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"Cheatin' Soccer Mom Kicks!"

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Given the state of the music industry, it's almost expected when a young performer admits to being associated with the rough and tumble world of drugs, violence and crime.

For Rockland's Paul Gebbia, though, the shoe is on the other foot.

Gebbia patrols stages at night as the energetic lead singer of the popular hard rocking local band Cheatin' Soccer Mom.

He spends his days patrolling the streets of the South Bronx as a member of the New York City police department.

"Yeah, I've been involved in a lot of crazy stuff over the years — in both my jobs," says Gebbia from his home in Stony Point. Cheatin' Soccer Mom plays the Pearl River Hotel's Halloween party tomorrow night.

"As a cop, I've been in shootings, stabbings, you name it. I even delivered a baby once," says Gebbia. He has been on the force for seven years — five of them on narcotics detail in the 43rd Precinct.

"Meanwhile, with the band, I've spent the last two summers on the Warped Tour, and we've gone over to England a few times to play, and that's been pretty wild, too."

Gebbia, a Nyack native who began playing music for fun while in high school and kept at it even as he proceeded through Police Academy training.

"My grandfather Charles Riley was a Nyack cop, and he influenced me a lot growing up," says Gebbia. "I got married young and had a kid young, and I needed to square myself away. The N.Y.P.D. was hiring, and that got me started in police work. But then I'd come home and go out and perform and that's where my heart was, so I stayed with it."

The Cheatin' Soccer Mom part of the story began in 2000, when vocalist Gebbia and drummer Mike Rincon were hanging out at an open mic evening at a Nyack club and were impressed by one musician in particular — bassist AJ Fasano.

"Half the performers didn't have bass players, and this one guy just stayed up there all night, playing all different styles of music with everyone that showed up," recalls Gebbia. "We got to talking to him and we all connected right away, and the band started to take shape from there."

Another turning point occurred in the summer of 2003, when the band, which had been building up a loyal local following, received a booking for a brief tour of England.

"Our guitarist at the time had never gotten his passport, so I asked Chris Antonnechia, a guitar player friend who was helping us out as a roadie, if he might be able to fill in. I said, 'You think you can learn these songs in a week?' and he said, 'Hey, I already know 'em all.'

"We got to England and after one show, he was an instant rock star."

Before the quartet even returned stateside, Antonnechia was asked to become aboard officially and, Gebbia says, "it was the best thing that ever happened to us. His style and range is unbelievable, and his musicianship wound up challenging all of us and really pushed us to the next level."

That level, captured on the band's self-titled, self-released 2004 EP, reflected a fresh sound built on ideas from all its members.

"I think one of our greatest strengths is that we all come from different musical backgrounds," says Gebbia. "AJ was into metal. Mike was into metal and punk. Chris liked punk but also strong singer/songwriters like Dave Matthews.

"And I grew up listening to hip-hop, and '80s hair bands and liking power ballads. Hey, I'm the oldest one," laughs the 31-year-old singer/lyricist, "So I guess I have more history in my influences."

Response to their EP and their live shows led to an appearance on the summer '04 Warped Tour — travelling up the East Coast from Florida with "The Truth" bus sponsored by the activist Web site

"My first impression was that they were just an anti-smoking organization," admits Gebbia. "But they do a lot more. Like the name says, they're into knowing the real facts; getting information to people so they can make up their own minds. It was really cool to be a part of that."

This past summer, the group again took part in some selected Warped Tour dates. Gebbia says it required "a lot of juggling around vacation time and trading days off. Fortunately, everyone at my precinct has been really supportive over the years — even with all my tattoos."

And while Cheatin' Soccer Mom has clearly been gathering momentum of late — they're preparing to record their first full-length CD for nationally distributed indie Playtyme Records — Gebbia says that he and his bandmates remain both grounded and realistic.

"I think a big reason we've had some success is that we didn't get into this relying on the chance to make it to survive," he says. "We all have rents and mortgages to pay and we all get up in the morning and go to our jobs, and so when we go out and play music, we really try and enjoy ourselves.

"We all understand how much timing and luck and getting breaks contribute to careers in entertainment, and while we certai - NY Journal News

"Cheatin Soccer Mom Rocks Out"

As far as new talent and upcoming bands are concerned, there should be only one focus, Cheatin' Soccer Mom. The four-piece band from Rockland County, N. Y., has taken the northeast by storm, as well as shower a couple of drops in Europe.

The band formed in 2000 with Paul Gebbia (vocals), AJ Fasano (bass) and Mike Rincon (drums). In 2003, they added Chris Antonecchia (guitar/vocals), when a former guitarist wouldn't make the trip to Europe. Overall, the quartet mixes a blend of rock, punk and ska that remains memorable, not only for its amazing feel, but for its energy, message and passion.

