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Unsurpassed vocals and good feelings puncuate this show, Chele's talent is only outdone by her charm and grace. Performing with NuGruv Band, Chele' does Urban AC, Sultry Jazz and Dance music.


AFTRA (member)

HEIGHT: 5’2.5” HAIR: Brown
WEIGHT: 119 lbs EYES: Brown

VENUES: (several more available upon request)
Spencers Food & Jazz Vocalist/NuGruv Phoenix, AZ
Barcelona Chandler Vocalist/NuGruv Chandler, AZ
Pappaduex Vocalist/NuGruv Phoenix, AZ
Gas Light Inn/Jazz Festival VocalistNuGruv Glendale, AZ
Velvet Room Vocalist/Tribe 7 Scottsdale, AZ
Livingstons Vocalist/Unique Scottsdale, AZ
Westin Kierland Vocalist/Lyle Lovett Scottsdale, AZ

Bits & Pieces Actor/Vocalist James Rio/
Arizona Broadway Theatre
Christmas Cabaret Actor/Vocalist Jeff Kennedy/
Herberger Theatre
The Music Man Actor/Vocalist Marion Community Theatre

Cooking’s A Drag Actor/Vocalist Scott Weiner/Green Couch
Community Calendar Vocalist Wayne Burden/Local TV


Vocal Training University of Tulsa
Acting For Camera Charles St. Clair/Arizona State University West
Monologues/Acting Glendale Community College
Opera Workshop University of Tulsa
Vocalization & movement Daniel Lentz/Arizona State University West
Movement for Performance Leandro Soto/Charles St. Clair/
Arizona State University West
Art & Film Rob Taylor/Arizona State University West
Directing Jeff Kennedy/Arizona State University West

Body Building, Piano (intermediate) Dance (club), Bike Riding, Computer literate, Lead vocalist/R&B/jazz, Administration, Vocal trainer/instructor, Choir/Ensemble Director, Coordinating events, sewing, poetry


All I Wanna Do

Written By: Chele'

.....Just need some understanding
That my life is so demanding
And believe me when I say it’s true boy - believe me when I say it’s true

All I am is only because of you
You are why I do want I can do
Please believe me when I say to you boy

I will always be there for you
Stay at home at night to console you
Open up my heart so completely and - open up my heart to you

I only want you to know
I was wrong for letting you go
Please come back home and stay with me

I never thought you’d leave me
Then I came home only to see
That you were walking out the door –baby baby please don’t go
I only want you to know
I was wrong don’t want you to go
Please come back in and lay with me

All I wanna to do lay next to you
Hold you in my arms make love to you
Only want to let you know
That I feel this way

Never ever want to let you go
Everyday I want for you to know
I will always be there by your side
In every way

All I wanna do.....


Written By: Chele'


Ooh ooh ooh….
I’ve been searchin’

...Cannot explain what can I say
Don’t know how to make you see

Everyday of my life I keep movin’
...Spinning so fast how can we last if we don’t take the time to see

Still all the time I’m hoping
...Wanting to care needing you there Only not pretentiously

I’m missing you
Are you missing me to?

....You answered when I phoned
You sounded so alone
You wanted me to say
How we ended up this way
I never said a word
As though I never ever knew you at all
I Wonder…Should I bother should I call

Passion inside but blinded by lies
Lost in our own selfish pride
Cannot ignore
That love fades away can’t end this way
I’m needing you more and more each day

Ooh ooh ooh….

Price To Pay

Written By: Chele'

....Still clinging to my hopes and dreams
Believing in what’s right for me
Which helps to keep my mind at ease
Throwing away impossibilities

No other way must up to rise
Although at times it seems too high
Looking ahead sedates demise
And helps to keep my dreams alive

Possibility…what can be for me
Just want to be free…Face uncertainty

Back around to me…Reciprocity
Got a need to be…Individually me

Only up to me…Really up to me
Flexibility…Free to dream what I dream
Coming down on me
Life is so extreme…Insecurities pressing hard against me



All I Wanna Do - CD Single
Produced By - AC Larj & Anthony Kinchion

Set List

Original Show

All I Wanna Do
Price to Pay
Aspects of Life
Ladies Night Out
Take it Easy
Show Me The Way
Whispering in the Wind