BandHip Hop

Holy Hip Hop that will change lives forever. Whether you like the laid back style or the "crowd mover" atmosphere, Checkerz does it all. Every time he takes the stage it will be a life-changing event for all who attend.


After traveling the nation for 13 years opening for artists such as: T-Bone, Trinitee 5:7, Lil' Raskull, A.1.S.W.I.F.T., and others, as well as headlining hundreds of events, Checkerz brings a unique hip hop sound that impacts everyone who experiences it. What makes Checkerz' ministry so unique is the way God uses him to reach people from all races, social classes, and age goups. The audiences have varied from 50 to 7,000 but no matter what the attendance Checkerz always provides an explosive program. While he was growing up Checkerz got involved in a lifestyle of alcohol and violence. When he was 19 he devoted his life to Christ, and now uses his past life experiences and his current life with Christ to write powerful life-changing rap lyrics. Thousands have come to know Christ through this dynamic ministry. You can read more of his testimony on his website.


Mad Love

Written By: Checkerz

vs. 3
In case you're wonderin who this crazy white boy rockin tha mic iz, it's Checkerz Tha Lyrical Preacha down to teach ya Who the Light iz. And why iz it everybody wants to compare me to the Slim--Shady, are they crazy, ain'y nobody listenin. I been rockin tha stage and spittin tha game since 1988, before I met Christ and got saved, before there was a Slim Shade, or M & M, or Marshall Mathers all it was was 3rd Base.Then House of Pain showed up and had you all jumpin in tha place. There came a time I had to turn it around in '92, what could I do I got put out cuz I was actin like a fool. So I broke camp and left the AZ- to move to NC - I met JC- He set me free- the rest is history!

Tha End Times

Written By: Checkerz

vs. 2
You say I got some nerve, maybe so, so I'll continue; to educate the minds from the streets to the venues. You think I don't know, so you try to playa hate, you think I came from a Brady Bunch home I can't relate. Well partna let me set ya straight cuz that's where you dead wrong, I was caught up, I never new my dad cuz he was gone. Bit the Lord was lookin out He sent a man in my life, who became a true father everything was alright. He treated me like his own, I went from projects to homes. I thought we'd be together every day until I was grown. But then my world caved in, the marriage came to an end, my family life already over even 'fo it could beign, and from that point I went from stealin candy to booze. Comin home from school just to see my mother abused, by alcoholic step-dads and boyfriends, they gotta go. I contemplated suicide, even murderin my foes. By the age of 14 I scouted houses to rob, and slangin dope became a second nature and a second job. I tried to blame everything on situations in life, then I realized I had a choice - Christ opened my eyes!


Checkerz "Tha Lyrical Preacha" was released in 1996. A maxi-single was released in 2005 to promote the upcoming CD called "Keep It Locked" which released on March 17th, 2006. The new release is currently playing on 4 stations in 4 cities.

Set List

A typical song list consists of 6 to 9 songs from the new release. However, the amount of songs per event varies based on the format of the event. Sets can be as short as 15 minutes up to one hour. Split sets are also available.