chazz henderson

chazz henderson


My music entails a blend of new country rock with a bit of folk


My influences are everything from The Northern Pikes , Bryan Adams, Bon Jovi, George Straight, John M Montgomery, Colin Raye


NHL Dream

Written By: Chazz Henderson

When I was a little boy long time ago
I had a dream that I couldn't let go
I was on a breakaway in the NHL
Put it in the top shelf as the goalie fell

Now these dreams have faded away
Just as did yesterday
But I keep on telling myself
I'm all right I'm ok
I'm all right dreams are meant to fade away
Dreams are meant to fade away

And I still wonder what it would be like
To be a millionaire and a spokesman for Nike
A faceoff with Gretzky and shaking his hand
And signing autographs for all the little fans


And I've been playing this game for years and many years to come
Thinking about the games that we could have won
It all begins at center ice and dropping of the puck
It all ends with shaking hands and best of luck, best of luck


Dreams are meant to fade away
Dreams are meant to fade away