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Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Allentown, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Rock Pop




"Get Caught Up in the Amplification of Love with Chelsea Lyn Meyer"

Independent alt-rock musician, songwriter, and frontwoman Chelsea Lyn Meyer hails from Lehigh Valley, PA.

Starting her solo career in 2014, she began writing and recording as an indie artist, while finding her own unique sound. Working with producer Mike Wuerth at Long Island Sound Studios in New York, Chelsea Lyn Meyer has gone from a debut album and single releases, on route to finding her own groove in how she approaches her craft.

Returning with her latest upbeat single, “What You’re Doing to Me,” Chelsea Lyn Meyer has us hanging onto all of the edgy feels we have bottled up inside. Swimming in a sea of Pop Punk angst, there’s such poise that comes dripping off of Chelsea Lyn Meyer’s persona as she performs with confidence and grace.

Through the electric force field of chugging guitar riffs layered over top of the sustaining nature, we long for in a fiery stringed formula, there’s massive energy that comes surging through the speakers when “What You’re Doing to Me” comes on.

Keeping up with the vivacious tempo set in place by colossal drum patterns, and a groove-infused bassline, the way that Chelsea Lyn Meyer’s striking vocalization smolders over top of this instrumental bed is a match made in heaven.

Performing lyrical motifs such as ‘And I love the taste of your name on my tongue. I love the feel of your breath in my lungs,’ Chelsea Lyn Meyer has us fully absorbed in the notion of love that overcomes your very being when you can’t help but to fall for the apple of your eye.

Casting out such grand emotions in a nature that seems to flow effortlessly for the emerging rocker, we’re swept off of our feet and into the bliss that is “What You’re Doing to Me.”

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Chelsea, and congratulations on the release of your latest bop, "What You're Doing to Me." You deliver us an unmatched passion that fills up our headspace. We love it! What moment or story inspired the creation of this song?

Thank you! "What You're Doing to Me" (or WYDTM as we started calling it) began with the lyric I wrote while driving one day, "I love the taste of your name on my tongue." As I was writing other songs, I kept coming back to that lyric, trying to find ways to make it fit in somewhere, but the melodies just weren't powerful enough for that line. So I decided to write a song based on those lyrics instead. That's how WYDTM started. The song is about that crazy physical and sexual attraction you can feel to someone when you first see them or connect with them and navigating through those new feelings of want and need.

From being in a band setting before embarking on a solo career, what differences have you noticed in your creative process as you continue to steer yourself through the music industry?

As a female in the rock or pop-punk music world, which is generally pretty male-dominated, the band setting provided me almost like a security blanket. I had three guys in the band supporting me that I would look to when I questioned myself or my creative choices. Now, as a solo female pop-punk artist, I have to go into everything just ready to say, "This is who I am, this is what I want to say/express, and this is how I want to do things" and be confident in that whether I believe it or not. I don't have that security blanket to look to and say, "how does this sound?" or "do you think people will like this or accept this?". I had to show people what I could do to gain their respect to have their say, "Ok, this girl is serious, let's do something." The confidence I've gained in the whole process of transitioning from a frontwoman of a band to a solo artist can be heard and seen through my music over the last few years. The music industry can be challenging, especially if you don't fit the mold. But I think I've learned to be more difficult.

Could you please share a glimpse into what it looked like to bring this record to life? Was there anyone else part of the creative process that ensured the vision of "What You're Doing to Me" was never compromised?

YES! I can't speak highly enough of my producer, Mike Wuerth of Long Island Sound Studios. He understood what I was trying to say and the feeling I was trying to evoke with this record. We spent a whole day recording the song and adding little guitar licks or harmonies here and there to lift the song to another level.

What are you hoping that your audience can reflect on during and after listening to this single?

I like when the audience takes my songs and can relate them to something personal and give the song its meaning. With "What You're Doing to Me," I wanted to make the audience tap into a time in their life when they were experiencing new physical, sexual, and emotional attraction to someone when everything was so exciting and fresh.

