Oakland, California, USA

"Listening feels like: Major Tom took you out on a date to the arcade and you finally beat him at Star Ship (in a dim arcade room, minimalist electronics, sharing beers and the ebullience of winning)." -


In the wake of their former band's break-up, Gareth Phillip Nicholas and Adam Beck began a new project, Chambers, to explore their more unusual interests - such as outer space, handmade electronics, ambient soundscapes and ancient civilizations - that they were unable to accomplish within the traditional guitar, bass, drums format. Assembling a montage of keyboards, Kaoss Pads, samplers, spare drums, self-made effects and circuit bent Casio's, they enlisted the help of Dawn Hillis, Jeremy Sullivan and Sarah Melfy in order to create songs crossing genres they had never previously explored. With band member resumes referencing Bay Area heavyweights like Death of a Party (Double Negative), The Holy Kiss (GSL), Red Voice Choir (Hungry Eye), Make Me, The Lovemakers (Interscope) and The Parties (Rainbow Quartz), they have positioned themselves deep within the Bay Area's scattered music scene. Considering themselves equally musicians and sound designers, the timbre of their music has inspired them to combine multiple diverse genres, ranging all the way from trashy math-rock to dreamy ambient pop and retro-futuristic disco, while keeping a heavy rhythmic and melodic core to ground them in a unified direction.


LP currently being mixed.

Set List

30-40 minute set length.