Chelo Fansua

Chelo Fansua

 Winter Park, Florida, USA

I am a thinker, artist, and activist who speaks with passion through his art. I base all of my artistic creations on the principles of love, hope, and wisdom : )


Chelo Fansua was born in the sector of Simon Bolivar in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Since childhood, he displayed a lot of passion for music. At the time, popular ballads from Spain, Puerto Rico, and Mexico had a profound influence on his vocal aspirations. He also drew from the rich rhythmic essence embedded in the musical styles of his native land. At the age of nine, after 6 years with his grandparents, he reunited with his mother in the working class city of Lynn, MA. Arriving in the US, Chelo Fansua was introduce to Soul, Hip Hop, & Rock, which enhanced his appreciation for music even further. Chelo Fansua studied Classical music with The Handle & Hayden Society at The New England Conservatory. A few of years later, he went on to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music. After professional endeavors that took him from New York, Miami, and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Chelo Fansua embarked on a personal journey that gave birth to ANATOLIA.


ANATOLIA "The Shadows of Perception"