What's next for you?

I am currently pre-production for a music video for WYDTM with director Chris Sheeran, who also shot and directed the music video for my last single, MISS ME TOO. I am also writing, recording, and playing live with the hopes of releasing an EP in 2022. - Buzz Music LA

"Track Premier: Chelsea Lyn Meyer - What You're Doing to Me"

Independent alt-rock, pop punk musician and songwriter Chelsea Lyn Meyer (CLM) has released her latest single, the upbeat banger, “What You’re Doing To Me.”

CLM started her career as the front woman for the band 2AM, and following their disbandment, she began writing as a solo artist. She released her debut single back in 2014, working over the years to hone in on her own, unique sound.

CLM chats more about the new single, “What You’re Doing To Me” (or “WYDTM”), saying that it started with a lyric she wrote while driving one day, “I love the taste of your name on my tongue.” She elaborates, “As I was writing other songs, I kept coming back to that lyric, trying to find ways to make it fit in somewhere but the melodies just weren’t powerful enough for that line. So I decided to write a song based around those lyrics instead. That’s how ‘WYDTM’ started. The song is about that crazy physical and sexual attraction you can feel to someone when you first see them or connect with them, and navigating through those new feelings of want and need.”

CLM adds, “As a solo female pop punk artist, I really have to go into everything just ready to say, ‘This is who I am, this is what I want to say/express, and this is how I want to do things,’ and be totally confident in that whether I believe it or not.”

Check out the new single here: - New Noise Magazine

"Chelsea Lyn Meyer Wears Her Heart on Her Sleeve in "MISS ME TOO""

From Lehigh Valley, PA, the alt-rock artist, multi-instrumentalist, and singer-songwriter Chelsea Lyn Meyer releases a hearty and punchy single fuelled with boundless emotion entitled "MISS ME TOO."

Beginning her music career as the guitarist, songwriter, and charismatic frontwoman of the original pop-punk band 2AM, Chelsea Lyn Meyer was able to clearly establish a creative foundation that would lead her to numerous opportunities and endeavors. After 2AM disbanded, Chelsea Lyn Meyer began honing in on her craft as a solo singer-songwriter and recording artist while navigating her own unique sound.

Recently releasing her flavorful and emotionally-rich single, "MISS ME TOO," Chelsea Lyn Meyer also released an in-depth music video for the hit, which takes viewers through the trials and tribulations of lost love. Regarding the single itself, Chelsea Lyn Meyer leaves us at the edge of our seats with her thrilling instrumentation and powerful vocal stylings.

Elaborating on the single, "MISS ME TOO," the listening experience kicks off with a blistering array of electric guitars, punk-infused drum breaks, and a sweltering bassline that paves the way for Chelsea Lyn Meyer's emotionally charged performance. As she begins to expand on missing someone with all her heart, Chelsea Lyn Meyer sinks further into reflection while describing the complicated themes that their relationship, unfortunately, had to offer.

We can't get enough of the song's dense and heightened emotion, as it allows any listener to think back to better times with someone special and close to their heart. As Chelsea Lyn Meyer and the blazing instrumentals carry us towards the outro, she ends the song on a deep note of introspection and endless passion.

Don't miss out on Chelsea Lyn Meyer's punchy and passionate latest single, "MISS ME TOO," and prepare your ears for her forthcoming release, "What You're Doing To Me," set for release on August 27th, 2021.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Chelsea Lyn Meyer. What an enthralling and relatable single you've released with "MISS ME TOO." Was there a particular moment or experience that inspired you to release your emotions via song and create this powerhouse and emotional anthem?

Thank you! Yes. I wrote "MISS ME TOO" about my own feelings of being alone in my relationship. I just really felt that I was physically alone a lot and even when I wasn't, I felt as though I was invisible. Like I was living with a person who no longer could see me, hear me, or even knew that I existed. "MISS ME TOO" was me finally expressing that and saying how I missed how things used to be and our relationship but I didn't feel that same emotion in return.

