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Austin, TX | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF | AFM

Austin, TX | SELF | AFM
Established on Jan, 2012
Solo Hip Hop R&B


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"Reverbnation Crowd Review"

words original jazz rapping background melody instruments different beat
flow style instrumentals love instrumental intro clear smooth mixing instrument blues
awesome rapper production slow bass jazzy saxophone lyrics
“The song has this old jazz music type feel with a twist of rap. The part where the rapper says they're introducing themselves
sounds very cheap. The swearing also make it sound as if the rapper doesn't have much content. The rapping is also slow so it
sounds a little amateur.”
“I love the flow of this song the instrumentals aren't overwhelming the song the rappers voice is smooth and fluent. I love the
lyrics of this song it tells a deep story of the rapers past and struggles. The overall production of this song is flawless it was
well plotted ”
“Intro isn't really something that captures my attention. I don't like the beat. It all sounds off but the temp is great. It sounds
like Jazz with rap. The vocals have a great rap voice and it is easy to understand what the vocalist is saying. ”
“The rap flow and the rhyme pattern is amazing. The artist has a powerful voice and he sounds really confident. The jazzy sound
of the instrumentals is an interesting combination with the rap and sounds very original. The sound is catchy and the sound is
“This starts off with a groovy instrumental melody which I enjoyed, it has a tangy and jazzy sense. The beat is decent with a
slow rhythm. Vocals are sung with a rap style, it is rhythmic and goes well with the overall track so I recommend.”
“Horns sound great. Mixing sounds a bit muddled. Vocals are a bit off-putting, don't really seem to go very well with the
instrumentation. Tempo needs to be more matched up. Definitely sounds different than what is on the radio now. Would
probably prefer to listen to it without the vocals.”
“I think this song is tuff especially when the beat drops. I like the flow and the hiphop sound. I think it's really good. I think the
fact the beat sounds like modern music helps the song. I also like how the bass sounds in the song. ”
“I absolutely love jazz. The beginning is so awesome. Combining the rap and the jazz element is very unique and awesome. If
there was more bari in the background that would make it even better. I think that there should be more of a climax to the
middle parts of the song. It seems like more articulation and dynamics would make it better.”
“It was awesome. The rapper was rapping was awesome. Music was fluent and the singer was good at his part. All the people
who were playing the intruments were good with their part too. Great to listen to in the mean time. And the music is really
“Wow this is quite astonishing. The beginning opening is not quite like anything I have heard before. This little introduction got
me excited for the rest of he song. Sadly I hate southern/kkona music. It is quite sad because the intro was intriguing but the
rest of the song never lived up to that potential.”
“Has an old school Jazz sound, the rapping over the top goes really well with the piece of music. He is clear, even with the
moderate rap pace I can understand him. I feel maybe 2 minutes in it would sound better with a deep bass drop.”
“The different instruments (jazzy/noir horns and trap-style drum sounds) add a very unique sound that is bound to stand out to
listeners. Mixing is very dynamic and pleasing to the ear. Background vocals are a little high on the treble, which could be a
problem through some speakers, but all in all vocals, lyrics, and instrumentals are very well done.”
“Hmmmm, classic feel to the intro makes this song really interesting. Thought provoking, inspiring and good lyrics. The vocal
really works for this genre and the artist is creative and skillful. The production is really good and the instrumental
accompaniment is full, bold and smooth.”
“'Dope' beat with great lyrics. Although, can't hear the instruments. it will be better if the saxophone was louder. More bass
would improve the song A LOT. Something also feels empty. More instrument would also add another personality to the song.
Could be improved but still a good song. ”
“Sounds like a nice older rap song.I like the Instruments they used for this song.The beat hits hard and sounds good.The Singers
voice sounds good as well.I would give this song a good 8/10.Nice song to listen to if you like rap music. I would recommend it
to any person that liked rap music ”
“This song a a very good song i think, it was a couple bad words but it is very good. It has a little bit of everything i think. The
lyrics in this song actually mean something unlike some other songs that i have listened to”
“The sound that goes at a slow beat reminded me of shows and movies that had mafias and gangs. The guy rap fast in this
