"We were one more Creed song away from slitting our wrists when chauncey's self-titled debut-loaded with swerving melodies, bending rhythms, and emotional truths-revived our faith in rock'n'roll." - August 2002, Boston Magazine

Much like Peter Sellers' character Chauncey Gardiner, in the 1979 film "Being There," chauncey the Boston based rock quintet is a breath of fresh air. "They seamlessly move through melodic rock, deliberate feedback jams, and all out primal rockbeat happenings with lean ferocity," comments Boston rock critic Jerome Leslie in considering their live performance.

John Paul Powell, a proud graduate of NASA's Space Camp, serves as chauncey's frontman on keys, lead vocals, and the occasional toy xylophone, while Eliot Hunt adds depth and dimension to the chauncey sound with his atmospheric approach to guitar. Jake Zuckerman steps to the plate bold and brash with a guitar technique and musicality steeped in a solution of old rock'n'roll and boot kickin' country; while bassist Jon Bistline and drummer Shawn Marquis provide propulsion to the group. Despite the band's continual inability to qualify for the Annual Strong Man Competition, collectively they wield an unquestionable musical might. Their music has been described as "Fine angular pop with a cerebral edge, designed for people who still think pop should mean something." -Steve Morse, The Boston Globe

The band's efforts have earned them numerous accolades, paving the way for them to tour with Guster and Midnight Oil, as well as share the FleetBoston Pavillion stage with Dispatch.

2003 finds chauncey working on a new record with legendary producer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, Bush, Page & Plant...) at Electrical Audio in Chicago, and touring throughout the U.S.

"While you'd expect the band that opens for Midnight Oil to be good, you don't expect it to play after its guitarist breaks his leg unloading the amps at Irving Plaza a few hours before show time. This is a band that has the chops. But more important, it possesses heart and soul. Any band that wants it that bad just might make it." - Dan Aquilante, New York Post


chauncey 2002
Live EP 2003 (available for free download on

Set List

chauncey prefers to play one 50-60 minute set, but they have been known to rock the three 50 minute, or two 75 minute sets. We once played for 4 hours in New Jersey and didn't like that at all.

Originals (the one's we want you to like):

Release the Sun
Love Song
Helicopter Man
Diamonds (In Your Crown)
My Radio
The Race
Speeds That Kill
Wrong Direction
Beautiful Lie

Covers (the one's you already like):

Suffragette City - David Bowie
Day in the Life - The Beatles
Psycho Killer - Talking Heads