Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA
BandHip HopPop

What if you could find an artist worthy of platinum status? Would'nt it be great if you could find an artist who has good taste in music with a passion to strive for more? Well, I can do you one better because you'retalking to him! Ive worked with big producers like Junofficial. I just need the label behind me.


Checmate started writing in the 8th grade, at first he would only write to express himself. After getting doubted when revealing his dreams and goals he decided to get serious about his craft and started practicing to improve his writing skills. After getting better he would be discovered singing one of his songs while walking down the street in Leander, Texas by Mr. Billy Cummings of Better Believe Productions. After recording a few songs in Billly's studio, it made Checmate even more hungry to make it and get signed. So he decided to start building his own studio. After being told by 7 different labels he had talent but, needed to get a bigger fanbase. He decided to move to the city when he moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming. Everything would change from this point. Not only would he become more determined but, he would start working with major producer Junofficial, whose worked with Ray J and also signed artist Chris Ray and others like him. This is only the start of artist Checmate's path to stardom. Victory is only for those who are ready to retire. Success is for people who cant stop winning.



checmate has released a mixtpe on every major online store called hatas motovation. also checmate has his first single -All For You- from hs upcomming E.P. -S.T.A.N.D.A.R.D. on major fm stations.