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Cheetahsaurus @ City Walk

Hollywood, California, USA

Hollywood, California, USA

Cheetahsaurus @ Cat Club

Hollywood, California, USA

Hollywood, California, USA

Cheetahsaurus @ Nicholby's Night Club

Ventura, California, USA

Ventura, California, USA

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This band has not uploaded any videos



On and off the record

Get Poor or Die Trying
Haunting, moody, textural indie music from possibly the only band ever to ever make aggressive use of the autoharp. References to "raven's claw," and the "gates of dawn" would seem to place it snugly in the goth category but Cheetahsaurus is neither gloomy nor predicable. Renaissance man Wyatt Hull — who wrote the songs, drew the cover artwork and is a published poet — provides vocals that are reminiscent of James Walsh of Starsailor (who mimics Jeff Buckley). This is a good thing. Lots of layering and interesting backing vocals are perfectly balanced with unexpected and dreamy melodies on this satisfying debut release by a band that's gonna break big. See them at Billy O's on New Year's Eve.

—Michel Cicero

Available on iTunes and at Salzer's Records in Ventura.
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CHEETAHSAURUS Here's your chance to get hip to a local band before it's huge. Formed only eight months ago and set to release it's first record on iTunes next month, Cheetahsaurus is already generating buzz. When vocalist Wyatt Hull's previous project the Colour, disbanded in Orange County, he moved to Ventura, where his future wife Jodi was living. Broke and somewhat discouraged, he began a taxicab buisness. Fed up with the state of radio, he began writing. Before long, he connected with some other musicians, and things started ramping up fast. The sound is dreamy, danceable pop with a glam undertone and what they refer to as, um, "driving autoharp." Also on the bill is everyone's favorites Franklin for Short. Not to be missed. Billy O's, Saturday, Nov. 29. 2819 E. Main St., Ventura. - VC Reporter

Another big player in the over-21 music boom, Nicholby's, has opened up its Wednesday nights to host a free live music showcase. Run by Aaron Johnson, Ryder's band mate in Le Meu Le Purr, Nicholby's locked down the highly anticipated debut performance of Cheetahsaurus last week, an act formed by several longtime area musicians. Johnson also plans to book several indie touring bands in the next few months.

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Cheetahsaurus hibernated for months, working on their experimental indie techno-rock, but when they unleashed it live last year, they absolutely packed local clubs. Aggressive use of the Autoharp and unusual arrangements make their music refreshingly unclassifiable. Their debut record, released just a few months ago, is already getting attention south of the grade. See them April 17 at Mai’s Café.

Read the great little piece via Rock Insider about us, at

"Besides having one of the best bands names I've seen in recent memory Cheetahsaurus actually have some suprisingly good tunes they simply describe as "other." They are definately worthy of merit and praise. Check them out on myspace." -

Rumble LA Blog

Opening up we all got a glimpse of that allusive animal we've all been hearing about, playing little shows around town, growing a fanbase, building a quick mysticism about them - CHEETAHSAURUS from Ventura, CA. We also found out that frontman, Wyatt, formerly fronted THE COLOUR, a band we featured back in the glory days on FS13. Duely impressed. -

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It's a feline! It's a dino! Nope, it's Ventura's own Cheetahsaurus. The band just posted two new songs from their upcoming LP. "Lights Out (early bird gets the worm)" has a dreamy mood, much reminiscent to The Arcade Fire. "Black Eyes and Alibis" is one to hear for the vocals alone. Both tracks prove to be an impressive preview of the album to come. The 5-piece recently played August's LA Rumble (the monthly party we co-sponsor), completely mesmerizing those who got a chance to peep the set. Keep your ears peeled for the new LP—but until then, [...]

VC reporter.
jodi is on the cover of the april edition of the VC reporter. This is a great issue, featuring amazing local bands. grab one while you still can.

check out the photo by going to the link below and scrolling down-


EP - "Get Poor Or Die Trying" released December 2008. (Available through online retailers iTunes, & Amiestreet, limited edition hand numbered CDs [/300] available at live shows, now out of print).

Digital release only, free EP titled "For the Packrats" released Jan 2008, exclusively through myspace. New self-produced LP "This Will All Make Sense When You're Dead" due for release this fall.



Cheetahsaurus was formed by Wyatt Hull (ex-The Colour) and his wife Jodi in 2008. When guitarist Joe Bowls joined the band, they self produced their first EP "Get Poor Or Die Trying." Cheetahsaurus conjures the magic of the sixties with a progressive twist of electronic beats & euphoric melodies. Their aggressive use of the autoharp and unusual arrangements make their music refreshingly unclassifiable, atop an equally impressive live show. This is a band on the move.