Chelsea Lights

Chelsea Lights

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA


Happenstance noun \'ha-p?n-?stan(t)s : a circumstance especially that is due to chance. See also : “CHELSEA LIGHTS”

CHELSEA LIGHTS officially began this very year, at the space between swearing off booze and picking up the bottle. Somewhere after your ill planned Valentine’s dinner and before you forgot April Fool’s Day. This is to say, you didn’t intend for any of this to happen, but it did. By chance. By happenstance.

CHELSEA LIGHTS is an amalgamation of two gents with melodic indie-rock resumes. Rowland Hill cut his teeth recording artists demos in a prominent Nashville studio while Brian Hall navigated the ebb & flow of the local indie scene as a singer/guitarist. “We were introduced by a mutual friend who always had in the back of his mind that we should play music together. This is pretty common in Nashville, but, at a party, I was playing guitar when Rowland sat down a sang harmony on a few tunes. Right away, we liked it. Everyone liked it.”- Brian Hall. Happenstance.

Today, CHELSEA LIGHTS has evolved from a mere happenstance to full-fledged momentum. And this is only the beginning. Look for their EP “Pressure Points” coming in November 2012.