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The best kept secret in music


"SPIN magazine"

"I was walking on Sixth Street, the main drag, and in one of the windows I noticed these guys who looked like the cavemen from that comic strip B.C., playing this crazy Ramones/Dead Boys/Stooges punk metal. Leather jackets, bandannas tied around their knees-a total throwback. I heard them playing from the street, so I walked in. They were called Cheerleader 666, from Toronto. I had no idea who they were, and I was pretty much blown away. I bought a CD." (Doug Brod, executive editor of SPIN) - SPIN magazine


Gutter Days vinyl review:

Holy mackerel! If you had told me I'd wake up today and later be listening to recordings which would knock the Hellacopters mighty "Supershitty To The Max" off its throne as the greatest punk n' roll recording ever made, I'd say you were insane. Well, it's reality, folks. With this Gutter Days10", Cheerleader666 have completely redefined excellence in that genre. As stated above, this is the pinnacle of the punk n' roll form. Imagine D*Generation with the distorted-out, past-in-the-red production of Guitar Wolf and you'll have a good idea of what's going on here. Needless to say, Cheerleader666 have somehow tapped into the grand source of primal energy their Swedish counterparts have been chasing and laboring to approximate for years. The difference results in Gutter Days being the legit MOAB bomb of metallic sleaze rock. Rarely does a release come out so solid I absolutely cannot pick a highlight or standout track. This is one of those times. There isn't a single second of Gutter Days that is anything less than stellar. This is in contrast to many of the here-to-fore considered classics of punk n' roll--most of those recordings contain at least one moment of letdown. Not Gutter Days -- this is imperfect perfection personified. Wow -- along with the new albums from Turbonegro and Throw Rag, this is tops for 2003, in terms of rock n' roll. At the very least, Gutter Days may be the year's hard rock highlight. For sure, again, Cheerleader666 have blessed us with the rawest, sickest slab of punk n' roll ever. I am shaken.


debut album "All Hail" to be released in 2005.

2nd ep "Gutter Days" released on German label.

1st ep "Go", 7000 copies sold, listen here:


Feeling a bit camera shy


They've opened for JUDAS PRIEST and jammed with MOTORHEAD. Their fans include Nikki Sixx of MOTLEY CRUE and fucking LEMMY. They're named after a girl they all lost their virginity to. They've been described as "an orgy between RAMONES, GUNS N'ROSES, and AC/DC" and "like a nasty punk rock angel ready to snatch up your soul" ( Believe your ears, and mark the date on your arm with a razorblade because CHEERLEADER has arrived with one motherfucking bang and they are SET TO DESTROY!! Childhood friends who neglected homework for old 70s punk and 80s metal records, CHEERLEADER started playing together with the intent of tearing shit apart and creating raw and powerful songs like their musical heroes before them.

"Our mission is simple: play the ugliest and baddest punk-metal this side of the millennium and if you don't like it go listen to your lame radio rock shit and stay the fuck away from us!" Ethan Deth