Chelle Smith & the Undercovers

Chelle Smith & the Undercovers


Folk songs infused with "a little bit country" and "a little bit rock & roll" with a rhythm section that makes you sway and groove to slightly sanded vocals & insightful lyrics that reflect on the human condition.


Chelle Smith & the Undercovers "uncover" experiences of life and relationships through insightfully written lyrics that seem to have a direct connectibility with the listener and melodies that have a way of making themselves part of your internal soundtrack.

Chelle Smith grew up in Whitney Pier, on beautiful Cape Breton Island, surrounded by music in her childhood home. Various characters would gather from time to time to play tunes in the kitchen. Her father, self taught classical guitarist Jim Smith, was instrumental in Chelle's love of guitar. Looking back, she can not recall a time in her life when she could not play.

Chelle began her professional career as part of the singing/songwriting group Ashego. In their 4 years together Ashego performed along side such acts as Shaye, Buffy St. Marie, The Stampeders, Crush, and Mad Violet. As the primary songwriter for the group, Chelle has graced two MIANS songwriter's circles as well as countless others, with artists such as Bruce Gouthro, Gordie Sampson, Matt Minglewood, Stewart MacNeil (Barra MacNeil's), Max MacDonald, Steven MacDougall (Slowcoaster), and Angelo Spinazolla.

Throughout the Ashego years Chelle slowly began to branch off as a solo performer accepting offers to open for Selina Martin, Athena Reich, and Carmen Townsend. In 2006, with the dismantle of Ashego, Chelle hit the Cape Breton music scene as a stong yet charming solo artist, accompanied by fellow musicians Dan O'Neil on bass and Sarah MacEachern on drums. Thus forming, Chelle Smith & the Undercovers.

Sarah MacEachern (a.k.a. Squirrel), began piano lessons at an early age and continued with them into her university years. In elementary school band she developed and interest in drumming and went on to play with the Cape Breton Chamber Orchestra as a percussionist. In February 2004, Sarah joined Smith as a member of Ashego and has since sat in with such acts as Gordie Sampson, Angelo Spinazolla and Colleen Power.

Dan O'Neil (a.k.a. Merle), hailing all the way from the "busselling metropolis" that is the Greater Bateston area, is a relative newcomer to Cape Breton music scene. In his short time as a performer, Dan is already making a name for himself sitting in with local musicians Jessie Cox, Angelo Spinazolla, Ed Woodsworth and Jay Smith(Rock Ranger/Undecided Smith).

Connecting with various genres that reveal a multitude of musical influences from Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLaughlin, Ron Sexsmith, and Eva Cassidy to Steve Earle, SonVolt, Sheryl Crow, and Radiohead to name a few. Chelle Smith & the Undercovers expose tastes of folk, pop, country, blues and jazz which uncovers a sound that resonates with any audience.

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Stay on the Move

Written By: Chelle Smith

Don't look at me that way
It's not like i broke your heart
We weren't meant to feel that way
You knew it from the start

A small piece of time
was all that we could take
You know you were never mine
Was all this a mistake?

I gotta go, I gotta run
Stay on the move, stay on the move
I gotta go, I gotta run
Stay on the move, stay on the move
I gotta go, I gotta run
Stay on the move, stay on the move
I gotta go, I gotta run

We had more than most
Get in one lifetime
I know the secrets and the ghosts
That keep you up at night

You call me on my weakness
Your questions cut right through
But this is me and my mess
What am I supposed to do


What's makin' me feel so unsure?
Please tell me, oh oh oh oh
Cause I don't wanna look back anymore

Not much left to say
Only a word or two
You know I might have stayed
If I had of loved you

Chorus x2

You Wreck Me

Written By: Chelle Smith

When you got my letter
Did you read it or through it away?
Did you have the slightest interest
In what I had to say?

I've been trying for awhile now
To figure out your truth
But you're mixing signals
Crossing wires
And here's the proof

You pull me in, push me away
Call me up, just to forget my name
And you tongue tie words
That should be easy to say
You mix me up, then you set me
Straight again...
Oh oh you wreck me

I've been mighty careless
with myself
With a blaten disregard
for my health

I'll drink til the bottle's dry
Smoke til I can't breathe
And I'll sleep the afternoon away
because of what you do to me

Chorus x2

Fall Deep

Written By: Chelle Smith

Count to one a thousand times to fall asleep
To keep my mind from drifting through the secrets that I keep
Cause the thought of waking up with you smiling back at me
And I fall deep

It's hard to concentrate with you floating 'round my brain
I've tried about everything to relieve me from the strain
Cause the thought of your cigarette fingers gliding down my cheek

And i fall deep, fall deep
I fall hard, fast and wide and steep
I fall deep, I fall deep
I jump with eyes shut tight and with both feet
I fall deep

I can never let you know just what you mean to me
Cause if i do, no longer buring will I be
It's the thought of your hands kissing lips reaching out for me


Wish I could let it out
Show it off for all to see
But it's locked up tight
And I've thrown away the key
I do this to myself
There's no one to blame but me
But I hear it calling out
Just begging to be free....yeah

It's just my thoughts that spark the temporary flame i see
Cursed hunter for all eternity
Cause it's not really you
It's just the way I think you'll be


I Fall Deep
I Fall Deep

I Fall Deep(eyes shut tight and with both feet)x5


Currently working on their debut album.

Set List

Set List composed of all original material written by Chelle Smith & The Undercovers.

Got any change
Live on the Corner
Ace in my Back Pocket
Love that you Forgot
Cold Cold Man
My Way
You Wreck Me
Give it Some Time
Fall Deep
Not Coming Out
Easy for Me
Push Away
Waiting on You
The Old Man
Stay on the Move
Clean up the Mess