We're Chee, we play Rock/Alternative music. We have 2 albums to date and have a very energetic stage show. We are here to bring back Rock and Roll and break through the boundaries of music any which way we can.


In 2003, in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, Pat Conaboy (Bass/Vocals) and Kevin Callen (Guitar/Vocals) started a band along with two friends from middle school. After 4 years, maybe 3 shows, and numerous lineup changes, Chee was finally formed. In the summer of 2005, they recruited Tom McAndrew on lead guitar and began playing shows as a power trio with Tom and Kevin on guitar, and Pat on drums. In September of 2006 they recorded and released their first ever record, an EP entitled Sportcoats and Speedos. After which they continued playing local shows to good reception from kids of all kinds. In the very beginning of 2007 they decided it was time to get a drummer, and asked Pat Kirby to try it out for a show. After an excellent performance on such short notice, Pat Kirby was the new drummer of Chee. With their lineup cemented, they began to play more shows and write more songs. In January of 2008 they headed to SubCat Studios in Central NY and began recording their first full length album. The album, to be released in Summer 2008, is called Desperate Green, and is a major step forward for the young ambitious ones. With some regional shows approaching, they hope to spread the Inner-Chee all over the Northeast, and win the hearts of the young and old alike.


Sportcoats & Speedos (2006) - 6 song EP
-British Football King and Where Was the Sun received radio airplay

Desperate Green (2008) - 10 song LP due out in Summer 2008

Set List

1. Desperate Green
2. Anvilles
3. Bottom Chain Bound
4. Flavor Ice(cover by the band "Bigwig")
5. Shrink Ray
6. Prong In The Wall
7. Where Was the Sun?
8. I Believe In a Thing Called Love(Cover by the band "The Darkness)
9. Fake Beard on a Real Man
10. The Sidewalk
11. British Football King

(set list usually changes from show to show)