song and his voice is quite clear and can understand everything he said. It is somewhat original with the song but at the same
time not original.”
“Descent intro. Blues style. I like this style of rapping. So this is living up to things. Start with vocals. Clean n clear. Even tho its
fast tempo but its still easy to hear the words. All artists. Beat is a slow blues style with a blues melody. Mixed together well.
Urban album filler for sure. Music wise a good quality record. ”
“As a fan of hip-hop and rap, this plays homage to the oldskool you would hear from the like of Tupac and Biggie Smalls but
with a modern twist. The vocals for me a little bit to quiet and the instrumentals are loud. The lyrics are pretty simple yet it
works really well.”
“I don't really like this song because of the instrument it is a rap ,rap should be active but the instrument is kind of boring it's
not active at all ,the rapper is pretty good though, the rap is good ,I think all you should do is to change a instrument to make
the song more active.The background music.”
“From the first 5 seconds, I was already bobbing my head. I didn't know if it was going to be a jazz, pop, or hip hop song until
the eat came which I loved. The saxophone was so smooth and it had me hooked. I thought the melody of the vocals was a
great contrast as well. The only thing I would fix would be that the timing of the vocals was a tad bit behind. I don't listen to
much hip hop but this is something I could see myself downloading and playing in my car. I also enojyed the lyrics. This actually
had a cool message, not like most songs that are out right now. Great job mixing and making this tune. I hope to hear more of
your music.”
“Very daring and controversial. Personally I love it. I also enjoyed the originality of having a jazz background rather than normal
rap background music so to say. I especially like the line "allow me to introduce myself" and love how controversial it is
compared to other songs currently on the market. I think it struck many places in my heart. It feels like this song is straight
from the heart. ”
“I like the mix of jazz and rap . The lyrics are really good , it does not talk about stupid lyrics , the background singer sounds
good with the main . I think its a deeper song then just speaking about getting drunk or high . I think most people would enjoy
this song . i have never heard of this artist before .”
“Nice Beat! The first verse felt like there was more put into it. Towards the end it felt like the rapper slowed down. Id be
interested in hearing a future track for consistency. Good voice! Reminded me of Young Buck of G-Unit. The beat held me.
Jazzy with some thumpy drums, nice!”
“I like the old timey sample in the background. The drums and saxophone are nice. This song has a really nice hip hop/jazz feel
to it. The rapper is smooth and his tone is just right. He's not too loud or too quiet. I can hear the words clearly. I just want to
hear more, it seems like something is missing. I like how the beat fades out at the end. ”
“I thought the song overall was decent. I didn't think it was anything special. I feel like it sounded like a song I had heard before.
The rapper was good, but wasn't a fan of the song. I would not mind hearing a different song of this artist. Production was
good. The lyrics were okay.”
“The intro was good. I liked the trumpets, but the vocals were poorly pronounced. But the rhythm was good and rich with
instruments. The lyrics are meaningful and show originality. The rapper brings in his own experiences which help the listener
relate or fell closer to the meaning of the song. While there was good beats and vocals the production of the song was poor. I
feel like the singer's voice should have been louder than the music just a bit more. ”
“This song has a great jazz-inspired instrumental with new age vocals and rhymes. The instrumentals seem to compliment the
vocals in this piece. The producers seemed to really - Reverbnation


Still working on that hot first release.



Jason Hart better known by his stage name CheeNino was born on September 7,1994 is a upcoming Hip-Hop artist from East Texas. Who is known big for his top song "Welcome Back Hip-Hop". CheeNino started rapping from a karaoke when he was 10 years old in a little community known as Shady Grove. On June 2, 2015 CheeNino lost his grandmother to cancer and it made him realize how you can be gone in the matter of seconds. His grandmother always told him to do all that he can and to never give up and to always believe in himself. With his family and city on his side he knew that he would make it to the top. Showing his talent off on Facebook and YouTube made his fan base rise and become victorious at a young age. After releasing 30 singles and 1 mixtape his outreach became enormous and he is now preparing for tour. Constantly making music 24/7 on a non-stop grind he has raised the bar for Hip-Hop standards.

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