Cheap Seats

Cheap Seats


Cheap Seats are a retro/pop/soul band that draw inspiration from the early days of Motown, sunshine pop of the mid to late 1960s and current artists like Adele, Amy Winehouse, Raphael Saadiq. Cheap Seats bring back classic sounding pop songs like no other.


Cheap Seats was formed in 2009 by members Vincent John, Sam Serinsky, Paul Sipio, Chris Frangicetto, and Tom Gryskiewicz. The Philadelphia based band is known for it's wide variety of influences, which range from the early days of Motown to the Wall of Sound production technique and sunshine pop of the mid to late 1960s.

Despite the direction of much of the music coming through the mainstream market in these modern times, Cheap Seats has been inspired to reach further back into an era where many of their favorite artists thrived.

The band is known for it's retro, throwback, and vintage sound, characterized by lush arrangements and soulful vocal melodies.

Regularly joined by friends and fellow musicians on stage, Cheap Seats utilize a large array of instruments including horns, strings, organ, and percussion.

Watching the band live is like taking a step back in time when music and art was alive and well; when bands were genuinely appreciated for their musicianship, talent, and their perspective on the world.


currently finishing up in the studio with Truth and Soul.

Set List

Chained to Me
Sin, Repent, Repeat
High Ride
Hangin' On to Desire
It's All Right
Plastic Smile