Check Lester

Check Lester


ahhh describing our sound, we'd probably say that we're a mix of U2, Alexisonfire, and Foo Fighters bits and pieces mixed together, complex drum beats, running bass lines, dynmic guitars and solid vocals.


4 guys. bassist, josh wilcox, and drummer, tanner vandenberg, met at a local music conservatory. vocals, jordan lidgett, and lead guitar, brian rankin, met at school. the bassist and the vocalist had gone to elementary school together, lead guitar vocals and bassist had played in a band prior to check lester but it never went anywhere, so they moved onto to team up with now drummer tanner vandenberg. like we said above our biggest influences would probably be U2, Alexisonfire, Arctic Monkeys, Yellowcard and of course Led Zeppelin. what sets us apart from other bands our age is probably the strength that we have at drums and bass, and the timing the two have between each other. we also have a singer, rather than a screamer, and one who can fix a harmony too the music to suit it best. we also have a good way of being able to level our guitars so that we can get a full dimension of music, an just sound fuller. in some of the earlier songs we just had the jordan come in with guitar during the chorus to thicken it up and help make it a more powerful sound.


Comma EP

Set List

Easy Life
Second Chances
Falling Down
Answers to Riddles
Call Me Up
My Generation