What was it like working with producer Michael Wuerth when creating the production and tone for "MISS ME TOO?" How did he help execute the sound and feel you had in mind?

First of all, Mike is amazing. He has this incredible talent for being able to pick up on what I'm trying to express through my songs and the feeling I want for each song then really bringing it to life. It's such a good feeling to work with a producer who just "gets it", so you can go in with an acoustic guitar, play the song and describe what you hear in your head, then have them be able to make it a reality and add their own touch. I have full trust in Mike as a producer and I feel that same trust in turn from him as an artist. Being able to have that and collaborate is really special.

Was it challenging to reach back into your memories and write such emotional and vulnerable lyricism for "MISS ME TOO?" Did you face any personal challenges when writing your words?

It was absolutely challenging. "MISS ME TOO" is probably one of the most honest songs I've ever written, so it's incredibly personal to me. To tap into those moments in time that I generally try to ignore or forget, then not only write and record a song about them but make a music video too, made all those feelings so real and raw. It was very validating but I'd be lying if I said it didn't sting a little. I think the biggest challenge I faced when writing the lyrics was keeping the honesty and not worrying about what anyone else would think about my side of the story I was telling. Sometimes it's hard not to write something then think "I can't say that. That will hurt someone or piss someone off" or "what will people think if they know that". I constantly questioned myself when writing these lyrics but really stuck to my gut and told my story as I saw it, and as honestly as possible.

What sort of scenes of moments did you want to capture within your music video for "MISS ME TOO"? How does the music video amplify and emphasize the song's lyrical theme?

I actually already had a rough vision of the story and scenes I wanted to see in the music video for "MISS ME TOO" while I was still writing the song. A good friend of mine, Chris Sheeran, do almost all of my visuals so I sent him the song and gave him my ideas on the story I wanted to tell from showing life at home, then the live performance scenes, the scene of getting attention elsewhere while out at a live performance, and ending back at home just screaming to be seen by my partner. Chris has an insane amount of talent for storytelling and really capturing my visions. He took what I described and laid out the whole storyline and really added his own touch while directing and shooting to help the viewer feel what I'm feeling in the video and when listening to the song. I think my favorite scene is at the end when I'm just screaming/singing into my partner's face because you can just feel the hurt and disappointment when there's no reaction. Just the way that whole scene was shot expresses so much.

What should we expect from your forthcoming release, "What You're Doing To Me?" Will you bring another hearty and emotionally rich pop-punk banger to the table this time around?

"What You're Doing To Me" is going to be a fun one. Definitely a pop-punk banger and so upbeat! It's one of those songs that just makes you want to scream along to it while driving around with your windows down...or maybe dance around in your room playing air guitar in your underwear. I'm psyched to finally be able to share it and see people rocking out to it however they please! - Buzz Music LA

"Macungie's Chelsea Lyn Meyer finding sudden music success, after years of work"

Singer/guitarist Chelsea Lyn Meyer is the kind of musician who has been an overnight success — after working at it most of her life.
Meyer's profile as a performer in the Lehigh Valley has increased in the past two years, and this year she is nominated in 13 categories in Sunday's 18th Lehigh Valley Music Awards. That's behind only perennial winner Scott Marshall (who is nominated for 14) and is the most nominations ever for a female performer — or anyone besides Marshall. She had nine nominations last year and won two awards, including Best Female Vocalist.
Meyer, 27, seemed to come out of nowhere that year, but she had been performing in the Lehigh Valley most of her life.

A Catasauqua native who grew up in Macungie, where she still lives, got her start performing at age 13 in the youth pop-punk band 2 AM, which she formed with her neighbors and which played throughout the Lehigh Valley. It opened for nationally signed artists at Allentown's former Crocodile Rock Cafe and performed at one of the Lehigh Valley Music Awards' early ceremonies. As often happens with young bands, its members split after high school as some went off to college or the military.

