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Lidya Cheboksarova has released numerous CD's of Russian urban folk music, worked as a producer and contributor to the CD's published by other artists and participated in many TV programs, concerts and documentaries dedicated to the Russian folk music.

The following is Lida-Che selected discography:

"Ludi suxoputija" - 1997
"Songs of our century" - part 1, 1998
"Songs of our century" - part 2, 2000
"Pantomime" - 2000
"Songs of our century" - part 3, 2001
"20 years without Visotsky" - 2001
"Nord-Ost" - selected 2002
"Songs of our century, post scriptum" - 2003
"Third" - 2003
"Podlegashee" - 2003
"Songs of our century. Bulat Okudzhava" - 2004
"15 songs - Vladimir Muzikantov" - 2004
"15 songs - Mikhail Sherbakov" - 2005
"Nord-Ost. Collection" - 2005
"Nord-Ost. Full version" - 2005
"Songs of our century. Victor Berkovskii" - 2005
"15 songs - Alexander Ivanov" - 2008
"Songs of our century. Vladimir Vysotskii" - 2008
"Poj, paren', poj! - Boris Kiner" - 2008



Folk music has deep roots in Russia. Over the past five decades it evolved into a genre that has an almost fanatical following of millions of Russians. “Urban-folk” or “bard music” are some of the names given to the genre that places special emphasis on the deep and profound lyrics. However, everybody can appreciate the rich beauty of the music that elevates texts and thus transcends languages, making each song a personal expression of the artist that could be understood by non-Russian and Russian speakers alike. The unique characteristic of this music is that it allows artists to use their voice and acoustic instrumentation to have an intimate conversation with the audience. Every song touches different parts of the listeners’ emotions creating a truly unforgettable experience.

Lida-Che is one of the best known performers of folk music in Russia. The group is a collaboration between very talented seasoned singers / musicians Lydia Cheboksarova and Evgeny Bikov. Lydia’s strong and uniquely velvety voice combined with Evgeny’s virtuoso guitar playing enchanted audiences across Russia, United States, Canada, Germany and France. Lida-Che’ performance truly transforms folk songs written by such stalwarts of Russian Urban Folk as Bulat Okudzhava, Jury Visbor, Mikhail Sherbakov, Vladimir Muzikantov, Evgeny Kljachkin, Alexander Gorodnitzki and many others. Each song is presented as a personal experience that is very touching and memorable. The delicately intricate yet precise arrangements created by Evgeny support and elevate Lydia’s unique voice.

Both Lydia and Evgeny are very accomplished musicians who had given hundreds of concerts, released numerous CD’s and participated in dozens of TV programs and documentaries.

Lydia Cheboksarova has been performing Russian folk music for over 20 years. She has received top awards at some of the most prestigious folk music festivals in Russia including a laureate title from the Grushinskiy Festival in Samara. “Grushinka”, as it is informally known, is the largest festival of folk music in Russia regularly attracting over 200,000 visitors. Other accomplishments include Gran-Pre prize from the 1st International Festival in St. Petersburg “Peterburgskiy Accord”; many years as a member of the project “Songs of our century” which became the most popular tour and CD collection of Russian folk music; a role in the first Russian musical “Nord-Ost”; participation as a judge in numerous festivals in Kazan, Moscow, St.Petersburg, and other parts of Russia.

Evgeny Bikov is a professional musician and a composer who is considered to be one of the best Russian folk guitar players. Evgeny’s guitar and arrangements could be heard on over forty albums by such popular Russian Folk musicians and songwriters as Anatoliy Kireev, Vadim Egorov, Victor Berkovskiy, Leonid Sergeev and many others. Over the past few years Evgeny broadened the musical tone of the traditional Russian folk by introducing exciting arrangements and new instruments such as a ukulele.

Both Lydia and Evgeny are true representatives of the genre, playing music that embodies the Russian soul, and will appeal to folk music fans all over the world.