New York City, New York, USA

Shoegazers beware! cheer wants to make eye contact & have fun. Our sound is pop-kitsch personified, featuring charming tunes that reference tales of love lost & found in the city. Anchored by sugary guy/girl harmonies that are better for your waistline than cake.


Born in Philadelphia, raised in Brooklyn, cheer has been performing around the tri-state area for the last 15 months.

It's all about the expression of melody and cheeky lyrics wrapped around well crafted pop songs for us...if you're humming our tune the day after a show we have done our job well. We subscribe to the mantra "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication".

There has been a ripple effect of energy emanating from their recent shows. You can catch them performing songs from their forthcoming EP this December in New York City and Brooklyn.

cheer is poised to expand their scope to the national indie-pop-alternative scene and SXSW 2012 would be the perfect vehicle to help them achieve that.

"It's been a dream of ours to showcase at SXSW, we'd like to THANK YOU for your consideration." says Scotty B.

For fans of Cake, Spoon, Stars, Weezer, Beach Boys, The New Pornographers, Wilco, Pavement. Basically, if you like puppies, you'll like cheer tunes.


Super Cool Indie Band

Written By: scotty b

i wanna be in your super cool indie band...we'll write songs about migratory birds and taxidermy, and we'll practice them until our fingers la la la la la la la...we'll drink whiskey, and pretend that we like it

Wilco Song (acoustic demo)

Written By: scotty b

i told all your friends, we weren't meant to be, but i saved all your pictures deep on my c:\


Super Cool Indie Band, 2011