Meyer says that at 19, she found herself "wanting to continue playing a lot more often. So that's when I started doing more solo stuff."
Meyer says the transition was hard.
"I didn't do too much as first. I was so used to having that band with me, and wasn't used to playing acoustic guitar," she says. "It wasn't my favorite — I'm, like, a punk rocker at heart. So I did little things here and there: an open mic here, a small, non-paying show there."

About three years ago Meyer started to really book herself as an artist. She partly attributes that to confidence given her by Andrew Chervak, who owns and runs Midnight Studios in Easton and who won the LVMA for Best Recording Studio and Best Producer 2012-15.
"He saw me play at the one music awards and approached me," Meyer says. "He's a really motivational guy. Things that you see in your head or want to do, he puts it in perspective as to how you can do them. I think that really helped build my confidence as a solo artist."
Meyer began hosting an open mike at the Leather Corner Post Hotel in Orefield, where she also plays.

"I just really pushed myself," she says. "I never really did that before. I felt like I was put out of my comfort zone when it came to being a solo artist, because I was never a solo-artist type of person. … But I figured, 'I'm already here, I might as well push myself as hard as I can to really make a name for myself and get out there and get to play with other musicians who are better than me and learn from them and just really become a part of the music scene.'"

After playing an open mike at Listen Live! Music in Macungie, she became friends with venue founders Ami Lanning and Val Minett, who booked her to play a summer concert series they also ran. When Lanning and Minett stepped aside from running Listen Live! Music last year, they asked Meyer to take over for them.
"I was really excited about that, because I think Listen Live is an awesome nonprofit," says Meyer, noting that the venue is transitioning and she hopes to begin booking more talent soon. Meyer also has her own nonprofit music mentor organization, Power Chords.
These days, Meyer fronts her own Chelsea Lyn Meyer Band and plays several times a month at Valley venues such as The Steel Pub in Bethlehem and Grumpy's Bar-B-Que Roadhouse, Bell Hall restaurant and Mixx, all in the Allentown area.
Meyer is nominated for Best Jam Band/Soloist, for Singer/Songwriter on both the fan and industry ballots, All-Around Performer on both ballots, Female Vocalist on both ballots, and Fans Choice, as well as Best Volunteer and Best Open Mic Host. Her song "This One's for You" also was nominated for Best Song. Her Chelsea Lyn Meyer Band is nominated for Outstanding Band and Outstanding Rock Band,

Meyer says she's recording three new singles that take her back to her roots with more of a guitar sound.
"I really love that pop-punk/pop-rock sound and we're really trying to write to that," she says. "It's nice — it's really given me a chance to tap into the whole reason I got into music to begin with. It's fun, upbeat, but a lot of different sound for me."
Meyer had stepped away from her job as a convenience store manager to concentrate on her music career full time, but recently resumed her former work.
"I'm still doing just as much with music," she says. "Truthfully I think I don't care where it takes me, as long as I'm getting to play music, I'm having fun doing it. If I go as far as, for some reason, winning a Grammy or whatever, that would be amazing and I would be more than OK with that. That would be incredible. "But if it only takes me as far as I'm only playing shows around the Lehigh Valley and going to the awards every year, that's more than OK with me, too. As long as I'm having fun doing it." - The Morning Call

"Chelsea Lyn Meyer's "Hangover" One of Many Reasons to Attend #LVU First Friday"

From a catchy bass line that draws you in from the start, to the background vocals and harmonies that highlight the song, Chelsea Lyn Meyer’s “Hangover” is another great pop/rock tune.

Released earlier this year, the single is proving as good and successful as Chelsea’s three earlier releases; “Remember” and “This One’s on You” both soared to #1 on VRadio Nashville’s Top 40, while “Between the Lies” graced Gashouse Radio’s Top 10.

