line, and prepared to show the "industry" that it will make it with or without them. Formed in 2003 out of a five year partnership between Chris Chambers and Adam Downer, Chasing Saturn was started as a Modern Worship band. While that was all well and good, Adam and Chris quickly realized there was something missing, a void of some sorts, that void was the intensity and energy of there hard rock roots. So they decided to join both worlds into one unstoppable force full of intensity and energy as well as passion and emotion and have quickly taken up there role as a band set out to bridge the gap between the stuffy, often over-churched Christian world and the sometimes too liberal, I last went to church when I was five so get off my back, secular world, braving the often treacherous path that runs between the two striving to find middle ground so that God can be seen by both sides. "When you stop and take a look at both Christian and Secular music there's not a lot to get excited about. If you are a Christian, but like me, don't really get into Christian music, but want to get into bands that actually know where you're at just dealing with every day life, that's what we're about. We're not trying to scream hell at everyone and save the world, we just want to make friends and get through this thing called life, and let people know there not alone. God will take care of the rest" say's Chris Chambers. Chasing Saturn's sound is a fusion of crushing drum beats, often violent guitar riffs and forceful ,yet passionate vocal lines all tied together with electronic soundscapes filled with programmed synths and loops that are just so smooth and pleasing to the ear. Needless to say, it is a sound that has garnered lots of attention. Shortly after Chasing Saturn was formed in 2003, they crossed paths with a long time friend of the band, Steve Rieschl, one of the most sought after up and coming producers at EMI Nashville. It only took a couple of conversations between Adam, Chris and Steve to decide that Steve would produce the first album. "Somehow we all had the same vision and it just clicked" say's Chris. Shortly thereafter, Chris was offered a full Artist Endorsement from Gibson USA. "We are proud to have Chris and Chasing Saturn aboard with Gibson guitars" say's Bob Workman of Gibson Artist Entertainment and Relations Nashville. It is clear to see that Chasing Saturn has taken the path less traveled. "Even though we are Christians, we don't want to be put into the stereotypical mold of a Christian band, that's not where we're at, we're all about balance, literally, it's not uncommon to hear us cover secular tunes at one of our shows. Just because a song may not specifically talk about God or Jesus does not mean a Christian band can't cover it, within reason of course" say's Adam Downer. It is that kind of balance that will take Chasing Saturn to the top, giving those like Chris and Adam, who find themselves looking for something different, an alternative to the "mold".


Chasing Saturn EP
Chasing Saturn Worship EP

Set List

Due to the diverse nature of Chasing Saturn,our set list differs from venue to venue.We have a catalog of 15-20 originals to choose from along covers including "Somebody Told Me" by The Killers,"Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne","Dizzy" by The Goo Goo Dolls,"Bigger Than My Body" by John Mayer etc.