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Yes Dear

Written By: Chava Cannon

Yes Dear
(words and music: Chava Cannon)

Son I’ll teach you a lesson today
Love your wife, don’t ever stray
Remember how you felt on the day that you met
Keep that in your heart and don’t forget

Be the man your kids look up to
Love them, teach them the things that they should do
Choose to be happy and treasure your wife
You’ll cut down the stress in your life
As long as…

She’s right, you’re wrong
That’s how you get along
Never fight, make love all night
Answer with Yes Dear
That’s right, you’re wrong
That’s how you get along
Just agree to disagree
Answer with Yes Dear

Don’t sweat the small stuff, life goes by too fast
Live each day like it’s your last
Never go to bed with anger in your heart
Call her through the day when you’re apart

Nod your head and look at her when she talks
Hold her hand when you go for a walk
Send her flowers to brighten up her day
Give it time, you’ll learn how to say (chorus)

Your dad and I’ve been married 20 years
We’ve had some good times and we’ve shed some tears
We’ve made it work and son you can too, here’s what you do
Can you say…(chorus, repeat chorus)