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In the beginning there was life, then there was music and now there is Chavéz. Chavéz is made up of the delectable and unattainable talents of four individuals known as Gus, Gus, Gus and Gus, otherwise known as Andy Pollard, Gerry Meade, Ger Lynch and sexy newcomer Niall Flynn. Named after the honourable and democratically elected leader of Venezuela who's efforts to save his country from the illegal interference and influence of the US has not gone unnoticed by this Dublin quartet.

September 2002 the story begins. While attending sound engineering college Andy and Ger Lynch met and along with Paddy Gallagher and Rob Murray discussed their key interests at length with were drink, women, music, drink and women. They also began to be referred to by their piers as The Blackmoths. They then decided to actually put the name to use and form a band. Andy on lead guitar, Rob on vocals and Paddy on rhythm and a school friend of Rob's called Richie on drums. The only problem was Ger was a talentless drunken oaf but seeing as they also needed a bass player Rob gave him a spare bass that he had and sent him forth to multiply and play. However when college ended they found it hard to keep the regular rehearsals and gig schedule and simply drifted apart in mid 2004.

Andy and Ger wanted to keep the dream alive and went to reinvent the Blackmoths with new singer/vocalist Mark Cusack, rhythm guitarist Shane Bulter and drummer Barry Floxemberg. However this formula was also doomed due to the acting careers of both Shane and Mark. So off to reincarnation land again they went, where they brought in new vocalist Darren Doyle. However at this stage Andy was finding it hard to juggle his own hectic schedule and also had to leave.

With the dream of the Blackmoths in tatters. New lead singer Darren and Ger decided to try and set up a new band. This was done by enlisting the help of two of Darren's friends Pete Brown guitarist and Gerry Meade drummer. This new band was called the Demimondes and on the 3rd of Jan '05 went in for their first rehearsal. They quickly came up with 7 songs and by April were regularly gigging around Dublin. However in July Ger growing increasingly disillusioned left the Demimondes.

In August '05 Ger and old original Blackmoth maestro Andy Pollard decided to embark once again on a musical journey. This nameless band auditioned numerous singers and even toyed with the idea of a female singer although less out of want and more out of desperation. At this stage, music for this still unnamed band was all but complete by Andy and they unofficially enlisted the services of the Demimondes drummer Gerry Meade and music for all the songs was recorded on a 400 euro Dell computer and 2 10 euro mics. The band still looking for a singer enlisted the talents of Mark Philips but unfortunately the recording of Marks vocals never happened due to unforeseen personal events. Again so close but so far the three agreed the only solution was for one of them to actually attempt to sing. Ger Lynch was the one who drew the lucky possibly unlucky straw and after being approved by Andy and Gerry stepped up and recorded vocals on the 6 tracks.

Their first Demo/EP was finally recorded and subsequently named The Life and Times of Gus. Finally the services of Niall Flynn was sought as the new bassist to enable Ger to focus solely on the vocals. First write up appeared in Hotpress in the 6th of April issue under the pseudo name The Apostals.