Cheatin' Soccer Mom

Cheatin' Soccer Mom


Captivating punk/alternative band with must see live performance - Played multiple dates on the Vans Warped Tour in '04, '05 - played pre-game show at Giants stadium in '07


Cheatin' Soccer Mom, a suburban New York City based band, has combined all three provoking ingredients of rock to produce an unmatched blend of melodies, hooks, and infectious riffs for the new millennium.

Cheatin' Soccer Mom was formed in early 2000 by lead vocalist Paul Gebbia, drummer Mike Rincon, and bassist AJ Fasano. Long time roadie and friend, Chris Antonnecia joined the band in June 2003 on guitar. Mike Fregonese their newest member in 2005 on guitar.

Cheatin' Soccer Mom has since been slaying crowds on a regular basis at renowned venues in NYC such as CBGB's, the Hard Rock Café and many other Big Apple hot spots. Additionally their strong hometown following in Rockland County, NY continues to grow with each passing show, making them the hottest (and hardest) band to book just north of NYC. In the past couple of years, Cheatin' Soccer Mom has evolved from a virtually unknown local band, to making two invited trips to England for shows as well as playing the Vans Warped Tour on in 2004 with The Truth bus and being invited back to play in 2005 on the Kevin Says stage. Recent credits include two major showcases at CBGB’s prior to the legendary venue closing, a license by the NHL and SportsNet Canada to use their song ‘Brand New Beginnings’ to kick off the 2006 NHL promotions campaign and playing the Dream Makers Music pre-game show at Giants Stadium before the Giants/49rs game in 2007.

So what is a "Cheatin' Soccer Mom"?
When approached with this question, Paul can't help but laugh. "It's all about where we live. Growing up in the suburbs of Rockland County you tend to see a lot of 'soccer moms' lingering about. It just so happens in our town there are a few hot ones. And if you don't know what 'MILF' means, just ask any horny 15-year-old kid."

So there it is. If you want to see a great live show, meet some hot soccer moms and fans, or just want to have an awesome time; go see Cheatin' Soccer Mom live. They can't promise you success on your love life, but they do guarantee that once you see them play once you'll be hooked; just make sure to follow the directions and stir like crazy.


Brand New Beginnings

Written By: Paul Gebbia

The clock tics the time is running out
Every second adds another minute of doubt
Questions in my head ring out
Is that really you
Can I trust feelings that I have
Remembering all the times you were sad
The angers over and I need to know
How far I can go

You’re so far
And im right there
So swallow your pride and meet me somewhere
Forget you’re past brand new beginnings here

To late to figure myself out
Complications what im all about
Im holding on I don’t know how
To let go of you now
No more running from the pain
Man up im taking all the blame
Apologizing on the go
It’s the only way I know

Words never sung
Do I belong
Will this ever be
Ever be again
Not all my fault
But ill take it all this time
Try to remember when you said you were just fine


"got milf?" full length LP - 01/2003
Self-titled 6 Song EP - 05/2004
'CSM' 5 Song EP - 02/2007

Set List

Avg set length- 30 min

Devil went down to Georgia
Brand New Beginnings
My Last Breath
Remnants of the Past