Chateau de la Maladie

Chateau de la Maladie


Post-Rock and Noise-Pop. An expansive and alien grey area existing somewhere between Motorik and Bossa Nova (though you'd never know it). Futuristic odes to self-indulgence, curiosity, and opened eyes.


Chateau de la Maladie explores minimalism, low-volume noise, and lo-fi rock. Our work ranges from loosely structured textural pieces to fairly straight forward songs. We began working together in the summer of 2005 amid a storm of cicadas and confusion. Our first dedicated recording sessions occurred primarily in the following September and October, resulting in eight songs/tracks. These tracks were supplemented with four others over the course of 2008, forming the basis of what (whenever released) should be a first "album." Simultaneously, we constructed the skeleton of a second series, which we continue to develop.


Coma to Babylon

Written By: M. Finger

something's alive
in these days and nights

coma to babylon
under a sky the color of saffron
my wandersome feet
lead me further from
my destination
objects amass in disarray
around our meeting place
anonymous scraps of thisandthats
that probably went to waste

something's alive
in these days and nights

quiet are my lungs
like rungs on a ladder
my wandersome feet
lead me further from
my destination
you've got to be kidding me
clouds are not concrete
in their streaked crayon motif
coma to babylon

something's alive
low and behold

coma to babylon

(M. Carroll: Bass, Guitar; M. Finger: Electronics, Radio, Synth, Voice)


Written By: M. Finger

your eyes, opened, under the sun
you see some kind of glimmering
your mouth opens up to speak
of things as of yet unseen
the things they talk about
along the street
and I'm there
grey overcoat flattened out
against the sun
a lizard basking on a stone, I'm there

Afghanistan, Afghanistan
is beckoning, is beckoning

like a Soviet Soldier,
my eyes cut out under the sun
and I'm there
and I'm there

Afghanistan, Afghanistan

(M. Carroll: Bass, Guitar; M. Finger: Electronics, Synth, Voice)

Dreams and Liaisons

Written By: M. Finger

something is lying here
in this dimly lit room
on this ill-kempt bed
it's me of course. I am that something
like a black, forgotten ledger
it's just as well
as I've nowhere else to be tonight
and nothing else to do
the same things may call
but I'm wiser to neglect them
for the remainder of the day
for the remainder of the day
I could change my mind,
but that seems doubtful at this hour
yes, it's much too late

carnal visions curving
before wary eyes
I could stand to do some editing
I think

this has been a strange day
a day of reprieve
this has been a strange day
I can't afford to leave
I can only hope that my resolve
will cary me through these strange days-
nice days, certainly - like nostalgia
I feel taken aback
this slowly sinking lust will recede

(M. Carroll: Bass; M. Finger: Electronics, Objects, Radio, Synth, Voice; Jen Yuson: Lead Synth)


Written By: N/A

[Instrumental Track]

(M. Carroll: Bass, Guitar; M. Finger: Electronics; Jen Yuson: Synth)

Mercury Vapor

Written By: M. Finger

caught and caged
pacing for days and pacing for days
we animals
once freed, we'll flee
take to the streets
soon some evening
piercing the haze, piercing the haze
inanimate, on arms oblique, on poles
all standing in rows
seeming to predict catastrophe
seeming to reflect a memory
memory - a distant memory
hewn in monochrome
quite like tonight
in blue or green - turquoise
an old inkling made new
as if the cranks were turned
on dusty gramophones
and instead of sound, ideas emerged
deja vu imbued
old thoughts renewed
and bygone days replayed
in milliseconds
flashes of light -
discontinuous spectrum
renewed thought, recycled thought
remolded, re-sculpted
to fit today
thought plastique
thought made flesh
allowed to coalesce, but I digress
this turquoise evening can't last
but glass can break
in the name of escape...

(M. Carroll: Bass, Guitar; M. Finger: Electronics, Voice)


Cru Boheme (2005-2007)
Maladie Moderne (2007-Present)