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Check'd is a politically charged hip-hop group from the Pacific Northwest. Their sound is unique and eclectic, with a wide variety of influences. With their 'Soul Sonic Force-meets-Rapping Rodney charm, [Check'd] fights valiantly for the title of "most meta hip-hop outfit in Portland."'


Check'd is a politically charged nerdcore hip-hop group that spawned out of Portland, Oregon in May, 2006. Since then, Check'd has recorded two EPs, one full length album - titled Project: Reconstruction (P:RC) - and does shows regularly in the Eugene and Portland areas.

Check'd was founded by MC's Onegin Offegan, Jon the Rappist, and King Oliver. Together, they recorded 'The Check'd EP' in July, 2006. In December of 2006, trumpeter Your Funk joined the band and helped record 'The Non-Violent Fist EP.'

In the summer of 2007, Testament joined the group as an MC to complete the quintet that recorded Check'd's first full length album - Project: Reconstruction. P:RC also marks the first full length release on Haunted House Records, the record label owned by King Oliver and Onegin Offegan of Check'd.

Check'd is driven to create political music that is reproduced in sustainable ways. All CD packaging is hand made by Check'd using 100% recycled paper.

Recently, MC Jon the Rappist left Check'd.


2006 - The Check'd EP
2006 - The Non-Violent Fist EP
2007 - Project: Reconstruction LP

All tracks on The Non-Violent Fist EP and Project: Reconstruction have had streaming play on Last.FM, Virb, and many others.

Set List

Our sets feature original songs as well as freestyles and call-and-response style songs. Our typical set has been 45 minutes long, but we can fill longer and shorter sets.

Our last shows set list was as follows:

Rocket Ship
Wal-Mart on Fire
The Nasty Face
Welcome to America
And it All Started with a Little Love
Non-Violent Fist