You can expect more great music from Chelsea. In the coming months, she will be working on her upcoming EP at Long Island Sound Studios in New York. In the meantime ,check out her singles on Spotify (a player is embedded below) and visit her website for more info and links to all of her social media sites.

Want to take in a live performance? Come join us in Bethlehem’s SouthSide Arts District this Friday, October 5 for the next edition of the Lehigh Valley Underground First Friday Concert Series, where Chelsea will perform at The Comfort Suites’ Hill-to-Hill Grille (120 W. Third St.) at 6 p.m. You can also stop by the Leather Corner Post (6855 Horseshoe Rd., Orefield) for her open mic night every Wednesday. - Underground Music Collective

"Pop-Punk Pioneer Chelsea Lyn Meyer Has Released Her Latest Single, What You're Doing to Me"

Chelsea Lyn Meyer reinvented pop-rock in her latest single, What You’re Doing to Me. The feisty anthem averts romantic tropes and explores the obsessive nature of romantic affection around hooky choruses and romantic rock and roll licks.

Rarely will you find a singer-songwriter as honest in their expression as Eastern Pennsylvania’s Chelsea Lyn Meyer. Women all too often get shunted into the crazy category after a relationship has burnt out, but Meyer made no bones about celebrating every ounce of her visceral emotion in What You’re Doing to Me, which may just be the pop-punk anthem of the year.

What You’re Doing to Me is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast - A&R Factory

"An Interview With Chelsea Lyn Meyer"

The latest single from Chelsea Lyn Meyer shines with pop-rock brightness and a youthful energy that oozes attitude and really hits the mark in terms of radio ready rock songs with massive choruses and super fun and danceable tonality.

The track is bursting with color and vocal hooks that keep you attached all the way through as guitars fill the atmosphere and create a palette of textures to add to this massive anthemic piece.

The song has that jump around the room pop-punk theme and it's addictive as hell as Meyer belts out into the air and drives this fists in the air singalong.

The energy is unbeatable and the style and character the artist has really hits the sweet spot in all the best ways.

This is an incredibly fun song that seems like it comes from a real place. What more can you ask for really?

It gets stuck in your head for hours and touches on nostalgic late 90's female fronted pop-punk that invaded radio waves.

Upon some further digging we found some gems from Meyer and each one is a bit different from the last.

Chelsea Lyn Meyer is an open book musically and she creates songs that have some amazing pop sensibility.

We suggest starting with "What You're Doing To Me" and divinginto her library of music from there.

It's very likely if you like this one, you'll like them all.

With such a killer new single, we wanted to have a talk with Meyer to find out where this came from and how it all began for her.

TSWS: Okay so let's start with "What You're Doing To Me". This track has a great and vibrant pop rock feel with some colorful vocals and a punk undertone. Where did this song come from?

Chelsea: Thank you! "What You're Doing to Me" started as one lyric line that I wrote while driving one day. The line was "I love the taste of your name on my tongue". I kept playing with that line with different melodies and different songs I was in the middle of writing and I just didn't feel it fit. Then I started writing what was to become "What You're Doing to Me", using that line to build the rest of the song around it. The whole song is about that crazy physical/sexual attraction you can feel to someone when you first meet them and navigating through those new exciting feelings of just wanting or needing someone.

TSWS: For sure some great rock styles on this track! Who are your actual biggest musical influences?

Chelsea: I am a HUGE fan of bands like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Sum 41, Paramore, Halestorm and Blink 182. I'd say they were my earliest musical influences when it came to writing.

TSWS: Do you have a full line up when you perform live?

Chelsea: Yes! I have a full line up for a lot of venues and then also will perform acoustic sets as well at some.

TSWS: How did this all start for you?

