Cheap Suits

Cheap Suits


A 5-piece band from Toronto that sets to rock the audience's socks off every night. With elements of pop, ska, punk and motown, the band has an energetic show filled with catchy songs.


The Cheap Suits were born in a basement in Scarborough, Ontario. What started as a one-off performance for their high school talent night has turned into a promising career for these young upstarts. Now years into their career, the band has found its footing and sound and is ready to roll with their catchy blend of pop, punk, ska and soul.

Over the last few months, the Cheap Suits have been working with producer King Kong Girio (The Kingpins, King Apparatus) and engineer Richard Benoit (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sum 41, David Usher) to record their strongest record yet. Titled “One Giant Leap,” the record will hit stores this January and is distributed by Maple Music/Universal. This album is jam-packed with timeless rock anthems that are sure to catch the attention of music-lovers worldwide. With an extensive advertising campaign and tour support, this album is one that shouldn’t be missed.

What sets Cheap Suits apart from other bands is their energetic live sets. They have enjoyed memorable shows playing with such heavy hitters as ska legends The Slackers,Reel Big Fish, and Catch 22, hip hop superstar KOS, punk rock stars Gob, The Suicide Machines, and The Living End, and icons I Mother Earth, Big Sugar and Teenage Head. Their energy and hard work has been winning new fans at every show.

Through consistent touring, an entertaining website at, CD sales at, airplay on campus radio and Toronto’s alternative radio mainstay Edge102 and good old word of mouth, the Suits have seen their fan-base increase steadily over the past two years. The word is out: Cheap Suits are here to stay.


One Small Step

Written By: Cheap Suits

Verse 1
What is wrong with the world today
Millions are poor the rich are doing ok
There's a weasel in the White House and he isn't coming out
He's got his finger on the trigger of that there's no doubt
He's Sending off the troops to fight his war
Son's coming home dead a nation wonders what for
And I can see how fake you can be, I can see we're headed straight for a

Breakdown, shakedown
You're crazy if you think I'll play this game

Verse 2
Sarah said she was looking for the answer
She said that the cancer would take her anytime
Handing out flyers people walk right by her
The message was simple, Jesus Saves!
I find myself thinking about her life story
Was there a time when she could smile
And I can see how fake you can be, I can see we're headed straight for a


And I've had enough of playing make believe
And I'll show you every trick I have up my sleeve

Verse 3
If you could tell the world just one thing
Would you walk to the edge of the stage
And raise your voice, for everyone to hear
Do one good thing this year, put yourself second for a change
If we don't give up on hate
I can see we're headed straight for a


Outro Lyrics
This song is for all the ones
Who don't have a voice cause we took it from them
We live in abundance, while they don't have anything


Judge and Jury

Written By: Cheap Suits

Verse 1
Well you think you're so smart and you're such a piece of art
You look like a picture from a magazine
You have the perfect hair, perfect shirt, perfect everything
You have the perfect walk, perfect talk, perfect everything
And you wanna be the king of the scene
And everybody knows that you just want to be seen
You're so well read and all your heroes are dead
And can't you see that means nothing to me

You're the judge and the jury you know
You're the perfect one
The judge and the jury
You know you're not the only one

It's starting to spread just like a disease
You say what you want and do what you please
And its becoming clear to me, its time for you to go

Verse 2
You wanna start the trend but where does it end
You have to impress everyone
Live life for yourself don't try to be somebody else
Because this little act is getting old
There's no band loyalty people just looking out for me
And no-one stops to think about anyone
There has to be a better end this isn't where the story should end
Let's try and start a new page



Its time for you to go, whoa
Cause you're the judge and jury you know you're the perfect one
Judge and the jury you know you're not the only one
You're not the only one (4x)


Sorry, No Refunds (LP – 1999)
Lookin' For a Deal (EP - 2000)
Canadian Idles (LP - 2003)
One Giant Leap (LP- 2006)

Set List

A normal set list could range anywhere from 30 to 60 minute sets. We have played a few covers in the past, but generally stick to our own originals. We play anything from our recorded material to brand new songs not yet released.