Their debut album, "Got Milf?" was released online in January 2003 through and met great success. Some of the songs include "Confession," "Milk Carton" and "Silicone."

However, the record that has been driving the nation crazy is their self-titled EP. Released in May 2004, it includes such songs as "Brand New Beginnings," "No Family," "Battle in My Mind" and "Tragedy," which has aired on New York's Z-100 "Morning Zoo." With these songs in mind, it's obvious that they are the real deal, and will be huge in very little time.

This past summer, Cheatin' Soccer Mom was invited to the Coventry Youth Festival in the UK. While there, they rocked out to much success and in turn were welcomed with open arms.

Upon returning to the United States, the band played in the Brick Yard's Rock Wars in Hartford, Conn., an event that eventually ended with them taking home first place.

Recently, Cheatin' Soccer Mom has been collecting fans while booking bigger and better shows by the dozen. Their invitation to Warped Tour 2004 helped, when they toured the entire east coast with many of punk rock's reigning groups. "We love what we do," front-man Gebbia said. "It's really refreshing to write and play the music we love and rock out with so many different people."

If you want to check out the band, you might want to catch a show soon, because after listening to their CDs, it should become clear that they will not be restricted to the East Coast for long.

Soon a major label will pick them up and you'll be listening to them on the radio. Though they have hit some college stations already, it is just the start for Cheatin' Soccer Mom. - The Villanovan

"Coventry Evening Telegraph"

-Abbey hails party-
July 25, 2003

There's a host of well-known names at the Coventry Youth Festival at Coombe Abbey tomorrow, but of more interest to regular readers of The Limit, however, is the presence of New York punks Cheatin’ Soccer Mom and the Attenshun alternative tent.

Cheatin’ Soccer Mom, fronted by a New York City cop called Paul Gebbia, write vicious and heartfelt vignettes on life, love and betrayal.

Paul says: “We want our fans to see us as normal everyday guys. We’ve all been through things that our fans can relate to.

“Music is the outlet for us to express our feelings and hopefully our fans can use our music as their outlet or as an inspiration to find their own.”

Although the band’s music is based upon their every day experiences, sometimes these aren’t so normal.

Paul unexpectedly helped deliver a baby boy last week while fighting crime as one of New York’s finest. According to the New York Daily News, a pregnant woman, her mother and the baby’s father were on their way to the hospital when they pulled over in front of the 43rd precinct and asked for an escort to the hospital.

Gebbia and two fellow officers rushed out to help the young woman who was already in labour.

“We were all kind of worried at first,” says Gebbia. “So, when the baby started crying it was a huge relief for everybody. The whole experience was so exciting. I would love if my job were like this every day.” - Dayle Crutchlow

"NY Journal News"

-Nyack band to play in England July 18, 2003

Members of Cheatin' Soccer Mom don't know what kind of reaction they'll get when they play in England later this month, but it couldn't be any worse than when they jammed at Metal Meltdown in New Jersey three months ago.

"It was a black day for me," 28-year-old Paul Gebbia, lead vocalist for Cheatin' Soccer Mom, said jokingly while sipping an iced coffee. "I was petrified. That was probably our worst show ever."

The band was heckled by the crowd at the Cricket Club before many left to watch a band on another stage, said the band's drummer, Mike Rincon.

"Our manager found the gig online," Rincon, 26, said laughing, calling the other acts "death metal."

"We asked him what the hell did you put us down for?' "

But Cheatin' Soccer Mom isn't complaining about its spot in the second annual Coventry Youth Festival on July 26. The band has been invited to play center stage at the popular festival in Coombe Abbey Country Park in Coventry, England, and is the only confirmed band from the United States performing, Gebbia said. The all-day concert will be broadcasted live on the radio. The quartet will leave July 23 and return the day after the show.

More than 20 bands will perform live on two stages. Cheatin' Soccer Mom is scheduled to play a 45-minute set on the main stage with chart-topper Liberty X, England's version of the American group O-Town from the television show "Making the Band," as well as Blazin Squad, JX, Kelly Llorenna and others. An alternative tent, including R&B groups, will feature more English acts. The band will also play at a pub while in London.

"Our Web site has been getting hit like crazy over in England," and the band will have a radio and newspaper interview while there, Gebbia said from his Congers studio.

"I'm looking forward to it," said New Jersey Institute of Technology student A. J. Fasano, 22, who plays bass. "I've never been abroad."