Chelsea: My dad was in a band my whole life growing up, and my mom was musically inclined as well. So just watching them is what initially got me interested in playing music. I always wanted to play guitar and sing and front a rock band. I asked for a guitar for Christmas every single year and I kept getting these little plastic toy guitars to play pretend with and I would be so mad. I wanted a real, electric guitar that I could plug in and make noise with. When I finally got one, two of my best friends and I started a pop punk band and I taught myself to play by ear. Eventually I realized that I would hear these melodies and words in my head that I could now put together to make something that we could play and other people would relate to. It was an amazing feeling.

TSWS: What's next for you?

Chelsea: Currently working on writing and recording new music to release is my biggest focus right now. I'm hoping to release an EP in 2022.

TSWS: What are you doing when you're NOT working on music?

Chelsea: Spending time with family or working, honestly. I still have a day job that is so good at allowing me to have my job as a musician and recording artist as well.

TSWS: You've been releasing songs on Spotify since 2014! What kind of advice would you have for other up and coming artists out there?

DON'T GIVE UP. It's sooo easy to get discouraged. Especially with social media and seeing what other people are doing or accomplishing. One of the hardest things to do is to not compare your wins to someone else's. Look at what YOU have done and how far YOU have come in the last year or 3 years. Everyone's journey is different. People don't post their losses online. So just look at what you have overcome and accomplished and be proud of it! supportive of your fellow artists. Don't tear others down from jealousy or feeling a sense of competition. Build each other up, collaborate, rep each other, and help others grow to be better artists!

TSWS: Do you record live together or is it tracked?

Currently I am recording myself at Long Island Sound Studios with producer Mike Wuerth. We will track each instrument separately then I'll lay down vocals.

TSWS: What sort of things really inspire you to write?

Chelsea: Love, heartbreak, death...any sort of event or moment in time that makes me feel something that I can't find another way to express.

TSWS: Who are you listening to right now?

Chelsea: A lot of MGK, JXDN, MOD SUN, Stand Atlantic, girlfriends, Waterparks....and anything that Travis Barker is producing right now is SOOO GOOD!

TSWS: Do you think you might be performing live anytime in the near future?

Chelsea: YES! I do have some live shows coming up that can be found on any of my social media pages

TSWS: Can we expect any music videos coming from you this year?

Chelsea: Yes, actually, we are currently in pre production for the music video for "What You're Doing to Me". I'm working with director and good friend of mine, Chris Sheeran. We have done a few music videos together so far, our latest one being for my last single, "MISS ME TOO". This next music video for "What You're Doing to Me" will definitely raise the bar even higher!

TSWS: Before we go, what would you like to say to fans of the music?

Chelsea: THANK YOU! Words can't even describe how much your support and belief in me and my music means. It's truly an incredible feeling that I could never be more grateful for. - The Sound Won't Stop


Still working on that hot first release.



Chelsea Lyn Meyer is an independant pop/punk singer, songwriter and guitarist from Lehigh Valley, PA.  She started her music career as the guitarist, songwriter, & front woman for original pop punk band 2AM. When 2AM disbanded, CLM began writing and recording as a solo artist, while finding her own unique sound.  In 2014, she released her debut single, Between the Lies, followed up by her songs Remember and This One’s On You. All were recorded at Midnight Studios with producer Andrew Chervak and did well charting on internet radio stations in Philly, Nashville, and New York. Soon after, Chelsea began working with producer Mike Wuerth at Long Island Sound Studios in New York and put out three more songs, Hangover, Lying to Myself ft. rapper/hip hop artist, Whitney Peyton, and California followed by a music video for California and a cover of Katy Perry’s song Waking Up in Vegas with fellow female powerhouse, Emily Noel.  CLM then released MISS ME TOO along with the music video for the song both of which did well, with MISS ME TOO hitting Indie Radio charts in the Top 10! Chelsea just released her latest single, What You’re Doing to Me, followed by the music video which is an upbeat pop punk banger that met rave reviews and can be found for streaming and download on all digital platforms and is currently sitting at number 9 on Indie Radio charts.  Chelsea performs with her band throughout the tri-state area and is currently working on booking for the next year and writing and recording new music to share.

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