Chaz Thorogood

Chaz Thorogood

 London, England, GBR

Something with feeling, raw, ready and real.


An 18-year-old songwriter making alternative but accessible music in an old paintbrush factory in Devon. That’s me, Chaz Thorogood.

I’ve been playing for six years – a reaction to landing in a new town at a young age. The guitar was a natural choice and I’ve never looked back. Over the years I’ve documented landmark moments in my life by recording them as songs. I’ve changed, grown and matured and the songs have too.

When I started playing, I never thought it would lead to song writing. Playing was enough… until I decided I wanted to express more, to make the listener feel more through lyrics. Aurally I’ve always been drawn to a way with words that’s clever yet subtle. Damien Rice, Coldplay, The Frames and Radiohead are masters at this and they have inspired me.

As for my own music, I like to think of it as crafted rather than hurried. I’m not into forcing a crowd-pleaser. I’d rather take my time and write what’s important. Get that right and you can change perceptions and connect with people on another level.

Over the last eight months I’ve been concentrating on putting together a debut album called ‘Rollercoaster’. It has been. I’ve struck up an easy and effective working relationship with local producer and studio owner Guy Rigby who shares many of my musical ideas.

The studio itself is in the basement of an old paintbrush factory, giving it a unique presence and feel. I think the grittiness of the place and the warmth of the people based in the factory shine through in the music. The friendships between the people who work in ‘The Factory’ are close and apart from the temperature in winter, it’s a pretty inspiring place to work in.