Chasing Zen

Chasing Zen



Since their inception in the fall of 2002, Chasing Zen has become one of the most acclaimed bands of the Cincinnati music scene. Sharing the stage with some of the biggest regional and national tour bands they have quickly matured into one of Cincinnati’s must see musical experiences. Led by principle songwriters SJ Turner (guitar) and Mathew Vaughn (vocals), Chasing Zen seamlessly integrates emotional, thought provoking lyrics with instantly memorable melodies. Drawing inspiration from their mid-western surroundings their songwriting is more a testament to hard work and perseverance than to a desire to follow the latest trend. Their straight ahead guitar driven rock is a refreshing change from the over processed sounds the dominate today’s top 40 charts.
Chasing Zen is completed by rhythm section Scott Boone (bass) and Philip Gregor (drums). Boone and Gregor’s solid meter provide the foundation over which Turner and Vaughn build their textures.
Though Chasing Zen pride’s themselves on being a mid-western band their appeal has not been limited to the Midwest. Chasing Zen has developed a strong fan base (via regional touring and the internet) in such diverse markets as Lexington, Los Angles, and Austin, TX.
In late 2003 Chasing Zen temporarily put their rigorous touring schedule of hiatus to record their first full-length album. The album, tentatively titled Fireflies, will be released in the summer of 2004 and will coincide with the unveiling of their new website ( and their return to touring.


Chasing Zen

Written By: SJ Turner

Looking back now, yesterday
I'd give anything to feel that way
Always certain, right from wrong
But times they change and the certainty's gone

Drifting throught the seasons like a feather on the wind
Blown to one extreme and then blown back again.

I went looking for something, something to carry me away from here, carry me away from here.
Never knowing that something was already here inside of, already here inside of me
Chasing Zen

Looking outward, not inside
For some sorenity, for peace of mind
I was wondering in the dark
With out a light in me without a spark

It took me such a long time but I finally realized
You cannot find yourself in so me one else's eyes

All we have is what's inside
All we have is who we are
Trust and you will find your way


Written By: SJ Turner

And your eyes, they shine like diamond rings
And your hair is black as coal
And the crucifix you wear around your throat
Is for shame not for hope

And the flies, they seem to know your name
And they speak to you alone
And you'd love to say you get their jokes
But you don't so you won't

All of your life you've been outside looking in
Searching for meaning when nothing means a thing

Like fireflies, fireflies overhead
You dance and spin
Like fireflies, fireflies overhead
Then fade again
And you know you got it wrong
When they play your favorite song
But can't recall the words to sing along

And you bleed, you bleed for all the young
And you scream but no one hears
And you try, try, try you tried to save this world
But you found that no one cared

You you make the sadest dreams come true
you make the sweetest dreams come true
you make the sadest dreams come true


Written By: SJ Turner and Mathew Vaughn

Step out on the road
No real place to go
Anywhere but here sounds good to me

Leave the past behind
And hope that maybe this time
I will find a little peace

Somewhere I can slip into the scenery
Hide away where no body will notice me

Never wanted anything like this
Never wanted anything like this
Slip behind the wheel and drive myself away

Drive on through the night
And in the morning light
Maybe find a place where I belong

A sleepy little town
Where I can settle down
Some place no one ever goes

Never felt so down
So I'm leaving town
Never coming back around

Time to say goodbye
But I'm afraid to fle
That's why I would rather drive