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Chazz is back, hotter than ever!! Billboard charted, self-produced Hip-hop Artist, fusing unique sounds of dance music, and is bringin this hot new sound to the world on his own label Epicenter Music.


Label Owner, Self-Produced Hit Recording Artist, Music Producer, Business Entreprenuer, Rap Artist, DJ, and creator of the first-ever Hip Hop Infomercial (Phatt Traxx Volume 1 and 2), hosted by Cat Dogg (DJ/100.3FM The Beat L.A.) which also includes performances to Chazz's beats by Lil' Rob, GBN, Somer and more. He is a pioneer of Latin Hip Hop and considered a legend in the House/Hard House scene of the 90's. Chazz scored a No.5 Billboard Dance Chart hit with the latin house anthem "A Mover la Colita" (Arista Recs UK/Logic Recs US) in 1996, and released hundreds of dance tracks as "Chazz", "DJ Chazz", "L.A. Rebels", "Mission Control", "Da Funk Shop", and "Da Werk Shop".

Influenced by Depeche Mode (in the 80's), whom he calls "The Best Group Ever". He started playing keyboards with his cousins Rocky Padilla and Danny Padilla in their first music group "Sugar Style" at the young age of 11. They later became known as the Hispanic M.C.'s. In 1988, at age 16, he produced their first hit Latin Rap anthem "I Do Love You" on Thump Records. "I Do Love You" won "Power 106's Rap Attack" for three weeks straight and it continues to be one of the label's most successful hits to date. His first solo production project was "On A Friday Night" by Brown Pride, which became one of Familia Record's biggest hits.

Throughout the 80's he recorded with major artists such as the legendary funkmaster Rick James, Kid Frost, Stacey Q and SSQ. He has shared the stage with many artists including Booya Tribe, Lighter Shade of Brown, South Central Cartel, Frost, Tierra, War, Stacey Q. Performing in front of thousands of fans at shows like Lowrider Concerts, Roq of the 80's, and numerous other venues across the country. He later took on the position of producer and soon became, Head Producer at "Da Drop Shop", Long Beach, Ca. It was there were he started producing for the "Dove Shack"(2 Scoop, C-Nite and Bo Roc) which helped them get noticed by LBC local and Dr. Dre's brother, Warren G. Other groups he produced at Da Drop Shop included "Second Nature", "Wolfpac", "Lunatic", etc.

Then came the 90's...Techno and House Music was born. He molded his place in the new house music and hard house scene as a dance music innovator by releasing 32 critically acclaimed vinyl records of his own on various creditable indie dance labels including Groove Daddy Records, Jasper Stone, Greedy Records, Musik Faktory, etc. In 1995 he signed with MCT Management (Moby's NY management) who signed him as "Chazz" to Arista Records (UK) / Logic Records (US) and released his international hit and Number 5 Billboard Dance Chart Hit, "A Mover la Colita" which included remixes by Armand Van Heldon.

Chazz has topped charts in many major cities all over the world. He is also known to "tear it up on the turntables". Not only can Chazz shake the house down with his hot dance tracks, he can equally pack the floor with his cutting-edge, club bangin' Hip Hop Tracks.

Today, Chazz has gone back to his roots of Hip-hop, fusing it with his unique sounds of dance music, and is now bringin his hot new sound to the world on his own label Epicenter Music. His debut album "Livin' It Up" includes guest spots from hit artists such as DTTX (Lighter Shade of Brown), Kemo the Blaxican, Queenie , Jovan and more!!



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2005 - Chazz- "Livin' It Up" Album- Epicenter Music
2004 - Phatt Traxx Vol 2 - Epicenter Music
2003 - Phatt Traxx Vol. 1 - Epicenter Music
2003 - Chazz Ft Somer- "Midnight" EP - Epicenter Music
1999 - Chazz- Not Yo Mama's EP (Jasper Stone Recs.)
1998 - "The Los Angeles Experience" compilation - DJ Chazz- "U Gotta Believe" (Thump Recs.)
1998 - DJ Chazz - Variety Pak EP (Groove Daddy Recs.)
1997 - Womina Wells - "Feel The Groove" (Groove Daddy Recs.)
1996- DJ Chazz - Da Funk Shop EP (Groove Daddy Recs.)
1996 - Da Werk Shop - "Jerk This Off" LP (Groove Daddy Recs.)
1996 - Mission Control - EP (Groove Daddy Recs.)
1995 - Chazz - "A Mover La Colita"- Logic Recs(USA)/Arista(UK) #5 Billboard dance Charts
1995 - Chazz - Xstacy EP (Groove Daddy Recs.)
1988 (age 16) - produced Latin Rap anthem "I Do Love You" by Hispanic MC's (Thump Records.)
1990 Brown Pride - "On A Friday Night" (Familia Record's biggest hits.)

Set List

15 minute set:
1.) Pedal 2 Da floor
2.) Shake Dat Thang
3.) Mami

30 minute set:
1.) Pedal 2 Da floor
2.) We're Ridin'
3.) Livin' It Up
4.) How We Play
5.) Mami
6.) Shake Dat Thang

Complete Album listing:
1. Intro (Tha Resurrection)
2. Livin' It Up (ft. Yak from GBN)
3. Pedal 2 Da Floor (ft. Somer)
4. Shake Dat Thang (ft. GBN)
5. How We Play (ft. Queenie & DTTX)
6. Even In A World (ft. Somer & DTTX)
7. Dirty West (ft. Kemo The Blaxican)
8. Da Pachuco
9. Mami (ft. Jovan)
10. We're Ridin' (ft. Somer & Nightingale)
11. Spanish Flygirl (Walk On) ft. Jovan
12. Gone 2 Young (ft. Jovan)
13. Behind Bars
14. Chazz's Outro
15. Pedal 2 Da Floor (Red Line Mix)