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It was on July 14, 1982, when one of the most charismatic, most creative, and most articulate human beings you could ever meet entered the world. Chazy (Charles Vashon Benton), was born and raised in Broward County, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Chazy grew up in a working class home with both parents and a little sister. Like any other family life wasn‘t always good, but with his it was never bad. A loving family, a different point of view, and a thrust for life helped mode him into the person that he is today. Growing up in an urban community was not as terrible as most people make it seem. It gave Chazy the opportunity to see the world for what it truly is, and more importantly, for what it is not. Opening his eyes to what some people never see. This gave him a chance to explore his options. Alternatively, should Chazy say, it gave him a chance to create his options. Realizing that Chazy had to utilize what talents he did have if he wanted to make something of himself, he started to express his creativity through several different outlets. Drawing, writing poetry, and later his most addictive of obsessions, music. Chazy started writing music when he was about 14. Because he was somewhat of a quiet teen, music became his way of communicating his feelings to the world. It was his way of speaking. However, it wasn’t until Chazy transferred form Nova High School to Dillard High that he got his first taste of actually recording music. There, Chazy meet his fellow classmates who were also inspiring artists. Recording out of the House of Soundz recording studio, Chazy worked with Beatnomics Production (Laygus and Remy J) to create a sound that fits his unique rap style. Both of them were equally impressed with him and invited him to join their Production label as their artist. From that moment music would become his love, his pain, his struggle, his happiness, his everything. Chazy flooded the streets of South Florida with his group, Stashhouse Ent, “Built to Last” mixtape and gained notoriety in the underground music scene. From the Sistrunk Festival to gentlemen’s clubs, Chazy and his group were on a mission to have their music heard. This small taste of success wasn’t enough for Chazy so he decided to work on a solo mixtape project titled “The Come Up”. With the help and direction of Beatnomics Production, Chazy was able to create a well rounded mixtape with all original and creative songs. Now, Chazy understands the grind and dedication that it takes to make it in the music business and he’s ready to put his stamp in the industry.


The City Produced By Beatnomics

Some of That Feat. BlackDADA Produced by Beatnomics