Chauncey Moore

Chauncey Moore

 Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Few soul singers can boast such a promising career as Chauncey Moore, he has been compared to John Legend, Lyle Jennings, Bobby Caldwell, and Donnie Hathaway. His music is a melange of Soulful R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop Acid Jazz, and Rock/Metal. Performances are captivating and encompass a WOW! factor.


Born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama; the thirty something Chauncey McGlathery best known as Chauncey Moore is getting used to the new exciting experience of being known and recognized as a singer, after years spent in the background as a musician, songwriter and music director.

His stage name is a combination of his birth name and mother’s maiden name. The idea for the name came about at a meeting at one of Hideousman Entertainment’s executive’s house, who stated that Chauncey is one of these rare artists who lives, eats and breathes music. The artist revealed to him that “music is the only thing that always made sense to me”

Thanks to his vivid imagination and creative energy, probably given by his African-American, Native American and Irish-American origins, Chauncey started achieving success in the music industry as a songwriter, co-writing songs for Glory from the Gods (documentary) and Believe (documentary).

2008 is the year when he broke through as the front man for the group "MISSION", and R&B/Motown Soul cover band. Mission has since been playing throughout the North Eastern part of the country at various venues and functions. Chauncey plans on continuing to lead the band while also managing a solo career as a recording artist, maintaining his directorship with various church choirs around the Boston area, writing and producing for other artists from around the country.

After this success with Mission, in 2008, Chauncey began a recording career of his own, signing to Hideousman Entertainment at the end of ‘08.

The yet to be titled debut album is scheduled to be released late 2009 early 2010. The album will embody work from platinum producers and will feature a rendition of the legendary French icon Edith Piaf’s “La Vie En Rose”. Lydje Lahens, an executive from Hdeousman Entertainment suggested this song to Chauncey Moore as he felt that both Moore and Piaf lived a life that was a constant battle to sing and survive, to live and love. He also believes that as Piaf became one of France's immortal icons, her voice one of the indelible signatures of the 20th Century. Moore has that power to be one of the most influential and incredible voice of this and the next century.

True to his charismatic character, the debut album will show many sides of Moore. The classic “La Vie En Rose” is sure to surprise many, as it is being done in a completely new arrangement and in a more urban standard to appeal to the urban community and will demonstrate Moore's layered vocals and sample free production. "Scared" written by Chauncey Moore not only reveals his clean and rich voice, but his sense of vulnerability and desire to be loved. In "All of My Love" he matured, telling his woman that she has all of his love and promises to take good care of her.

Other credits include winning a Boston Music Award for “Best Worship Ensemble” for his exemplary work with the music ministry of Bethel AME Church. Chauncey Moore was also a feature artist of the “2007 Steppin’ Out Emerald Gala” sponsored by the Dimock Community Health Center.

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La Vie En Rose
All My Love
Yes, I Believe
Happy Place

Set List

1. Luv U, Cutie Pie
2. Miss You
3. Higher Ground
4. La Vie En Rose
5. All My Love
6. Scared
7. Yes, I Believe
8. Happy Place
9. Simon Says
10. Uncomfortable

Typically Chauncey Moore plays for 30-40 minutes when sharing the stage. If he performs in a club/restaurant/lounge he can play up to two sets of 45 minutes. There is a good repertoire to draw from.