cheeze machine

cheeze machine


angry music for picky listeners. everyone knows modern day rock/pop needs it's nose rubbed into the dog-poo that is radio. call it house training music


pere ubu, melvins, reverend horton heat, alice cooper, FNM, louis armstrong, beck, ministry, black sabbath, bad brains, new bohemians, brian wilson, jeff buckley, iron maiden, darkness, james brown, led zeppelin, jon spencer blues explosion, yeah yeah yeahs, pharcyde, public enemy, cake...



Written By: joe markovich

republicans suck
they dont give a screw
about me or you
republicans suck
they turned democracy
into world war three
republicans blow

they're going to tell you 'bout morals
while they're slapping the cheek of jesus

republic of lazurus
who will not turn their heads even if your dead
even if they kill you
republicans are hazzardous

"what-so-ever you do to least of my brothers; that you do unto me"J.C.

the burning bush is lying
the lying bush is burning

republicans suck

so what

Written By: joe markovich

lotus on the mound says "rah"
what's that got to do with me
took us to the pound say "ruff"
i'm trying to po' me some poetry

the sun is so familar
the clouds make a sofa
I'll see nute the I'll go to luna's
02 absolute avenue

feeling like spoiled meat
looking like a dirty monkey
acting like an ameba
itchier than a junky

so what if i dont know what i'm talking about
so what if i have nothing to say
got demons driving my tile and grout
got angels writing my resume

I'm looking up at the machine
blinking like an orphaned infant
try at least to keep things clean

dogs gotta do what a dogs gotta do
been at it since i was a pup
blues gotta go voodoo
and the mirror wont grow up

i dont care if i dont know what i'm talking about
dont care if its all uselss
one devil drives as the other shouts
one angel undresses
as the othe carresses