Members of the Nyack-based band said their music has been influenced by the band Sublime and has a radio-friendly appeal.

"Our music is sort of a mix of alternative, punk, with a little bit of reggae," said Gebbia of Stony Point, who graduated from Nyack High School. "It's a weird mixture of a lot of things."

The name of their band, Cheatin' Soccer Mom, came from the idea that most mothers in Rockland County are soccer moms, said Gebbia, who's married and has a 7-year-old daughter, Emily.

They frequently play in New York City, including at the legendary CBGB, Continental, Acme Underground and Joe's Pub. They are regulars at Jake's Lizard Lounge in West Nyack and the Ramapo Valley Brewery in Suffern. The band is also very popular in venues across the tri-state area, said Gebbia, a police officer in the 43rd Precinct in the South Bronx since 1995.

"We try to do two shows a month in Rockland," Gebbia said. "We have a huge following in Rockland, and we're building one up in the city, too."

The band has a CD out with 11 original songs and one hidden track, a punk-rock version of Bob Marley's "No Woman No Cry." The group has written and recorded more than 30 songs.

Its single "Confessions" appears in a motorcycle DVD put out by Hot Magma Productions and a surfing video out of Germany.

"If you like our CD, you'll love our shows even more," said Chris Antonecchia, 20, a guitarist. Antonecchia is a criminal justice student at Rockland Community College.

Cheatin' Soccer Mom's management team, headed by Ted Lee and Brandon Downer of Punch Productions, sent a demo to festival director Sean Griffiths, who was impressed with the sound, energy and vibe, said the group's public relations director, Emily DeLizza.

"It's great for a U.S. band to go over there and play," DeLizza said. "It's the second year for the festival, and they're expecting an audience of about 10,000 people."

The close-knit bunch said they were excited about playing in the United Kingdom and weren't the least bit nervous about performing in front of a large crowd. They'll even have a small entourage coming to see them from the county.

"As long as these three guys are in front of me, I know what I'm doing," said Rincon of Pomona. "I'll be good to go."
- Ron X. Gumucio


-Rain fails to dampen the youth fest July 28, 2003

"NY's Cheatin Soccer Mom were amazing"

"Acts like New York's brilliant Cheatin' Soccer Mom and RnB star Dion joined the likes of boybands D-Side and Triple 8 on the main stage."
- none specified

"Coventry Evening Telegraph"

"The mainstage wasn't just chart hits though, punks Cheatin' Soccer Mom and cowboy-hat wearing Moco brought a blast of fast New York inspired rock to the green fields of Coventry." - none specified


"got milf?" full length LP - 01/2003
Self-titled 6 Song EP - 05/2004
'CSM' 5 Song EP - 02/2007



Cheatin' Soccer Mom, a suburban New York City based band, has combined all three provoking ingredients of rock to produce an unmatched blend of melodies, hooks, and infectious riffs for the new millennium.

Cheatin' Soccer Mom was formed in early 2000 by lead vocalist Paul Gebbia, drummer Mike Rincon, and bassist AJ Fasano. Long time roadie and friend, Chris Antonnecia joined the band in June 2003 on guitar. Mike Fregonese their newest member in 2005 on guitar.

Cheatin' Soccer Mom has since been slaying crowds on a regular basis at renowned venues in NYC such as CBGB's, the Hard Rock Café and many other Big Apple hot spots. Additionally their strong hometown following in Rockland County, NY continues to grow with each passing show, making them the hottest (and hardest) band to book just north of NYC. In the past couple of years, Cheatin' Soccer Mom has evolved from a virtually unknown local band, to making two invited trips to England for shows as well as playing the Vans Warped Tour on in 2004 with The Truth bus and being invited back to play in 2005 on the Kevin Says stage. Recent credits include two major showcases at CBGB’s prior to the legendary venue closing, a license by the NHL and SportsNet Canada to use their song ‘Brand New Beginnings’ to kick off the 2006 NHL promotions campaign and playing the Dream Makers Music pre-game show at Giants Stadium before the Giants/49rs game in 2007.

So what is a "Cheatin' Soccer Mom"?
When approached with this question, Paul can't help but laugh. "It's all about where we live. Growing up in the suburbs of Rockland County you tend to see a lot of 'soccer moms' lingering about. It just so happens in our town there are a few hot ones. And if you don't know what 'MILF' means, just ask any horny 15-year-old kid."

So there it is. If you want to see a great live show, meet some hot soccer moms and fans, or just want to have an awesome time; go see Cheatin' Soccer Mom live. They can't promise you success on your love life, but they do guarantee that once you see them play once you'll be hooked; just make sure to follow the directions and stir like crazy.