Chasing Taylor

Chasing Taylor


Chasing Taylor is a pop rock band with an edge of soul fronted by a small town girl wearing boots and sequins. I like to share my experiences about relationships, problems, past experiences, and put a beat to it so you can dance while I tell you a story.


Chasing Taylor is an up and coming pop/rock band with an edge of soul from Wauwatosa, WI currently based in Nashville, Tn. Taylor has a real heart for the music she writes, and a passion for spreading a positive message to as many ears as she can reach. Taylor is the heart and soul of the band, a miniature powerhouse with great hair, a huge personality and super dance moves. If you've seen her in concert before, you can be sure that every time you'll get a great performance with sweet beats that will make you want to tap your foot. Taylor was an American Idol contestant Season 10 who made it to Hollywood. She will also be a guest vocal on the new Anberlin record. Chasing Taylor has been featured in Ap magazine under the "Hometown Hero's" section, as well as "Up Magazine" (a magazine in the Netherlands). Taylor Rouse is definitely someone to watch.



Written By: Taylor Rouse and Jonathan Rouse

This is the first time not the last time
you'll miss what you're shooting for
Run away love underneath the gun
honestly what were you aiming for

I I looked at you with the very same eyes
I I looked at you and it made me realize

The touch the stare
it came over me on a starry night
the touch compared
to nothing else nothing else
like I've felt before
I I I don't deserve you
I I I can't get enough of you
The touch

I can't escape you even if you're all I knew
not what you taught me to
my words like poison could I avoid what I attract
it wasn't good for me

The touch the touch the touch the touch the touchx2

Tell me is this real cuz I know how I feel
is this real how I feel is this real

Beauty Queen

Written By: Taylor Rouse and Jonathan Rouse

She puts her lipstick on
and she knows she's got it goin on
that shade of red she wears
it looks back at her is she good enough

and she wonders how she's come to lose her mind
as things unravel they don't always turn out right

you know she used to be a beauty queen
she's just a shadow of what she used to be
she asks if she is perfect if she is worth it
she used to be a beauty queen
you know she used to be a beauty queen
you know she used to be a beauty queen

She tries to hide herself
behind these walls she's built from stone
nobody enters in nobody leaves
the home she owns

she lives in lies and she's broken
she has to let go
look at the years that were stolen
she has to let go


New Album coming October 2012!!

In Disguise 2011
-One Step Closer (#1 on Purevolume for a week!)
-Beautiful Breakdown
-Back Where We Belong

It's No Secret (Single 2010)

Chasing Taylor 2010
-Consider This
-By Surprise

Set List

Basic Set List (Can be modified if need be)
Let Me Go
Beauty Queen
Get it
Cover Song
Leave Here Without You