chelsea in orbit

chelsea in orbit


"Striking and emotional vocals carry Chelsea in Orbit tunes deep into your brain" BlackJack, With roots that cross EMO with English rock/pop once experienced Chelsea in Orbit is a band that is not soon forgotten.


Emerging from the hard knocks of the current state of music this Philadelphia bands sound could just as easily come from London or NY. Combine the best of English alt/pop with contemporary sensibilities then add powerful, emotional vocal hooks and effects driven guitars and you will get an idea of what Chelsea In Orbit is all about. Led by charismatic front man Juan Parejo, this bands electric live show drops jaws open and is not to be missed. But don’t get the wrong idea. Although Chelsea is known for their full sound, amid the deep reverb and swirling feedback are creative, well crafted songs.
Comprised of three driven musicians, members of Chelsea have worked with industry professionals such as Andy Wallace (Wallflowers, Nirvana, Phish) and Ronnie Crawford (Lisa Loeb). Their last project “Chelsea in Orbit” was produced by Brian and Scott Bricklin (mixed and engineered by Brian Bricklin) of the band Martin’s Dam (Hybrid/Sire) and was recorded in Studio 4, Indre Studios and the Meat Locker in Philadelphia. Their most recent effort tenatively titled "Rise in the Fall" and produced by Jamie Myerson ( Dido, Jewel, Duncan Sheik) will be available in the fall of 2006 on Myersons label 42 North.

Highlights include:

* Signed to 42 North Records

* 2004 & 2005 Dewey Beach Music Conference Showcase

* 2004 "Perfect Kiss" featured in the short film
"Life Coach"

* Featured on the CMJ’s “Certain Damage” CD
with “The Vines” & “Sonic Youth”

* Featured on Shut Eye Records “Buzzlighter” CD

* Philadelphia’s ”BAND OF THE YEAR“ for
2002 Origivation Magazine Awards

* Philadelphia’s ”BEST MODERN ROCK BAND“ for
2002 Origivation Magazine Awards

* BEST CD Award at Philadelphia’s
2002 Abilene Music Awards

* Philadelphia Music Conference Showcase


Mrs Jones

Written By: chelsea in orbit

Please be kind to Mrs. Jones,
she doesn’t know the reasons why I love her so

Her father came in from Japan,
took her to a foreign land of closing eyes

I’ll always love you,
I’m so f***** up inside
Don’t do this to me
Don’t wreck… this is my life

I wait…in the bright lights
I know…all the s*** you say to me
when you wake up my love

I kinda like it, I kinda don’t
Baby it’s suspicious and I know you know

And miracles don’t happen here
Suddenly she disappears with out a sound

I’ll always love you,
I’m so f***** up inside
Don’t do this to me
Don’t wreck… this is my life

And now… we lay here all the time
We kiss and hide away
You know I’m still your love

Alone in the bright lights
I wish you the best and now that’s right
Oh what we share is the same… the same

Please be kind… I love you so…


"Tuesday" 1996
"Luminous" 1998
"Chelsea in Orbit" 2001
"Rise in the Fall" 2006 (fall release)

Set List

Sets are all original and last about 45 minutes.