Chelsea Epstein

Chelsea Epstein


Chelsea has a phenomenal voice that would make you buy any product or go to any event she advertises. She could sell you tickets to a show, or make you buy an Xbox! The excitement and professionalism in her voice is like no other.


Chelsea currently attends Montgomery County Community College under Digital Audio Production. At this school she has been given the oppurtunity of a lifetime to be an intern at Clear Channel Radio Philadelphia. Clear Channel is in ownership of more than 12,000 stations and is top notch in advertising. Ulitimately, Clear Channel owns quite a bit across the country. At Clear Channel, Chelsea focuses on two departments, Production and programming. In production, she records and produces her own commercials for clients to air on seven of Clear Channel Radio Philadelphia's stations. In programming, Chelsea works with CCRP's alt-rock station, 104.5 in assisting Their main DJ and Assistant Programming Director, Wendy Rollins. This job also includes working the stations events.


I have realsed and had more than twenty commercials air on Clear Channel Philadelphia's seven stations.