Chaz DePaolo

Chaz DePaolo


Chaz DePaolo is a guitarist and vocalist who plays a type of Blues he calls "Hard Rockin Blues Fusion". Chaz performs traditonal Blues forms with a hard rock style of Blues guitar including elements of Jazz and Fusion.Reviewers have likened his style to that of Rory Gallagher and Hendrix.


Chaz has many influences ranging from Jazz,Blues,Rock and acoustic singer song writers. He can be soulful or out right ferocious. Chaz loves the sensitivity of a Slow Blues and always considers the song first. Chaz's first blues release was a full length vocal cd called "Flirtin with The Blues"on the 95 North Records label. Chaz performs his own Blues compositions as well as several traditional tracks on this set. He can be found performing an acouistic/harmonica duo on the title track 'Flirtin with The Blues'. Chaz is now working on a follow up cd called "Bluestopia" to be released in Spring 2008.Also,Chaz and The Groundhogs Rhythm Section,a ledgendary British Blues band, have recorded a track for the 101 year anniversary of General Motors 'Cadillac'. The track is called "Cadillac Baby" and was featured on the 95 North records compilation"101 Years of Cool" A Tribute To The Cadiilac.
He is a huge Jazz fan and sites John Coltrane as a major influence as well as Lou Donaldson and Eric Dolphy. Chaz feels that horn players are truly the great improvisers of music. By listening to instruments other than guitar Chaz has been able to craft a truly unique sound.
Chaz has performed with drummer Brian Downey of Thin Lizzie and Pete Brown the lyricist of Cream.
He has also performed with Buddy Miles,Harvey Brooks and Jose Feliciano.Chaz has been featured at The Tribute Jimi Hendrix in NYC in 2006 and 2007.
He shared the bills on both shows with Dr John,Commander Cody,Larry Coreyll, Jack Cassidy,Cornell Dupree,and Chuck Rainey. Chaz has opened for such luminaries as Buddy Guy,Commander Cody and New Riders' Of The Purple Sage to name a few while sharing headlining spots with Otis Taylor at "The Bristol Blues Festival" in Bristol,England september of 2006.
The new Chaz DePaolo signature model Guitar is currently available from Wicked Guitars of Green Field Park Que,Ca.This is a limited edition run and features Chaz's own specifications.
Chaz has been performing in-store showcases at the following locations:

U.S Stores:
Virgin Mega Store Denver Colorado 8/20/07

HMV 46 TH -5TH ave.,NYC
Tower Records - Dublin,Ireland

JULY 1,1999,2000,2001-Music World Desjardins - Montreal ,Canada

MOJO's Scarbrough,England

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Avenue B.Multimedia
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U.S.,Canada ,Europe

Record Label :

Rojer Records
24 Avenue B
Bayonne,New Jersey 07002


Flirtin with the Blues

Written By: Chaz DePaolo

Sometimes it hurts so much
I dont'know what to do
they say the pains a remnant of all that I been though
or is it just another day of flirtin' with the blues

I dread to wake another day
to feel the way I do
to face the world in pain again and hope my soul will struggle through
or is it just another day of
flirtin' with the blues

Loving life but fearing it is no way to live
Thinking of all you want to do with
Gods most precious gift
or is it just another day of flirtin' with the blues

I Only Need A Little

Written By: Chaz DePaolo

I only need a little
I dont' need alot
I only need a little
I dont' need alot
cause faith is what I have and hope is what I got

I dont' want the pie
I only want a slice
I dont' want the pie
I only want a slice
so cut me off some happiness and with that I'll
be allright

Music is my world
it is everything to me
my songs are my possesions
to the world I give
so let them soothe your soul
and give your spirits wings to lift thee


Chaz DePaolo - Eclectic Impressions 1999
Chaz DePaolo - Live From Montreal 2001
Innundations(Compilation)2002-Featured Track: The Thrill is Gone.
The NY Blues And Jazz Society(Compilation) Vol. 1
Featured Track: Texas Style Sizzle
Fret Essential Vol.1(Compilation) Featured Track:Celebate Funk
Chaz DePaolo - Flirting with the Blues-Nov.27 ,2005
Various Artists-Fins Chrome & the Open Road : Tribute to the Cadillac march 2006
Bluestopia-scheduled release Spring 2008

Set List

DePaolo Salute Hendrix X-MASÂ’08 performance

Opening Set:

2)Catfish Blues
4)Foxey lady
5)Hey joe
6) voodo Child/Purple haze/Them changes instrumental medley
7)little drummer boy
8)Silent night.

Second Set :

Bluestopia 5 tracks
2 tacks from Eclectic
2 tracks from FlirtinÂ’

Stevie Ray
BB king

total time : approx. 142 min (2 sets)

PG-Avenue B Multimedia NYC