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Imagine if we had 2000 Picassos, and 3000 Monet's. No Frida Kahlo, No Basquiat, or Justin Bua. Just more of the same. The artist who carves their own path, risks all, by laughing in the face of conformity. Their success is measured on a different scale.


Imagine if we had 2000 Picassos, and 3000 Monet's. No Frida Kahlo, No Basquiat, or Justin Bua. Just more of the same. The artist who carves their own
path, risks all, by laughing in the face of conformity. Their success is measured on a different scale. According to Chela Simone, “Its not a struggle, it’s a

Songstress, Emcee, and stellar performer Chela Simone was born in Oakland California. A city that the Black Panther Party, Sly & the Family Stone, Tower of Power, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Green Day, En Vogue, Hieroglyphics and Too Short, all called home. A well-versed woman, who began her music career at 13 when she attended University of California Berkeley - Young Musicians Program to study Classical Music (Opera), Voice Composition, & Piano Arrangement.

Sighting the need for women to be more independent in the recording industry Chela became Pro Tools certified in 1999.

As an Emcee, she blends sweet melodies with biting poignant lyrics that snap you right back into reality. . Her voice provokes the notion that music can be
original and creative, again. Her signature rhythm is nothing contrived, just pure, free, and striking. A hint of Cali-electro-rock, a splash of soul, mixed with
southern love & served over hip hop.

Chela Simone was featured on the song F.U.W the BHH Records release of Azeem's “Show Business” as aka Tiye Selah , on DJ Child of Project Groundation Massive “RISE UP” The Mix Tape, Flipping her version of “ the Corner” featured over super producer Kanye West beats. She will also be featured the first single “Good Voodoo” on up and coming release with -BPitch
Control- recording artist KiKi. A leak of her demo “Ineffable” was released May 2007, causing a buzz that earned her a spot touring with OM recording artist Colossus as lead-vocalist, headlining events such as the M3 Summit - (MIA), GAME festival at the Moscone Center (SF), and the reopening of the De
Young Museum (SF).

Since then Chela Simone has been busy.

From the We B Girlz 2008 European Tour- with Roxanne Shanté,Bahamadia, Invincible, Eternia, Shania D, Stacy Epps, Yarah Bravo, and
DJ Shortee, To Europe’s Hip Hop Kemp Festival with artists The Roots, Atmosphere, Brother Ali , Mr. Lif & Akrobatik, Zion - I, and many more... Chela has
gained an ever growing fan base from Oakland to Switzerland and has the passport stamps and love from her fans to prove it.

The Highly Anticipated Release of her Album " Its Just a ride" is set for release in 2009. The first single Samantha Jones produced by John Jordan is
already heating up radio stations such as KPFA and KPOO in the Bay Area. Other production is provided by Proh Mic (Funkadelic /X-Clan/Canibus) And
Dawu Fe (Daz Dillinger, B-Legit, LeGerald Normmand, Tim'm West) and Chela Simone, of course.

After blazing stages across the country with the likes of, Sa Ra, Giles Peterson, Goapele, Jennifer Johns, KRS1, Pharaohe Monch, Talib Kweli, Common, Del,
J*Davey, Azeem and DJ Zeph, Hieroglyphics, Acyealone, ABRude, Medusa, Common, Lyrics Born, Saafir & The Whoriddas (Hobo Junction), Mystic
Journeymen, Jungle Bros, De La Soul, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Strange Fruit Project, and Living Legends, Chela Simone is ready. Are you?

Booking/ Press Contact:
Bella Bakrania

Chela Simone

“What People have to Say!”

I am a Fan!
Wise Intelligent (Poor Righteous Teachers)

Chela Simone - The real deal, the independent, the
full package, her street, her urban, her green, her real and otherwise
worldly , multi- cultural and faceted talent. A Lil' something for everyone, without compromising what makes her unique
Beautiful Inside to Out & Outside to – In.
Ya dig!
Duncan Cooper (principal dancer - Alvin Ailey, Dance Theater of Harlem)

Chela Simone has always set the standard for what a female mc from the bay area should aspire to. Period.
True Justice (All Purpose DJs/Hidden City Records)

Chela Simone is one of few new voices coming out of the Bay, who definitely is bringing something unique and creative to
the west coast cultural soundscape.

The Minister of Information JR (POCC Block Report Radio)

Chela Simone is a character. Her music is like herself – dynamic and multi-faceted. Just when you think you have her
sound ‘pinned’ – uh oh, you’re wrong. I was honored to get to know what makes Chela the Woman tick, and tour with

Chela the artist alongside the Bahamadia, Invincible, Roxanne Shante, DJ Shortee, and myself.
Eternia (Canada’s Finest FemCee)

Chela Simone has the talent, sometimes raw, sometimes refined, that is missing from most of todays music. her sound
reminds me of why i got into music in the first place, she has an edge, lyrically and musically, other artists take note.
DJ Zeph (OM)

Chela Simone is: a woman of complex talent; beauty and brains make for molotav cocktail in today's entertainment
industry, her mus


Featured on:
F.U.W. (original demo version) produced by Dawu Fe, featured as Tiye Selah
Label: BombHiphop
Artist: Azeem



Ineffable - The Leak (may 2007)
Label: Crowded Castle
Artist : Chela Simone

Its Just a Ride ( May 2009)
Label:Crowded Castle
Artist: Chela Simone

Blah Blah Blah - The EP (September 2008)
Label: Never Settle Movement
Aritst: Chela Simone

Set List

Normal Set is 35-45 mins
can scale time either way
have enough material for 120 mins