Cheenon is a rock band, a jam band, a funk band and a lot more bands combined into the gooey sonic nugget that is Cheenon. The combination of finely crafted songs, four part harmony, and improvised jams always gets people dancing and leaves ears craving more..especially Milky the mascot cow.


Who is Cheenon?
Well it's like this.....
You know how sometimes when you're having a party, and you don't really know what music to play to keep everything going in the right direction?
Then you're not having a Cheenon party, and that is unfortunate.
Cheenon music appeals to all music fans. Every crowd we play for ends up having a great time dancing and enjoying life to the fullest.


We currently have an almost finished self produced cd of original songs in addition to a large catalog of digitally recorded live shows over the past year or so which are available for peanuts on our web site -->

Set List

We generally play 30 songs or so (95% originals) a night with a few short breaks. We are not scared to play 4 hours, we love the music and it loves us.

On Your Own-Cheenon
Black Knight-Cheenon
Stay Away-Cheenon
So Long Now-Cheenon
The Great Dance-Cheenon
Cheenon Party-Cheenon
White Lies-Cheenon
Hogan Must Die-Cheenon
Kill A Man Blues-Cheenon
The Wind-Cheenon
Piss Where You Stand-Cheenon
Land Of The Green-Cheenon
El Cheenon-Cheenon
Gold Mallet-Cheenon
Dead Man’s Bus-Cheenon
Del Rio-Cheenon
Just Begun-Cheenon
Almost There- Cheenon
Toxic Bliss - Cheenon
Desparation - Cheenon
Some People Walkin [Some People Talking] - Cheenon
Dreams - Cheenon

Fairies Wear Boots-Black Sabbath
Takes A Lot To Laugh, Takes A Train To Cry-Bob Dylan
If You Gotta Go-Bob Dylan
Foggy Notion-Velvet Underground

Don't Do Me Like That-Tom Petty
King Of The Hill
Seven Days-Bob Dylan
Glass Onion-The Beatles
Rock and Roll-Velvet U