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"Review of Give Me a Reason, acoustic"

Online Review Acoustic Chatter

Beautiful guitar sound. The harmonies work really well in the guitar parts and then a beautiful voice. The voice is so compelling and melodic. I think you have the abillity to write good catchy and melodic songs. I would be interested in hearing more of your stuff. You almost have a Bjork feel in this song its so atmospheric and chilled. Keep up the good songs we need more music like this. - Garage Band

"Music Review April 15th - May 14th, 2006"

Punk rock bands pretentiously and typically discuss politics in their lyrics. Grunge bands tend to focus on social issues. Black and white dress, stripes, chains, and studs classify the punk look. Grunge attire consists of ripped jeans and collared shirts. Punk has and always will be an attitude. However, Boston Massachusetts' Chatter throw away the typical image of punk and grunge, as they focus on the music and keep it fun. They are able to mold these two genres together to form a sound that adds dimension to the sound. Chatter is able to provide a nice style with the diversity that looms in Boston and sets them apart from the hardcore and metal scene which dominates further west of them in Worchester. The most appropriate description of the band is a concoction of punk, grunge, rock, and acoustic sounds, which reflect the personal accounts of a band who strive to stir up conversation on the music and the message.

As lead singer Andrea put it, I can't think of any bands that sound similar to what we are doing musically, but I think that is a good thing. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and for us it really is about having fun. I suppose we don't necessarily fit in to the music scene in Boston, but then again there are so many different styles of music happening in Boston it's hard to say.

Chatter consists of members: Andrea Stankevitch (vocals), Natalie Wheeler (guitar), Lukas Johnson (guitar), Evan Dunn (bass), and Lou Paniccia (drums). The formation of Chatter goes back to 2004 at Berklee College of Music where Andrea, Luke, and Natalie were studying. Luke and Andrea were the masterminds behind the band formation and recruited bassist Dave Fix and drummer Tomm Gamache. Later Natalie joined and the line-up was complete. Current bassist Evan Dunn was recruited in 2005 and drummer Lou Paniccia joined the band soon after.

The lyrics, all written by lead singer/ songwriter Andrea, tend to focus more on individual topics regarding her life, people who have impacted her, and some fun lyrics rather than full blown topics regarding politics and society, which the bands genre is known to discuss in their lyrics. Addressing her lyrics Andrea says, The only political song I ever wrote is called, People Like Me, and its basically about the current governments mentality of the rich getting richer while the poor get poorer.

Chatter does keep with the short song trend of punk music though, as their songs are no longer than 3 and a half minutes. When asked why she doesnt write long songs Andrea says, I dont write many long songs; in fact, I think the longest song I ever wrote is three and a half minutes. I usually say everything I want to say in 3 minutes or less. I dont sit down and try to write a specific kind of song, it just sort of happens. I feel a song is over when I get my message across. I only write when I am inspired, and luckily I am inspired often. The bands songs Dreaming of You, Anymore and acoustic track, Give me reason are some stand out tracks that will getting you grooving and dancing a bit.

Currently, Chatter are working on their debut full length tentatively due out this September. Additionally, Andrea and Luke are working on their first acoustic album for their side project, Acoustic Chatter (features new music and some Chatter songs) and hope to release that in May. The summer hopes to see Chatter delving outside of Boston and exploring the northeast for a tour as well. Chatter is able to provide a blend of rock elements that are grungy, punky, straightforward, to the point, short, and overall rockin. With Chatter, allow the music to speak for itself, not the image.

This ambitious unsigned act has had successful experiences and opportunities for only jammin together since 2004. The future looks bright for this 5-piece.

The chatter has only begun! - Northeast In-Tune, By: Star Child


"Keep it short..." self-produced 7 song ep, ©2004 Featured Artist of the Day 6/20/2006 Acoustic Chatter


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Chatter is able to provide a blend of rock elements that are grungy, punky, straightforward, to the point, short, and overall rockin."
-Star Child of Northeast In-Tune Magazine

Chatter is a punky/alt.rock band from Boston. Singer songwriter Andrea Stankevitch and guitarist Luke Johnson started the band while studying at Berklee College of Music. There they met guitarist Natalie Wheeler, drummer Lou Paniccia, and later added bassist Evan Dunn.

The members of Chatter come from all across the U.S. and bring many musical influences to the group. The band shares common punk rock influences from early No Doubt and Goldfinger while some of the more outside influences include Frank Zappa, Postal Service, and the Disco Biscuits.

Chatter has played various venues and clubs in Boston, including The Hard Rock Cafe. Chatter was chosen in the top twenty bands of over 200 Boston rock bands competing in the Little Stevie & Dunkin Donuts Garage Rock Contest, appearing live at The Roxy. Chatter released a self-produced seven song EP, entitled, "Keep it short," 2004. Chatter has since regrouped and is currently working on their first full length album expected out in 2006.

Andrea & Luke also perform as an acoustic rock duo known as Acoustic Chatter, performing a new set of songs as well as a few Chatter songs.

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